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April 25, 2005


Have we got an auction item for you!

(Thanks to Jeff Bridges)


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Oh Yeah I'll take two. First?

Sign me Up! I'll take Two!

thanks to.. Jeff Bridges? the actor? He wasn't in Star Wars.

Brilliant minds think alike!

It's funny that Americans care so much about science fiction and so little about science...

Sondra, I bow to your always funny self.*bows* Morty-who's on frits?

Hmmm... Huge Life Size X-Wing... Official Holy Pan That Made The Grilled Cheese Sandwich... Huge Life Size X-Wing... Official Holy Pan That Made The Grilled Cheese Sandwich...

Tough choice.

I agree...its all about the glitz and glamour.

such a waste of money, it is...

D'Art - It's actually a pretty easy choice:

Buy the Holy Pan.

Make a Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Sell said sandwich.

Buy X-Wing.


I noticed that the Item Location of the X-Wing is Ohio, home of the anti-Darwin, creationist laws. I don't remember seeing any references to starfighters in the bible...

kudos to penny!

Yay! They take Paypal!

That's just a cheap imitation. I've got a real one.

wake me up when a life-sized Enterprise goes up for bid.


Buy it now...$85,000.00

Hmmmmm. Plastic life size Star Wars toy or that BMW 760i....yea, right.

double kudos to penny!!!!!

I want this - remember that chick we read about a while back who was taking up an online collection to help her with....school, or new clothes or something?

*puts out pledge list sign-up for help to buy X-Wing*

Jeff Bridges was also in Tron ...

and not only was Harrison Ford Han Solo in Star Wars, he was Rick Deckard in Blade Runner ... quite a collection of Sci-Fi Guys ...

(Psst! -- Morty, Cynthia -- Wahts on second.)

MKJ - Yup. In this case, size does matter. I wanna turn it into my own private play house.

MKJ - I like that it comes with a small piece of plastic to "practice" on - Wouldn't that melt???

Anyway, the model looks like she's frozen in time!

Burt Rutan would build a real one for half the price.

I wonder...if I bought this, could I finally answer the question of where Luke put the ladder he used to get into the thing on Dagobah?

SchadeBoy... it was Yoda's ladder. He had a spare one made up because he knew thru the force that he would need it 20 some years after fleeing Coruscant. Sheesh.

It wasn't the actor, but lil' ol me. Sharing the name with a celebrity makes a pretty decent conversation starter.

Funny how Yoda's ladder looked exactly like the very same ladders used in Episode IV in the Massassi Temple hangar...

it's in Ohio??? Home of Wright-Patterson AFB, where the aliens from New Mexico were taken !

This is the real deal, people!

Well, he did go to Incom (the fine folks who build the X-wing) to have it made up, so of course it looked the same... or, like Lucy Lawless said on that Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl episode of Simpson's "Wizards did it".

Your photo of the british vader reminded me of the Rick Moranis character "Dark Vader" in Spaceballs.
A truly terrible movie.

Hey Insom, got a message for YOu from THEM:

˙�#X���`=�� N �^
�z-m� ��FGK�tyu%� f��I��~ �c,���ԁ � � R�Q�5R���ha ���^#tr��2 �iT[W zo�7�[�
Z�*� � *iD� ,xx�6iG@�� -�卵� u�k��}G�D9ž���j����h:e_�Q0�kc�0��ž ��� �-_gI �!�=k��k?��ӆ� Si �0 $oFw� �UU�ž]ό���: h��+��� 9� ��-/�D_�cm��|

I, for one, welcome our extra-testicular.. I mean extra-terrestrial masters !

if it starts, i'll buy it.

If it comes with Harrison Ford to give my 'flying lessons', I'll buy it.

I WANT IT! Can someone loan me $50,000, please please please??

(who else already has their ticket for May 19?)

Ooooh! Kudos and double kudos! *blushes*

*schhhootch* Luke, come to the dark side. It's in a semi-detached house near Swinndon *schhhootch* [MKJ]

I don't know why, but for some reason that sounds perfectly reasonable.

Doug-Bo - That's "Dark Helmet"

It was so terrible -- they're releasing a sequel! Sure will miss John Candy....

i really need to check up on this blog more often. i almost died of happiness when i saw it...has anyone else heard that they're gonna make a star wars tv series? ::star warsgasm::

Reminds me that my 5 year old son refers to THEM as his TENTICLES.


Sondra..I tole' my son to save these dang things.

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