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March 30, 2005


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I bet the pet started it . . .


/end unfunny post.

*trying not to point out the poetic justice*

Why does this story remind me of Fish Called Wanda?

I wonder if the perp stutters....

Rough part of town -
Just sayin'

I would have to disagree with myself here - I think "rough" was too strong a word -
how about "not an upscale part of the city"?
"a part of the city where it is not uncommon for muggings to occur"
"an older neighborhood that was run down and is now trying to fix itself up"
or -
OK, I'll stop now - I think I've made myself perfectly clear!

Ruff part of town.

*applauds SDG's attempts at PC'ness*

Wouldja send your Gramma there after dark? Howsabout your Gramma and her dog????

"Okay, so let's split the loot!"
"Aw man, it's crap."
"Don't gimme that. We agreed to split it fifty-fifty."
"I'm telling you, it's crap."
"You don't give me my half, I'm going to cut you."
"You can have it all."
"Damned straight. Beeeeyaaatch."

*takes bow AND curtsys*

No, we keep Gramma locked in the cellar - with her dog*

*wondering where Granpa was last night*

bet that guy modifies his approach for the next victim....

"Hand over the money lady or the dog gets it.....and don't give me any sh*t either!

What I see as key to the story is the dog's name.
'Misty' conjures up a mental image of a canine no bigger than a breadbox, with hair hanging in its eyes and those annoying little bottom teeth that jut out over its lower lip.
I would prefer to walk a dog with a name like Conan or Azriel, which when standing on its hind legs, is taller than I am, weighs more than I do, and has teeth like a swiss army knife. Of course this would mean I'd be carrying a duffel bag full of dog scat...but no mofo would mess with me or the dog.

Why is it that every time i see a post headlined "There is a God" posted by judi, I expect to get linked to a picture of a naked man?

I just want to say _ I love Asian women porn!
Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world - I am married to a Filippina for almost 14 years and it is the Best Sex in the world - if you never been with an asian woman then sex is boring! Believe me! I have been with plenty of white, a few black, and even a latino girl - but they have nothing and cant perform like a thai, japanese, or filippina woman

I just wanted to share this after looking at some of the postings and the different websites available.

I just want to say _ I love Asian women porn!
Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world - I am married to a Filippina for almost 14 years and it is the Best Sex in the world - if you never been with an asian woman then sex is boring! Believe me! I have been with plenty of white, a few black, and even a latino girl - but they have nothing and cant perform like a thai, japanese, or filippina woman

I just wanted to share this after looking at some of the postings and the different websites available.

Wheeeeeeee... how does this look?

Oh, and it loads waaay faster than the previous Moat!

Cool, other than the spam.

I think it was time for a change anyway.

*throws floaties*


kibby's in!

I'm feeling a bit boxed in.

At home I haven't shut my patio double doors to my bedroom for over a month. Mainly because it's been so hot. But it also lets in the fresh summer air. I also, normally, spend the entire weekend on my boat at the lake. aaaah, the great outdoors.

For the last few days I've been living in a.c. at this hotel. QUITE A DIFFERENCE!

In breaking with 'the norm' I've now opened my windows to the street and the fresh air (and street noises - luckely NOT a busy street) is spreading throught out the room.

Chicage weather:

about 70 F
overcast with light rain
lightness followed by a brief stint of darkness

kibby leaves tomorrow afternoon.

that is all...

kibby, Today has Al Roker & others in Chicago this morning and I saw the umbrellas so I knew it was raining. It should arrive here tomorrow night and give us a soggy weekend. We were going to go to D.C. but will postpone until a later (hopefully, a drier) weekend.

A lot of hotels have windows you can't open these days.

OK, we changed the D.C. reservations to the weekend of the 11th of August.

/end travel update

nice spam

I don't get the asian pron spam. there's no link. are they counting on people e-mailing Mr. LovesAsianWomen saying "ZOMG! i love asian pron too! lets be friends!" so that they can spam their e-mail?

*dives in*

New Moat .....

New Topic .....

I'm getting unMarried today!!

*dives into the moat*

*takes a deep breath, after coming up for air*

I want to start this day over again.

