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March 10, 2005


Here is some alarming news for cell-phone users. It is high time that cars were banned from our nation's highways.


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save a pizza....pull over to dial!

There should be driving courses on proper cell phone use while in a moving vechile. Students would have to make calls while avoiding accidents, not running over small children, etc. It would benifit us all.

I have no issue with using a cell phone while driving. I generally try to multi-task as much as possible while driving.
While commuting in the AM, I catch up on the tv shows I recorded on my dvd, drink my coffee while eating a delicious Steak and Egg breakfast, while text messaging my clients on the progress I made on their projects yesterday.
All the while complainingg about the imbecile drivers behind me who keep running off the road.
Sheesh, what happened to Drivers Ed!

Case in point...

My mom recently answered her phone only to hear my brother - not realizing that mom had already picked up- call her a "f-ing very bad word for a female body part". It took lots and lots of sucking up to convince her he was talking to the lady that just cut him off.

blurkerette wrote
save a pizza....pull over to dial!

Damn pizzas crossing the road again... there should be a designated area for this.

They need to develop a "hands-free" driving option for cars. Mine has it, but I'm not very happy with it, as it generally runs me off the road.

So true. When I am driving, I find that I rarely ever attain a high score on that little motorcycle-driving game on my phone.

Yea, you have to watch those cell phones, when I was dating my now ex-spouse he was telling us stories about his crazy times as a single army guy, including many wild co-ed activities. Well, his cell phone had called my parents house and my mom heard the worst part of that conversation! Thank god it wasn't my dad, haha, that would have been a LONG conversation.

What's this strange "driving" phenomenon I keep hearing about?

Alex-people "drive" to make their cell phones mobile.

Just who is this "Professor Irwin Fudgemaker of the University of California at San Efeminate" and what is his connection with the "Tallahasse TP Party"

I hate it when driving interfers with my cell phone usage. Cell phone people should makegames that you only need one hand to play.


What is really fun to watch is the various drivers of city buses manouver the city streets with cell phones attached to their ear. Driving 20 ton monsters while getting directions from their supervisors or whatever. Actually, I am quite impressed with their driving skiills while being distracted with instructions on what to cook for supper.

cubie - that's priceless!

We at ROBDD (Research institute Of Brain Dead Drivers) agree with Dr. Flugelmayer of UCSE. Our experiments show that refitting the steering wheel as the driver's seat frees up both hands for multitasking.

Usage models show that high powered execs can have a three way call with a phone in each hand or one could be used to take notes on a portable computer. Alternately one hand could be used for pre-cell phone in the car day activities such as eating, drinking, shaving, applying makeup, reading a book etc. We are excited about the range of possibilities this new model has opened up. We have approached automakers with this new idea as soon as we figure out how to address the airbag deployment in an accident scenario...


Howsa 'bout here?

Well, it's a little tight for all these couches, but it'll do.

I'm sending out moving announcements

Thank you, Sarah!

Sarah, the e-mailed announcement linked to the whole month instead of this thread (even though you used the right link!) I just tried again, so we'll see if that one works.

i'm here!

And apparently, I am Y-impaired. Because my fixed linky Y-mail to the group didn't work.


Sarah, help!

It's too long of a link to fit in the Y message on one line, I sent out a second message saying to copy/paste the whole thing, follow the breadcrumbs, or go to the Y Kilt and click the link there.

OOOooooooo, I like this thread--it's date is my birthday!

Morning, Kilties. Thanks for the hugs yesterday. Things are being a bit rough for me right now, so I appreciate you guys being here. Gawd...I shudder (and NOT in the good, happy way) to think of what life would be like now if I hadn't found the blog and the Kilt!

So here's a little token of my appreciation. The quote at the bottoms says, "To be truly appreciative is to receive with grace and good will that which has been given. In return, thanks and warmth are given back, creating a full circle of friendship and goodwill."

Seemed fitting today.


Amen, sistah.

Whoa - I totally overlooked your hug request from yesterday, Sharon. Sincere apologies, and {{{Sharon}}}.

I hope things smooth out some for you.

S'okay, Blue. There's no statute of limitations on hugs.

I will be just fine, of that I have no doubt. But there are some rough patches in the road right now, and my shock absorbers aren't exactly in prime working condition.

Ooookay...I just metaphored myself right into being an old car. Well, in that case, I wanna be a '69 Charger muscle car! Woo HOOO!!

I'm off to find NEW ROAD!!! 'Cause you should take as many new roads in life as possible.

checking in - thanks Sarah!

