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April 27, 2005


The situation in Mysore is completely out of control.

Key Quote: What more, this litter was witnessed by none other than IGP Kempaiah and Rural Development Minister Dr. H.C. Mahadevappa, who went to Karanji Lake for a fresh morning walk un-aware of the fact that all the hype of lake being neat and tidy is only on paper.


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The horror! Those damned cricket hooligans!

The horror! Those damned cricket hooligans!

Sounds like the way some of our high-school students speak.

I mean the non-English-as-a-second-language students.

I'm glad to know that those who witnessed the litter spoke out instead of only, in their hurt, standing around and crying.

The whole thing is a bit confusing, but "Morning Walker and the Party Makers" wbagnfarb.

It will be no wonder if some party buffs venture out to make merry at the lake, knowing the management itself is partying out!

Man, Mysore is just going to hell in a picnic basket, isn't it.

"The party, which went on till 8 pm on Monday, came to light only yesterday morning, when the nature loving walkers noticed to their horror the litter thrown around. Deeply hurt by what they saw, they immediately called up Star of Mysore office to express their anguish.
I see that the USA is outsourcing more than tech jobs overseas.

If you want a real gut-laugh, be sure to check out Babu's Banter under the Cartoons heading.


"Thank you for calling Mysore, how may I direct your call?"

"I was calling to express my anguish."

"Oh, we've had a lot of that today. In fact, Carole just went into the bathroom and hung herself, she was so overcome with anguish calls. Luckily, the toilet paper didn't hold, and she only fell and broke a hip. However, the anguish hold times are now over five minutes, since she has to take a lot of breaks to scream in pain."

"I'll call back later."

"Okay then."

They partied until 8 PM?! Man, that's hard-core! And on a Monday, no less - what are we coming to?

Also, I loved the verbatim quote of the man responsible:

The morning walkers said the member, who organised the party, was hard pressed for words to answer the Minister's question. "No sir... I only.... gave a tea... snacks party to advocates cricket team...," the member explained.

Can't you just hear him?

and, of co-urse, left overs!

and, of co-urse, left overs!

Ok Where did these people learn to speak like that???...

As sensitive and culturally-aware Americans, we must be very careful not to poke fun at the strange names given to places by people who obviously never attended a course in basic international marketing. I mean, come on, "Mysore"? What's next, "Yourbrokenhip" or "Hishalitosis"?

The headline indicates that the revelers were "party-birds."

The potograph that accompanies the article features a large, white, menacing bird in the foreground.

So my natural conclusion was that Karanji Lake and its environs were covered in bird doo doo.

*forms a committee to clean up Mysore*

Where is Mysore anyway????

*crosses Mysore off her vacation list*
*hopes she doesn't go there accidentally, mistaking it for Paris*

MeThinks they need to change the name from Mysore to MyEYEsore.


*crosses Mysore off her vacation list*

I guess everybody crossed it off everything. As a matter of fact, I have heard from reliable unnamed anonymous but top official sources that -Mysore no longer exists!!!!!!

The story has been replaced with "No Updates Today." A high-level cover-up to preserve the hype of lake being neat and tidy? We'll never know...

Rightly so, the concerned civic bodies are leaving no stone unturned ...

Reminds me of the story I read once about the Public Information officer at the Chicago Zoo (Avian Building) ... he was resigning, said he was getting tired of answering all those phone calls, and then having to track down the bird recipient ...

Said he was tired of paging terns ...

That's easy for you to say, Star of Mysore.

That's easy for you to say, Star of Mysore.

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