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March 17, 2005


Sometimes, it's not obvious that we're all that politically savvy, you know?

(Caution: nakedidity within)

(All links thanks to freelance fred)


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I'm here to protest men thinking of women as merely objects....
quit staring at my "fellow protesters"!

First, finally



but, can you make it into a verb?

I have to ask, WTF does "Get your colonial oppression of my Breast" mean?

I believe it's Maori for "read the article".


Honestly..from the bottom of my heart..I vote for you to take over Dave's column!..you are awesome!!!

Read the article, still clueless. She's not aboriginal, nor do they mention Britain attempting to colonize her breasts.

Breast Colonizers, however, WBAGNFARB

Breasts, breasts everywhere, and not a drop to drink.....

sometimes I think some women are idiots...the only women who should expose their breasts are too young to do it, the rest of us should keep them hiked up in wonderbras

Judi: always a fine topic, we started to talk about this while you were out, but nakiddidity certainly worth re-visiting, yes indeedly-doodly!

whoops, sorry!

It's from a pick-up line in the '70s.

Dayamn Girl! I'd like to rub my colonial shame up all over your breasts!

You know, pretty much anything went in the 70s.

Little known facts:

"Meantime, the Daytona Beach Public Nudity ordinance specifically allows nudity during a demonstration or protest."

Think they checked into it first?

FWIW Janet Reget died yesterday, aged 69. She made very expensive sexy underwear in the early 60's, so a few posters may remember her products.

She also gave her name to `janets'.

Hey girls! Let's go protest! Pleeease? Aw, c'mon . . .
(didn't think it would work)

Any topless protest on my part would in turn be protested by the Society Against Gravity-Grabbed Yahboh's (SAGGY).

Suddenly I'm proud of my town. It's legal here for women to be topless anyplace men can be. Of course, very few are, but still. And most of those that are, really shouldn't be.
Naked as a verb.. hmmm.. 'The protesting women nakediditized themselves?'

Dateline: Paraguay

Seven people were injured in the Mercado market today when a riot broke out. Scores of men began jostling each other to get close to a young woman who was protesting topless. The seven victims were trampled in the rush. The young woman, who was protesting street violence, believes she made her point. A New Zealand female protester had offered to join her, but was turned down on account of having "too saggy boobs" and "an inability to write clear, effective messages on her breasts".

Would it be too juvenile to point out the manner in which they mis-spelled Asuncion in the article? Nahhh.....

maybe its just me, but I had difficulty reading the protest messsage past "get your" and can only assume the rest said "free look at my boobies"

Here in the Miami area I often go down to South Beach to do my part for those selfless, protesting women out on the sand. Models and wannabe actresses primarily. I provide unofficial security, for which I need to wear very dark sunglasses.

And free mammograms?

For naked in verb form, I submit "nakened".

We staged a nude protest that actually worked. They said they'd give in to any demands we could dream up if we would just put our clothes back on for god's sake. Something about scaring the wildlife.


Beast cancer awareness is not a funny subject but would be a more appropriate use of yahboh ad-space. From my very close examination of new zealand protesters message-I think colonial shame was actually under and not on her breasts.

Nakeddating I could maybe see.

Incomprehensible messages
Open mouth
Empty head
Saggy tits
Reminds me why I don't live in my homeland, New Zealand

Living in other countries made me realise why living in New Zealand was the best option.

Hey, it's one wonderful world ain't it? You Tasmanians.... speak up!

When women protest by baring their chests, I remember that Marshall McCluhan said, "The medium is the massage."

When women protest by baring their chests, I remember...

For the second "savvy" link, please note the subheadline following the article: LOCAL PAIR MISSING.

Instead of labeling that "YELLOW FOR CAUTION", you should have labeled it "WHITE FOR HEADLIGHTS".

Several people were rushed to the hospital today in Paraguay during a protest. The women, who called themselves "Nekkid", were protesting topless at a local market against the violence they witness everyday in the streets. They did a "Tasmanian Devil Dance", and several of the bystanders were knocked unconcious by the saggy, flailing breasts, which were whipped into warp speed during the dance.

When women protest by baring their chests, I forget...

Ah boobies, is there anything they can't do?

I don't know what "nakedidity" is, but I know what I like.

Ew. Seriously folks-if you decide to protest topless, please be sure you can pass the pencil test. This goes for men too.

Judi, no offense to fred but I sent in the Paraguayan naked protest story THREE DAYS AGO.

Even in 6th grade, I couldn't pass the pencil test !
What's the best alternative method for me to protest ???

OK, so I fudged a little - maybe it was 9th grade ...

Not only is she protesting,but she's revolting too!

Ok, I'm no beauty queen, but I think "revolting" is a little harsh ...

Yeah, it was, but it's the only word that works in context. Sometimes you have to exaggerate a little to get the joke to across. Cause it was a joke.

Ok, I'm no beauty queen, but I think "revolting" is a little harsh ...

Feeble attempt at back at ya humour - many apologies - and whilst I'm in the mood for feeling sorry for myself - mea culpa for the double post.

Yes it was a joke..And if I can lend a hand to support you,just let me know..

Let me just say to all you women out there that I am fighting with every moral fiber of my being to BRING THE DAMN UNITED STATES TO ITS SENSES and let you go topless wherever you damn well please.

anyone over the age of 35 who doesn't have saggy tits is either a 32A or filled with plastic, dudes. i promise.