Sharon, i think you speak for many of us, in that when we found the DB blog we were in need of the company of what we instantly recognized as "my peeps!". it's prolly the only place where everyone knows what the heck we're talkin' `bout;)

Also, often, the only place where things make any sense at all.

*hops in with Sharon*

NEW ROAD!! Woo hoo!

YAY! for new roads!!

my mom and dad live in New Roads

Here's to being on new roads with awesome people! Cheers!

I don't know what those drinks are (ASK?), but they look tasty.

my mom and dad live in New Roads

no really, they do!

damn typepad...

And remember...whenever you turn onto a new road, you actually have to shout out, "NEW ROAD!" or it isn't nearly as meaningful.

I do this. Really, I do.

Pile in, everyone! Bumble, I hope those drinks are non-alcoholic...

*guns the engine, shifts into gear, and pushes the pedal to the floor*

sharon~ Like I said, I dunno what they are. They look like milkshakes to me, but I've never seen a cherry one.

Cyn- Does this mean I can start onto my subject of "What would be the PErfect Super Hero Character for a Lizard- Specifically a Skink?" Question?

well, at least we'd more or less get it, Alfred;D
(Adonis - haaaaalp!)


... um ... sorry, that din't really answer your question, did it? ... um ... lemme think on that one a while ...

O. the U., doesn't Paris get trashed on the MB often enough without you doin' it here, too? i mean really, callin' her a SuperSkank is uncalled for and just plain rude, and...


you said SuperSkink.

never mind. :)

you wouldn't want to hurt her feelings (I got posted!)

*zips in*

I found everyone, YAY me!


YAY!!! for Sarah! hey Sarah, what happened to your "J"?

Oddly enuf, sg, I had exactly those thots as I typed that word ... that's why I wuz extra careful to spell whut I meant to say ... out of respect for Paris, I mean ... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

*runs along after the car*

*slows to let neo hop in*

*grabs neo's wrist and hauls her into the backseat*

I probably forgot to put my name in the email, but the from line says "Sarah," no J

*grabs neo's other wrist and follows her into the backseat*

I found out that I did not list my College. just allt he colleges I was hoping to get into. So I will have to pay for this Quarter out of pocket.
Which means I am dropping one of my classes and hoping my parents help out. I have $500, and its for rent. Future rent anyway.

Gragh! how do I update my FAFSA to include my college?

I just figured it out.
Bit stressed still.

Some Odd Food

Alfred~ Sorry to hear about your financial aid fiasco. Filling out FAFSA is such a pain; I'm sure I've made mistakes in mine before. Good luck finding the necessary funds, and I hope everything will work out next term.


Alfred, i'd rather have this.

and sorry, i must've missed this...what is FAFSA?

wait...i know!!! financial application for student aid? am i close?

and i almost forgot...here ya go!

*waves to Bumble Bea, who snuck up on me*

Muchos Tacos por el Leche de Chocolate!

Thank you for the hugs and stuff. Hopefully my parents will be willing to give more then that.

Alfred, email me, please.

And let me get this straight: I'm in the backseat with Bumble and Southerngirl?!

Whooo hooooo!

*waves at southerngirl*

Very close. I believe it's Federal Application For Student Aid. But once you file it, they send it to the state and your school, so I've gotten aid from the state and the school through it as well. Last year most of my aid was a federal pell grant, but this year they gave me a lot less for some reason. Most of my aid this year was a state grant I was eligible for because I graduated with a CORE 40 diploma from high school. It should have been an academic honors diploma, but my moronic guidance counselor forgot to tell me about a required-to-graduate class I should've taken as a freshman for four years, and I had to take it as a senior, and it kept me from fitting in a class I needed for academic honors. One class away. Not that I'm bitter or anything. *sigh* My mom was really angry about it. She was angrier than I was.

*hugs neo*

Alfred, let us know if they don't. We'll take up a kilt collection and see that you get your edumacation. :-)

Hey...are you guys getting kinky in the back of my '69 Charger??

*puts on some mood music*

There...that should help!

What's so kinky about a 69 charger?

*blinks innocently*

*breaks the eerie silence*

Good morning, Kilties! Rise and shine!

ok, i'll rise if i have to, but do i really have to shine? cuz it's too early for shinin' and i'm really not in the mood...

*decides not to use the phrase "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed", since the state of s-girl's tail is her own personal business*

Morning, Kilties. I can see I'm going to have to forage for my own breakfast this morning...I'm off to find coffee and a little something to nosh.

Hope everyone's having a happy Saturday!

I'm sort of at a dull glow point about now, and that's as far as I'm willing to go. (Except for that infrared light shining for optimum visibility in the backseat of Sharon the '69 Charger.)