10 til 6am, the phone rings, scaring me awake.

Mitch at the station...can't get today's program log loaded. All it has is the default one. Ok I'm on my way. I'm heading out the door and it occurs to me...I didn't do one.

So I'm here, and there are FOUR other people in the studio, while I frantically try to run a log, and make mistakes, and panic...and make more mistakes. Finally it's done...

I return at 9...around 9:30, the carpenter shows up to start ripping down old panelling.

He has fortunatly gone for today.

I only have about 8 commercials to record now...and no scripts, of course, as they exist on a computer that doesn't work anymore.

I REALLY REALLY want to start today over. Not really in a Groundhog Day kind of way though...

V!ctor!a's Secret AND stock market in one post!!!!!!!


YAY for Mr. Fisher. :)

High Time, I say!
Time to Get High?

Have a very merry un-marriage Fish

Happy UnMarriage, Fish. Thanks for the link, Jeff.

*resumes blurking*

Condolations, Mr. Fisher. No matter how relieved you are that it is through, from all that I've read/heard/experienced, it is usually bittersweet.


Excellent, Fishie.

Boy, it is fricking humid today! I don't know how some of you (Susan) take it all the time.

We went out for a walk & errands (lunch, bank, etc.) and it was good but by the time we headed for home we were dripping wet, and not in a good way.

/end humidity update


I got a free burrito today.
I LOVE that.
I haven't been around because my internet is out at home, and my roommates hate me, so I don't go home.
Good Times.
I was making a big oil painting for Pepper (he's actually paying me, so it really is work), and they ripped the $100 canvas. He was really pissed off, and I smoothed things over because I'm skilled and could fix it. But he made me move all my stuff to his house to work on it there. Those b1tches then had the nerve to complain about my makeshift studio space in the living room. It takes up about 3.5 feet of space against the back wall. It doesn't make the slightest difference in the room besides being an "eyesore".
So the only way I have ever wronged them is with this slight movement of the furniture.
They fight over the air conditioning - sending our utility bills through the roof, treat me like crap, lose/break/throw away MY things, complain about my things I allow them to use - like the television and a table, never clean up after themselves in the kitchen, make 7 whole bags of trash a week, and don't tell me when they are having people over.
The last one really kills me. I told them a month in advance that I had a friend coming, and the day I went to pick her up the littlest one FLIPS OUT and says: "She can't sleep on the couch! My boyfriend and his friends are coming!" AND THEN that night all 6 of them come home at 3:30 am drunk and SCREAMING. I seriously considered calling the cops about having intruders. She is way too small to do any amount of drinking, she just gets sick, so she was soberly ALLOWING these people to act this way.
I bought an Annoy-A-Tron.
On top of this my arm is dying on me. My wrist hurts like I sprained it and I can't lift things or put weight on it. But wrapping it up makes it worse and my fingers have been going numb with or without the wrapping. I think I have nerve damage in my elbow. Pepper has been berating me everytime I use it and he'll smack me upside the head if he catches me in the act; when the pain first started he tricked me and then sat on my chest to hold me down while he wrapped my arm. Our friend Laurel jokingly says he's only caring for me to "serve his own selfish manly needs". It's because I'm stubborn and self-loathing. Pepper spent a few hours on Tuesday begging me to care for myself and telling me I was good person and that people like me, then his roommate made me Cinnamon Buns. WHICH WERE GREAT.

Sorry about the sudden downer post. Pepper has been unbelievably great about my predicament. If all goes well, maybe together we'll shank them. Like a bonding experience.

Jeff, the humidity makes you very very very grateful for A/C.

Thus far this summer, though, the humidity hasn't been too terribly bad all the time. Just one or two mornings that I've woken up and the house was a bit humid, even with the A/C. And I've noticed, the new windows not only keep out heat, they keep out the humidity better so the A/C can be set closer to 80 and it still feels good inside.

Fishie...*hug* Yay! I know that is a huge weight off your fins.

Sob, I gotta take LittleD back to her boyfriend's tomorrow. It has been great to see her and I don't want to see her go (oh well, the price of kids growing up). Weather is predicted to be good so the 10 hour round trip drive will be OK.

