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April 29, 2005


We have located your man.


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Um, can I see the other side before I commit?

He's got the McDonald-land gang on his chest.

normally i have no right to make fun of other peoples' obsessions, but i can safely say i don't have any star wars sleeves tattooed on my arms. so...HAHAHAHAHA.

sandy - you asked for his backside

are those METAL STUDS in the back of his neck?


Ah, now I see that the playful, childlike side all there is. Nope, I'll pass. He's all yours, girls.

Those are the backs of his facial piercings...


I shouldn't have looked at that picture right after eating lunch.

Why would someone with that body do anything that would encourage people to look at it?

C'Bol, maybe he got product endorsement payments from all the companies he's uh, representing. It'd take a major financial incentive for ME to have that much ink injected into my skin with high-speed needles.

I guess, at least none of the characters appear to be from Precious Moments... (shudder)

With that body, I'm guessing the only way he got paid is if companies representing competing cartoons paid him to put those on his body.

"It's bloody genius! No one will ever watch the Flintstones again!"

been listening to the horrorpops since i woke up, and "kool flattop" just came on:

There's this boy I've seen with a huge black quiff
He's a real cool bat with old school tats
Rolled up jeans and creepers on
A mighty fine sight to look upon

this would apply to our flintstone boy (i mean, how much more old school could you get?) except, he's a mighty scary sight to look upon.

Hey ladies, I have zero tatoos or piercings and yet have plenty of playful childlike qualities for your pleasure.


I just realized his arm isn't about the Flinstones... it's a commercial for Fruity Pebbles cereal. So he likes Fruity Pebbles and McDonalds... you can see why he is in such great shape.

He goes by Cereal Killer.

He goes by Cereal Killer.

Company filter didn't like that one.

Man, tanning booth technology has come a long way.

should be called "Apetite for Cereal Killer"

Yeah Baby!

There were seven a's in your last post Dart

Unless you ment that as a "i did it on purpose" rather than a "oops"... then nevermind.

Dartful Codger,
There were 7 a's in your last post. That's if you are using the decimal system for counting.

Too many tats for me. Take off a few of the tats, add a knitted helmet.....YEEEE HAAAWWW!!!!

And yes, I did mean to scream that last part...

Pffftt... "Cereal Killer". That was the handle (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) of Matthew Lillard's character in Hackers. There's just no originality these days.

Thank heavens he didn't have my mother. Imagine having to spend life with tattoos of the Cream of Wheat chef and the Quaker Oats guy as your only means of expression.

any geezers remember the Ray Bradbury story collection ?(it was also a movie): The Illustrated Man

Some day (hopefully I'll be dead by then) we'll have a President with tattoos and piercings.


I can't see it because the 'puter police said its just wrong and you won't be able to sleep at night.

*pout, sniffle, pout*

always after me lucky charms!

So is it safe to assume that this guy gave tit for tat?

Why d'ya have to be a geezer to remember Bradbury's
The Illustrated Man ?

I Loooooooooved that book... The Veldt was always my favorite. :)

Di, let me tell you, you are really missing out.

*Imagines the Cereal'd Avenger's [imaginary] girlfriend trying to embrace him, and not being able to find a place that's [looking at his arms] safe to [looking at his back] touch [looking at his lower back] or [looking at his neck] lick [looking at his chest] or anything without feeling so, so, so dirty.* And not in the good way either!

*loves Tamara some of her cocoa puffs as a token of appreciation*

I smell spam!

Poke-o cuffs?

Being a psycho... analyst, I know the one single motive that drives men: sex. Yes, that's right, everything (and I mean everything) we do is to help us get a little action. Showering = action, shaving = action, wearing baggy pants that show half of our ass-crack = action. Tats of Count Chocula and Frankenberry = action too. What I'm wondering is: Who is this guy trying to impress?

With that said, anybody wanna see my leperchaun?

Just - Ummm, er, you obviously are too young to have read the book when it originally came out, yeah, that's the ticket!

*backs slowly away*

*slams the door and runs out*

Random, you don't have to be any sort of analyst to know what drives men. All you have to be is alive to figure that one out...

*ducks between poke-o cuffs*

I doubt this guy is looking for girls, if you know what I mean...he doesn't have that pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow back there for nothing...

Hmm... this gives me a great idea. AND I've created the perfect white canvas to draw cartoon charcters on. The kids will love it.

Oh, I get it.

Attract women and make them want to *eat* something at the same time.

Oh Sondra !
I wanted to ENJOY my weekend !!!

The dude is GAY people!

Forbidden? Sondra, I need your help ... I'm not at the office, but netzero apparently thinks it knows what's good (or bad) for me ... so ... another route?

Yeah, 'niac -- I read it when I was young(er) ... in a first edition ... that was brand new ... guess that confirms my geezerhood status ... those tats were ART, and something more ... this Cereal guy is ... ??? something ELSE ...
Art, the Cereal Killer? Cereal, the Art Killer?

Just - see above comment r.e. geezer/Illustrated man ... subsequent generations are free to enjoy Bradbury, but those of us who've (not hoove) known him so long ARE geezers ... just because of the math ...

That is funny ... tnx4 the help ...

Sondra, if that lady (?) is gonna drown those puppies, I'd like the one with the fuchsia nose.

I just had a horrid thought about the original subject of this post, and potential crispiness in milk, so I'm going to log off now and put my head under my quilt till it goes away.


That is all.

Towards his ankle, Disney segues into Jack Skellington from "Nightmare Before Christmas."

Somehow I doubt that the folks at the Magic Kingdom would approve.

how could anyone think that is cool?

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