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April 22, 2005


Gizmodo links to this important product announcement from Grolsch. (Mmmm, Grolsch.) According to the free translation I got here, the advertisement says this:

Grolsch introduces in the week for the Queen's Birthday the Grolsch look brace. With this innovatieve gadget, you make with one click a brace of your look!

The Grolsch look brace has been developed from the idea, that a can indeed more compactly is and you it more easily take along, but less well drinks then a bottle. With the Grolsch look brace, you keep the use ease of the can and there the drinkgenot becomes.

A brace of our look! (Burrrrppp) Yes!


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I think Yoda has been writing Grosch's translations for them.

Key quote from translation above:

...as a result of which you rather have yourself hands for other activities.

I wonder what other activities you rather have yourself hands for.

I hate when something "less well drinks then a bottle"

All your Grolsch are belong to us.

I used Google to translate from English to German and then from German to French and then from French back to English with the following result:

Grolsch introduces the bracket of sight Grolsch into the week for the anniversary of the queen. With this one apparatus innovatieve, you form a bracket of your sight with clicking! The bracket of sight Grolsch was developed by the idea which does that with A indeed more in a compact way and you long to take it to him is easy, but well then a bottle drinks smaller. With the bracket of sight of Grolsch to hold to you Gebrauchmuehelosigkeit the box and there becomes that drinkgenot.

Plus, Grolsch is a beer which was named after its makers drank way too much of it one night.

Pabstbier means Pope Beer?

So, Pabst Blue Ribbon, was the original Pope beer, right?

"Gebrauchmuehelosigkeit" WBAGNFARB, doncha think?

Also "drinkgenot"

Is that a putative lurch or a purposeful, tell-tale one?


Sarcasmo--"Papstbier" and "Pabstbier" are not the same thing. Not even close.

Hehe, Sandy funny.

Yeah, there's clearly alot of and between them.

Grolsch smalsh.

It's even worse than I thought Papstbier sounds painfully close to an annual physical. I'm thinking the ladies are not going to be rushing out in droves to buy this stuff.

MKJ - Having a hard time with the post button today?

God, I'd give anything for a drink. I'd give my god-damned soul for just a glass of beer.

Brainy: What do you mean 'today'? It's been double posting for a while, I only clicked once, AARRHGH!!!

Hello, Lloyd. A bit slow tonight, isn't it?

I hate that, when something "clicks you on the blikje".
But I'm so happy I'm not the only one who entertains myself translating from English>German>French>English. Good times!

That thing's not getting anywhere near my blikje . . .

Can one get a brace of your look for one's monkey?

blikje=like bj

Maybe you'd get better results if you tried translating from Dutch to English. Just a thought!

...Or maybe not...

"With the Grolsch look brace, you keep the use ease of the can and at that becomes the drinkgenot of a bottle added. The intention piece click drink you on the can and the can now as a brace bottle. The look brace can be hung round the neck, through which you have your hands free for other activities. The look brace can grind become uses superior."

Anyone remember the 'Flick my Bic' ads during the 70's? They wouldn't get away with that now . . .

Anyone remember the 'Flick my Bic' ads during the 70's? They wouldn't get away with that now . . .

Hey LL-
"You set 'em up and I'll knock 'em back, Lloyd, one by one."

"Here's to five miserable months on the wagon and all the irreperable harm that it's caused me."

The Shining!!

you make a clamp of your can with one click

That sounds dirty.


Finally, a technology that combines the flat, fast-warming flavor of canned beer with the awkward, impatient fumbling of your first condom.

All your base are belong to brace ...

WTH is a drinkgenot?

To all of the translators....

Ahhh! That explains it!

drinkgenot is dutch for drinking pleasure. By the way, this thing, if you hadn't figured it out, is a plastic extension that you click onto the beer can. People prefer to drink beer out of a bottle, and this thing lets you pretend to be drinking out of one, without having to carry around all that glass.
Dutch people rejoice!

A French website referenced my wife's homepage and the links therein. It said 'Liens de (her name)' .The translating program turned this into 'Bonds of (her name)' which sounded vaguely kinky.

From the Babelfish/Altavista tran:

"The Grolsch Blikbeugel have been developed from the idea that blikje are indeed more compact and you it more easily take along, but drinks less nicely than a flask."

Drinks less nicely than a flask! But more than a brace of our look, no doubt!

Where can I buy some Popebeer? What is about the pope. Is it him allowed to drink beer?

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