BTW, we used to own a car that we named Sharon, after the David Bromberg song about a heartbreaking carnival dancer.

*Waits to see if Ms. Share-alike will walk, talk and crawl on her belly like a reptile*

*...and admires Sharon's backseat*

Walking...yes. Talking...most certainly (it's getting me to shut up that's the challenge). Crawling on my belly like a reptile...okay, who leaked the photos from last year's Christmas party???

Glad you like my backseat, Blue...maybe you want to check the trunk and look under the hood as well?

Or, as the Brits might say, I have a bee (not Bea) in my bonnet to boot.

Gotta do something about that big spoiler, though....

Nah...that's balanced out by my headlights.

Bumble -- tho I'm not generally inclined to wanna deal with lawyers, I'd say you might have a VERY strong case to sue the "moronic guidance counselor" ...

This is causing you financial loss and/or hardship, and it wuz obviously the incommpetence and negligence of the couselor which caused this situation to arise -- you obviously have Honors Grades capabilities ...

Y'all could prolly sue for enuf to take several years of grad skul, after your regular college degree ...

Merely angry for you, at the stoopid counselor (Hey, I can be angry, I'm a parent of several kids of my own ... now that they're somewhut comfortable in their financial lives, I gotta have someone else to worry about the injustices of everyday dumbness affectin' their lives ... merely ... avuncular ...

avuncular is a GREAT! word!!

O. the U~ I doubt I could make a case of it. The story is a complex one, and it wasn't completely the guidance counselor's fault. What happened (and I'm ashamed to admit it) is that I was lazy and did very poorly in the grammar part of my honors English class my freshman year. If I’d worked harder I probably could have done all right, but I wasn’t motivated and I had a crappy teacher. (Mom rests the blame for my lack of academic honors equally on me, my advisor and that teacher, but mom's reaction to the whole situation is a whole other story.) Anyway, we had two huge tests; one over the literature we'd read, and one over the complex grammar we should've learned. I aced one and bombed the other, and I ended up with a D+ in the class. Only time I ever got less than a C in anything. In order to get an academic honors diploma, I needed to re-take that class. I could've done it my senior year if my guidance counselor hadn't discovered that she'd never put me in a civics class my freshman year like I should've been. I needed civics to graduate, so the only way I could take it and re-take freshman honors English was if I was willing to drop Swing Choir. It was my senior year and Swing Choir was my favorite part of high school; it was more important to me than a sticker on my diploma. The thing is, if she'd told me I needed civics my freshman year like she should've, I could've taken it in place of a different elective, like drama or ceramics or something. By my senior year, it was too late; I didn't have the time. I had to take Government in summer school and do World History via a correspondence course with a college professor as it was. I just couldn't fit it all in without dropping Swing Choir, and I wasn't willing to do it. Case closed. They'd rule in favor of the defendant, I think. :-)

Incidentally, I was in that particular civics class the morning of 9/11. I remember it very vividly. I’d never seen a teacher stop in the middle of a lecture and turn on the TV.

Also, I think the statute of limitations would prohibit doing anything about it now even if I did have a case. :-)


Oh, well ... merely trineta help ...

I (we, my classmates and I) had a somewhut similar situation our first day of our senior year ... the (new) superintendent went thru all the skeds and classes and such and wuz about to let us go, and said "any questions" ...

One of my classmates raised her hand and said, "What about drivers' ed. for the seniors?"

S: "The seniors have had drivers' ed. ... ... ... ?"

Us: (As one person) all shook our heads, and said "Nope" ...

S: Nearly cried ...

We'd been put off 'cuz they couldn't fit us in as freshmen, or sophomores, and then we sorta got fergot about ... of course, we ALL had our driver's licenses (some for as much as 4-5 years) by then, and it wuz a course REQUIRED BY THE STATE, in order to graduate ...

So ... the fourth quarter of POD/PDP, our teacher taught us DE out of the textbook ... by the fifth or sixth standardized test, we'd all memorized the answer key (there were about four keys, you could tell which one by the first three answers) and we'd merely fill in the a-b-c-d answers (from memory, we din't need crib sheets) and I don't recall NEone ever gettin' below a 96 on a "test" after that ...

Sorry about your complications ... wish I'd've been of a more positive factor in trineta assist y'all ...

It's easy to go on a rant/crusade/lawsuit tirade when you're about *mumblemumble* years removed from the circumstance ...

Hah!!! Tracked you down, you elusive varlets and varlettes! Sarah, thanks for the email. I was getting kiltie withdrawal.

{{{{{Sharon}}}}}! I'm sorry I wasn't around when you needed the hugs; but you can use these prn. Plenty more where those came from!!!