Sean, I can't tell you how many offers I get for that !! But you'll need TWO hands - Men are always SOOOO HELPFUL ...

Sean, I can't tell you how many offers I get for that !! But you'll need TWO hands - Men are always SOOOO HELPFUL ...

True that,Judi..And THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll send you a box of chocolate buckeyes..

What a coincidence..I have two hands!

Ain't Mother Nature wonderful ???
Hey, am I going for the all time record of double posts or what ?????????

Ain't Mother Nature wonderful ???
Hey, am I going for the all time record of double posts or what ?????????

I hope not.

Sounds plausible Judi.
Can you please back your argument up with lot's of photographic evidence.

Amen Judi. Women of the saggy boobs, UNITE.

OK, the article about Paraguay, is from the Daily Times with the tagline "your right to know, a new voice for a new Pakistan" And at the end of the article, is that familiar word "ananova" which we all know is Romanian for "I make up crap".

Heh-heh-heh. Judi. So true. :-)

Speaking of 32A's ... I was at a stoplight yesterday, and this ... rather plump ... person went across the street in front of me ...

harking back to the original days of bra-burning and such, it was obvious that there was no bra under that teeshirt ...

I'm sorry, but the (guesstimated) 40+ C's were bobbing gently in time with the footsteps ...

No. I'm sorry. It just didn't appeal to me.

Besides that, he was pretty ugly, too.

i'm not trying to change the subject here or anything (and you've probably all gone to bed, i can't tell with that whacky blog clock and my Pacific Time and all) BUT...

i have a problem related to an earlier post.

i can't decide if i should watch MANSQUITO or ELTON JOHN AT RADIO CITY. they are both just so tempting.

oh good. now i know what BST (blog standard time) is. :)

Okay, Judi, but did you look further down in the article? She's twenty-three. Methinks someone has been letting the girls loose a bit too often.

" Charles was unfazed by the topless protester. it was bumping into the tree AFTER seeing the topless protester that did him in"

Men have problems too, sometimes "Just for Men" doesn't do the job as well as the ads say it does . . .

What are you talkin' 'bout, MKJ? I'd say that's a pretty phenomenal color match.

"What color would you like your hair?"
"Can you match the particular shade of orange on my teeth?"
"You bet!"

Brilliant! Put your "message" where people will see it ... I mean ... men can't seem to draw their eyes away from our voluptuous breasts anyway ... so what better place to display it?

*grabs jumbo marker and writes ..
!esiar a tnaw I
across bare breasts and heads on into work*

As a female with breasteses, I also thought that the protester was a little saggy to be only 23. With that in mind, I looked in the mirror this morning after my shower and thought to myself, "Self, your boobies look pretty damn good to be 40 years old after breastfeeding 2 kids". I love this blog. I laugh, I cry, I spew, I gag, and I have proof that my boobs look as good or better than the average topless 23 year old protester. Life doesnt get any better than this. (Except on Saturday afternoon a my 7th beer)

And no, I will not prove it to you with pictures. you will have to take my word for it.

casey: How did you know we would ask?

casey: How did you know we would ask?


Hey, my boobies aren't too bad for being 52 years old.

But you wouldn't want to see the rest of me naked.

MKJ, I've only been reading this blog for about 2 years. I think I know some of you better than I know myself. I started to mention YOU specifically cuz your obsession with ramparts is well known!

Way to go Rita! Cheers to your magnificent boobage!

Well, Tom likes 'em......

*whispers...i cant believe i mistook Casey for a guy*
*blush blush blush*
*wonders if she said anything TOO absurd til now*

s'allright bangi! I just checked and confirmed I'm not a guy. Thank goodness, my fiance would be really pissed!

You Go, Rita!!

I was at a Womens Music Festival in the late 80s where I saw several ladies tucking their credit cards under their boobs for safekeeping. Necessity is the MOTHER of invention, after all...

*punky's boss-grabs marker and writes on Captain Wiggly*

How's Thi

*gets a little sad that there wasn't room for "s?"*

Shoulda used a fine tip marker for that, cbol.

Do most women in New Zealand look like that ? Maybe the Earth's gravity is more pronounced down there or maybe the spin of the earth has elongated those baggy, saggy 'things'. Disgusting.

Boss: I’ve thought about your request, Punky, and you’ll find my answer right here.

Punky: [gets out reading classes and leans close to make out partial message] Hmmm. I don’t see much “raise” in that!

Boss: Hey, be respectful! I’m the boss.

Punky: Trust me. I know respect-worthy when I see it. That is more like a cut. Maybe a circumcision accident or something?

Boss: Hey, don’t make me let you go!

Punky: After the response I got when I arrived this morning? I think you’d have a morale problem on your hands.

Boss: [Begins pondering whether all other employees can be charged a copayment for the benefit of having Punky as a coworker to fund Punky’s upcoming raise]

The word "Guru" is a Sanskrit word meaning teacher, honoured person, religious person or saint. Sikhism though has a very specific definition of the word Guru. It means the descent of divine guidance to mankind provided through ten Enlightened Masters. This honour of being called a Sikh Guru applies only to the ten Gurus who founded the religion starting with Guru Nanak in 1469 and ending with Guru Gobind Singh in 1708; thereafter it refers to the Sikh Holy Scriptures the Guru Granth Sahib. The divine spirit was passed from one Guru to the next as "The light of a lamp which lights another does not abate. Similarly a spiritual leader and his disciple become equal, Nanak says the truth."

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