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March 28, 2005


We don't have lockers.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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he,he...you naughty girl!

No Lockers?
Wow, i haven't had a locker in 5 years.
Ah High school.
Haven't had a date in 6 years.
Gawd I'm a loser.

Judi - maybe you could rent a locker down at the Greyhound station...?

Quick, anyone have an antidepressant for Psycho Joe?

Good thing this thread is only about naked guys in lockers. What if it had been about cheerleaders?

naked guys hiding in lockers....good times...good times.

That is a blatently insane article.
I wish i could come up with pranks like that.

Also, Judi, Who were you expecting to find in your locker?

(I'm free for all personal and public appearences, and i'm free of charge)

judi, there's always the filing cabinet ...

Anti depressant?
How about about a gallon of moonshine.


Judi, when you DO get lockers, please make sure that yours is at least 6'00 tall. Isn't DAVE just under that? We'd want him to be comfy while waiting for you.

Judi, we who have met you know who you'd like to find naked in your locker, but I'm not telling.

And this was a great opening sentence:

Ivan Ljubicic was preparing for his third-round match at the Nasdaq-100 Open on Sunday when he found something totally unexpected in his locker, naked fellow player Michael Llodra.

Naked Locker Dwellers wbagnfarb

"Haha very funny, Llodra. Ok look man, I know you won your match but this prank is getting old, could you please just hand me the balls. No, no, the TENNIS balls you freak!"


LOL....that was funny!!!

So - how big was "it"?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

"He is not a small guy (but) very flexible. Very, very flexible.
Yes, very, very flexible.
Definitely very flexible.
One time we were ... um ... nevermind.
Where were we again?
Oh yes, he is indeed flexible when unhampered by apparel."

har tyler.
as for the whole article, just llovelly.

allerative locker lodgers wbagnfarb

Hiding a flexible and naked seven foot tall tennis player in someone's locker is certainly a good prank. I still like the old Galactic Black Hole With Optical Jet in the locker trick though...

This article is lacking something... I know! Pictures! We want pictures!

"He is not a small guy (but) very flexible. Very, very flexible."

The article neglected to mention the quart of vasoline.

If a French tennis guy's in your locker.
It may come as a bit of a shocker.
Though to women he's flexible
And therefore quite sexible
To guys he just seems off his rocker!

adam! ;)

C-bol ---

really like your photo of the millipede-bustin' lion tamer ... LOL ...

What's a Locker?

"He is not a small guy (but) very flexible. Very, very flexible."

This sentence just set off my gayness-in-interviews alarm.

Just leave this item in the locker . . .

Don't know what Michael Llodra looks like... Eleanor, any info? Would it be worth seeing him naked?

But I'd be happy beyond words if I found Arnaud Clement naked in my locker...

GIS for Michael Llodra

GIS for Michael Llodra

in my senior year of high school, I was so thin I could sit inside the teacher's podium. (make what you will of that, pervs and pervettes)

How many A's did that get u Insomniac? ;)

'niac --

... um ... there's gotta be a comment here (or somewhere) about a large, furry, flat-tailed rodent (and its euphemistical usage r.e. other anatomical applications) ... but I don't think I want to explore those options or avenues ...

*trying to summmon lustful thoughts about Mrs. Greenberg , the Calculus teacher*

ooh, Lunchtime!

I think judi might have checked out the locker down at the Trailways® and found a suprise to her liking.
Or she may have been Terrorist Mom and is no longer with us.

'niac --

I have no idea whatsoever about Mrs. Greenberg's personal physiognomy, but "Calculus" always seemed to have "exotic" connotations for moi ownself ...

Merci pour les photos Mahatma!

Well he seems kinda cute... too bad he's slightly...deranged? weird? I don't know which English word is the most appropriate to the situation.

Il n'y a pas de quoi, Marie!

Wonder what the other bloglettes would think of your good friend Arnaud Clement?

So ... what?

We're all blurking about the site to get the newest links?

Should they ever happen to arrive, that is ... what's with the banker's hours? Or is Tuesday just a quiet "news" day?

Warning to the other blogettes

Arnaud is mine!!!

*turns around*
*realizes she's the only one to find him irresistible*

OK he's rather short and more than 6 years younger than me. But still...

Well, Marie, I guess I won't fight you for him. If I see him, I'll stuff him in a locker for you.

Good to see your courage is up . . . or are you drinking again?

Gee Deon, thanks (hope you'll see him - after all, there are several tennis tournaments in the US)

I've not been drinking (except virtual margaritas from you know where) the lust I feel after watching Arnaud's pics has overcome last week's sadness ;-)

I Love you

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