Bumble...the F---whatever form was just the FAF when my daughter was applying. I've never felt so depressed and useless in my life. Thought I was doin' ok as a single mom of two, till I started checkin those boxes: No, I don't own real estate. No, no stocks, bonds, or T-bills. No, no mineral rights. No, dammit...NO AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY and/or CATTLE!!! Just (*snif*) two kids, a job, dog, cat, other cat, and elderly VW bug. Daughter wanted to know why I was crying while filling out the form...poor kid! Extreeemly traumatic for all concerned. However, this too will pass -- I swear.
You can swear too, if it helps:)

{{{O. the U}}}

I know you were. That's why I explained why it wouldn't work. Thought I could keep my dirty little secret D a secret, but so much for that. :-) Don't even get me started on my driver's ed fiasco. Grrrr. That was totally the fault of a teacher; I did nothing wrong.

Betsy~ Yeah, they want everything but a pint of blood. Before you know it, they'll start making us smear a little of that on the form too. Or else make us sign it in blood. What a hassle.

but Betsy, those things that made you feel bad on the form will increase the chances of getting financial aid! here in WV there is a completely merit-based college scholarship, that nevertheless requires applicants fill out the F____. talk about your pointlessnesses...oh, and my son didn't get the scholarship anyway.

Sign in blood. Wouldn't that be a contract with Satan?

Could of considered the Cat Cattle.
I almost put down that I was hispanic.

Bumble- I know the feeling on Graduation. I had a similar story between my transferring to Washington Highschools.
What you can do is make sure there is awareness of the subject. So that this mistake doesn't happen again.

insom~ Of course not. You teachin' folk are rolling in dough, right? ;-)

Alfred~ Satan? There's an obvious metaphor to be made; do you really want me to go there? ;-)

Could any Spanish-speaking Kilties help me dig up information for a tribute to: Juan Romero Orozco from Acatlan de Osorio, Puebla, Mexico. Reported missing, World Trade Center, at/in building? I've tried searching in English, but that's all the information I can come up with. I also found his name listed as a cast member of a documentary called Caminantes, but don't know if it's the same guy, or someone else with his name. I'm doing this for the 2,996 Project.

Sarah, that's great. i clicked on one of the tributes and the guy who wrote it did a really nice job. :)

I have just found out from a reliable source that all evidence points to him being an undocumented illegial immigrant. I got a little more information about him, maybe enough to write the tribute, but I don't know.

Bumble- I suppose your Haloship.

That is a noble thing you are doing SarahJ.

Alfred~ I think I'm too saintly to compare the federal government to Satan right now.

Maybe later, after I've done my homework. ():-)

Pondering: Why does spell check insist on capitalizing satan? I understand God, but satan? I’m sure some people think he’s worthy of a capital S, but other than Anton LaVey, I can’t think of any. I think I'm going to start breaking that particular rule. Be a rebel. HAH!

because Satan is a proper noun, a person's name, it's supposed to be capitalized.

Hrm. That makes sense, though I wouldn't exactly classify Satan as a person. :-) I guess I just don't think of it as a name because it's not a name people typically use. The Satan is likely the only one who's actually named Satan.

I don't know. It just seems as though it smacks of something not quite right to give a courtesy I give to God to Satan as well. Even though I give the same courtesy to every proper name, good or bad. :-)

*getting over it and going back to German homework now*

What a weird thing to think about. I need to get more sleep. Or get a job. Or a life.

The 9/11 tribute is up on my blog.

YAY! for getting help from a professional genealogist that knows some Spanish!!

From what I understand Satan is his title, not his name. He was originally Lucifer and recieved the name change/Title when he rebelled against God.

Your giving up the capitlization thing and going back to German?

I'm done with German now. Capitalization of satan is again open for debate, as is whether it's synonymous with the federal government. :-)

So 2996 is bloggers each sponsoring a 9/11 victim to pay tribute to? That's a really nice thing to do. My sister is doing it as well; she's got one on her blog. I just hadn't investigated to see what it was until now. Good on you, Sarah. :-)

I believe beuracracy is what I was speaking of. :)

Sarah-When reading your commentary I noticed something. The word Puebla. I myself have lived in pueblo, and have seen the Pueblo Indian dances. The reality is that it means people. And commonly in Mexico it is reffered to as City or Village.

I wanted to place it in your comments, but the comments section won't let me.

It would be interesting to try and find out more about Juan Romero Orozco. The best start would be his village and looking up the names Orozco and Romero as they are his last names.

Also check out the Dragon remains.


seriously.. loved the comments

Alfred~ Bureaucracy works too. ;-)

My wireless is back! YAY!!!

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