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March 31, 2005


Because you never know.


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"A young girl with a bad case of acne was found to have an endocrine tumor that was affecting her gender. When the physician told her family that she needed surgery to prevent her from becoming a boy, the family rejected the idea saying they'd just change her name."

That's why I now go by the name of Pete.

Oh, those zany doctors! What a bunch of pranksters!

I'm sure the Dad is overjoyed that he was not choking instead.

Igloo plunges fully into the depth of this article...
"By default, colonial governors became medical advisors to their colonies. Gov. John Winthrop of Massachusetts recommended those suffering from smallpox and various fevers to quaff a drink made from pulverized toads."

We now know(not no) the Colonial heritage of the much sought after "Toad Smoothie".

We may need to get the plunger out to revive this thread. Too much American Idol last night for the regulars.
Ms. Blog must be in St. Louis for the Final Four. Only way I can explain your early moning contributions of late.

igloo, that's mooning, not moning.

Too True, Poop Dogg. Too True.

yeah what a riot. i bet those were so funny, they forgot to laugh...

Nothing like taking the, um, plunge, during a moment of desperation. Must have been a draining experience.

Of course, the son's father (as in, the father of the son, or the man whose life was saved by the son whose father was dying) will enjoy having one breast slightly larger than the other for the rest of his life.

No matter, though, he pulled through, and now some simple diet changes will go a long way towards unclogging his cardiovascular system.

"Stop shoving me with that plunger, jerkface!"
"I'm trying to save your life!"
"From what?"

That's bound to happen, you know. I mean, how long do you expect me to carry around a lifesaving plunger before I decide to just use it indescriminately.

Also, couldn't we get a different tool? It's not that I dislike plungers, but plumbers aren't any cheaper than doctors. How about we find a way to make carpet remnants into lifesaving devices?

Good morning, D'Art - you look very good in your N-M suit! And always remember, you are not a stranger to me!
Strange, maybe, but no stranger! :)

Attention All Bloglits -
Do any of y'all remember that website with the guy who wore the freaky helmet to contact aliens?

Dr. Don Johnson: MD, Author, UW-Madison Alum, sleek 80's icon

*cue Miami Vice theme song*

Nevermind, I found it - Stop Abductions

MOTW - I love the testimonial letter - wonderful!

Ely, are you hitting on me, hon? I'm not saying you are, sweetpea, but, just in case you are, sunshine (only because it sounds like you might be, snookums) there's a certain li'l phone number I might let you have.

*straightens out handsome Neiman-Marcus suit*

My favorite -
“I am using the material (Velostat) in my hat. I wear it to bed. I sleep better than I have in a long time. But it’s hard to tell if it works or not. I think it works.”

Well, there you have it! With a guarantee like this
"It's a tested device that works."
how can you go wrong?! Move over, Ron Popeil!

*deducts one point from D'Art's "coolnes quotient" for boasting*

D'Art, I guess you've answered my question re blurking!


*hopes crush on Eleanor doesn't show too much*
*quits boasting for good*

D'Art - to quote Muhammad Ali
"It ain't braggin' if you can back it up."

The same thing happened to my aunt. She passed out with chest pains. We didn't have a plunger but Johnny said we could hook her up to the jumper cables and jumpstart her heart. He said he saw it on MacGyver once. We put one cable on her foot and the other on her hand. It didn't work but it was really funny. RIP Aunt Delia


Sound of D'Art backing up.

Its time to stop laughing and be serious about the thought screen helmets, an alien invasion will happen to the this world and if it does what have you to protect yourself from these creatures that only comunicate through their brains at you?, masqurade as a friendly or sexually attractive human or recive psychic harrasment from someone you find revolting that controls your mind to obey their comand from 100 miles away who could rape in your dreams?, human beings are not capable of do this kind of mind manipulation.

have you ever experienced this? if so its alien.

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