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March 26, 2005


"...the hellebores are coming."


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What the Hellebore?

Figures they first appeared in English gardens.

Sure, but Poisonous Hellebore & the Sunshine Strain once played the Fillmore East, right?

As I recall they opened for Lobster Intelligence

Reading that article was as much fun as poking my eyes with a fork!....

Fear and Loathing in English Gardens.

...a violent cathartic herb given to children to expel the worms.

See!? Those worms are showing up EVERYWHERE! The cops shouldn't have too much trouble finding them... dumb cops.

And shouldn't the Washington State Gov't used these to expel their worms?

...and another thought (ok, then I'll quit - promise) shouldn't the fish and chicks drape these around them? Protection from deer.

...see how His Daveness ties all this together... smart? huh?

Julietine...u mean it was hell of a bore...?



There's an English Gardens in Munich Germany .... don't remember any Fear and Loathing there.

Though in the summer there was allot of nudity.

Helll's Bells! What's next?

Hi Bangi, and julietine -

Hi Ely...

Hellebore is an an essential ingredient in charms against evil psychic forces. So is periwinkle. This thread has made you all safe for today. Just to be extra sure, maybe you should all check for dragons in your undies.

hell's bells...that's nice...Julie,El and Bangi...Hell's Belles....with their new hit single
"u make me violent, u cathartic herb"

*checks undies*

So, that's what we're calling these today?

no dragon thr...
Peri: ha! made u look
Bangi: Drat!!

"Greenbrier County features a 6-acre hillside filled with 68,000 mature, blooming hellebores in mid-March. The Web site says booked tours are a possibility."

Refreshments will be served, including hellebore pie and refreshingly zesty hellebore iced tea. An attorney will also be present at the refreshment table to assist with the preparation of wills.

*hopes it doesn't start breathing fire!*

Eww, that'll be scorched undies....

*decides to keep fire extinguisher near by*

the article also says that they keep away the deer, after learning what deer eat (darn near everything, it turns out) ,a garden filled with poisonous plants seems a small price to pay!

Today Barry's Sunshine Farm and Gardens is home to 50,000 stock flowering plants that are a sight to behold in bloom.

So that's what Dave has been doing on his "sabbatical."

Interestingly, "Hellebore" is how I've described some blind dates.

However, I don't think my dates had fun, either, as I saw them trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae.

I've been there too Jeff - on a state holiday - the nudity came as quite a shock! Did you go to the Beer Garden and see the Liederhosen men playing the accordian, etc and did you use a giant pretzel as a tray for your bratwurst!
*good memories*

So the blog is educational now? Cool.

Things I've learned this week:

Octopi would make great cartoon characters.
Lobsters are almost as smart as giant squid.
The ancient Greeks would poison almost anything.
Deer will eat almost anything.
...and so will people.

My office was just outside the entrance to the Chineese Tower (Turin). Many times we had lunch or vendor meetings there.

Ah, Good times...

You shouldn't have a girlie group called Hell's Belles and not include elle. I mean, you can't even spell Hellebore (which wbagnfa first CD) without elle.


Refreshments will be served, including hellebore pie and refreshingly zesty hellebore iced tea. Dave (not Barry.. calm down)

Thanks Dave!!!

I have hellebores all through my garden--Now if I can just get the crazy lady and her cats next door to enjoy them life would be grand!

Just what we need more poisonous plants.

Boy, obviously no gardeners posting here! Has anyone actually seen the Hellebores on the Sunshine Farm Web site? They've bred some truly drop-dead gorgeous flowers.

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