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April 30, 2005


Be careful.


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Celery Packaged Snakes... (you know the rest)

Dave, BETCHA the celery came from India....they already lost control!

Tamara already took my comment: "Awwwwww!"

that baby snake is aDORable!!!

No "Awwwwwww" for me!


A little ceviche or paella made with an authentic Spanish snake might have been real tasty, but now we'll never know, will we.

"She said she was going to buy one of them but thought there was a dead spider inside, but it wasn't a spider it was a little snake and it was alive."

WHAT??? How the heck do you confuse a snake with a dead spider? I think I know who the customer was.

Sorry, Eleanor, Tamara and Madness are correct.
It's a cute widdle baby snake!

ALEX...do you know (not no) how to find and link the "banana spider" story ?? East coast and West it'll make ya swear off produce stands.

My divorce song is playing on WCRE!

I can;t Fight This Feeling Anymore
It's time to bring this ship into the shore!


Sorry - I was overcome!

*passes Eleanor coffee and crumbcake* There,there Dear. Time heals everthing. (oh, I didn't just say that!) One ticket for the geezer bus please.

Found it! See (www.spiderzrule.com) On left side of page click on Wandering spiders. read paragraph then click on `click here'... 4 to 5 inches across people, and `very agressive'...aka Brazilian Banana spider...my son followed this one night and every post was worse. BANANA BOATS BRING TERROR IN NIGHT! Not that I'm an alarmist or anything.

Don't you just love the words of the vet?

"Vet Roland Stevens said: "I haven't looked inside its mouth, it's so tiny and fragile that I'd be slightly concerned about hurting it."

Oh, yeah. *I'D* be slightly concerned about hurting it . . . while I stomped up and down and its widdle head with my heaviest boots.

Are you people mad?

*sigh*.....aGgressive even...

Banana spider

Here's the even more disturbing follow-up: the hospital accidentally released the spider.

YEP,YEP,YEP!.....thats the story that got me goin' a couple months ago....check out spiderzrule.com site for then click on unidentifyed spiders2- the huge one on the large brick up in the corner of the porch is thot to be one (says so sw in there) HAND SIZE!..........If you really like grossing out (or have always been curious `bout this - click on the brown recluse bite photos...SORRY in advance!!!!!)

I was working in produce a few years back when me and the other guy I was working with found one of those spiders. We were moving the boxes of bananas when all the sudden we saw a huge spider on the wall. We estimated it to be nearly 4 inches across...it was the biggest spider I had ever seen in my life! We caught the thing (with much difficulty because that little bugger was fast!) and kept it in a deli container so we could try to identify it, which we never did. However, now that I look at those pictures I know what it was. Sure am glad I didn't know how poisonous it was at the time.

I'm with Trystan on this!

And for all of you who think this is a cute snake story (which is an oxymoron for sure) may I suggest a field trip to Australia (or wherever they are) to play with the cane toads!!!

I think I'll pass on the bite pics. I won't be able to go near my grocery store's produce section for a while as it is.

*zips in*

*looks around furtively*

Nope, no bomb he...KABOOM!!!

Alex, The Brown Recluse bite pics are a different digression-not in fruit-in backyards,sheds,garage,shoes,etc. I wouldn't have believed `em if they told me......Y'all are wusses..wussi?

.......and bomb they did....{:|........... Eleanor,...Yaright?

tastes like chicken.

The spider was ID'ed as Brazilian, and yet the staff thought it was "local" ... ??? WTFBBQ? Sounds as if they've got the same problem in teaching geography over there, as we do here in the USA ...

Ackshully, I'd guess they turned the spider loose 'cuz they found out it didn't have health insurance ... oh ... socialized medicine ... um ... well, maybe the spider's visa had expired? Or its MasterCard?

Those of you who equate "small" with "cute" ... I can tell you a few places to look for trouser snakes you're just gonna LOOOOVVVVVEEE ...

I, too, said, "Awwww."

But if you look at the picture, and instead of thinking, "6 inches long," think 19 foot python!

It's not cute anymore?

BUT, to me it's just as cute, because I think snakes are works of art.

D'ye think he's compensatin' for somethin'?

A thirty-inch burrito. D'ye think he's compensatin' for somethin'?

The supermarket chain said its safety team was investigating the incident...

Uh, I hesitate to ask, but why does a grocery store have a Safety Team? Does this kind of thing happen often?

that is one very nasty burrito! GROSS!

Ah, c'mon, Mon, evvabody sing:
Daylight come an' me wan; go hoooome...

Beautiful bunch 'o' ripe banana
--daylight come an' me wan' go home...
Hides de deadly black tarant'la,
--daylight come an' me wan' go home...
*channeling Harry Belafonte*

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