Fish, glad it is finally "over" for you.

So humid here today I was pouring sweat just walking around. Susan, an old friend used to say "Southern women don't sweat, they glow".

BigD, then there are days I glow enough to light up a small city.


I mean really, hot little asian cars are just the best, you'll never go back to Volvo or Ford.
Oh look, a really big snake in the water. I think I'll pet it...

Someone email Judi to get rid of the spam before it sets off my work filters.

Crash!!! DO NOT WRAP UP YOUR WRIST/arm. Sounds like Carpal tunnel. Or possibly a pinched nerve in your upper back/neck if the pain/numbness is higher than your elbow. Go to see a doctor or at the least get a brace like this one. Wrapping it in a compression bandage (ace bandage) can actually make it worse.

Remember I'm a doctor in real life but I play one on the moat. Or something like that.

Seriously try the brace and rest it for 2 weeks as much as you can.

Mad, that's the kind of thing I've seen when people have carpal tunnel...I think that would be better than wrapping. Not that I'm even remotely a doctor.

I want to go hooooooooooome....and can't til this game ends. And since I have no earthly idea anything about baseball, I have no clue how long it will go on...6th inning so far.


Ah. While I'm thinking about it...our technical person Whittaker called earlier, asked me to ask any online listeners how the signal has sounded...if there has been any dropping out of audio. I figured if there was, I'd have heard about it...but thought I'd ask. Also, at some point tomorrow, probably afternoon...we'll have the broadcast interupted. The internet line has to be disconnected and rerun through the attic to the studio as part of the remodeling.

*flings pants in anticipation of Friday*

*starts a happy dance, after remembering that this may well end with 7 innings, so this could be the last one!!!*

In the 9th...

I didn't know a baseball game would go on as long as football...

hello from the land of dial-up! (boy am i glad you moved)

*goes to write e-mail with "ZOMG" in the subject line*

*feels for Crash*

YAY FISH! (congrats)

YAY Insom!


Insom, if the dialup thing ever causes a problem just say something - moving isn't that difficult.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend.. we've had three days of consistent weather in the high 60s with nor'west winds. It's been just lovely, and I don't want winter to come back.

Good morning, all.

All of a sudden I started getting twinges of pain in my lower back when I make sudden twisting or bending moves. As long as I remember it and move slowly and carefully I'm OK, but naturally I keep forgetting and reaching across for something and getting zapped again.

Jackie said we better skip the free concert last night and she was right, as getting into the car gave me a twinge and I would have had to carry our fold-up chairs from wherever we parked, not to mention sitting on them for several hours. Instead we watched Big Love and Burn Notice.

/end update


That sucks. You need new roommates (well, duh!).

Susan, this morning they actually compared our weather to Miami's, as the dew point is a South Florida-like 70. What you said about air conditioning is right. It looks like we'll be in this soup until Tuesday and could get a lot more rain. I wish I could ship some of it down to you.

*tosses pants, which I really don't need*

From Dave's page-a-day calendar for today:

"Here's how you could get rich: Start a women's clothing store called "Size 2," in which all garments, including those that were originally intended to be restaurant awnings, had labels with the words "Size 2." I bet you'd sell clothes like crazy."

Dave was ahead of his time with this, as I'm sure the women of the MOAT can attest. Clothes that used to be size 12 are suddenly a 6 or 8, and size 6 is now 2 or 0.

What's up with that?

*checking out of hotel towards Florida*

Jeff, what's up with that is that I now have no idea what size I wear. I have clothing is at least three different sizes.

Construction has commenced in the front office. Much banging and clattering.

Plus the phone guy just showed up.

The all request lunch hour may not have much talk. I could close the door to the front room...but the construction crew (a guy, his wife and his daughter) keep trailing back and forth...through the studio.

Nah, I think it's a pinched nerve in my elbow and not Carpal Tunnel. Wrapping or bracing any point in my arm in any way makes it tons worse.

I have to try on EVERYTHING. The sizes vary between brands so much anyways. My clothes range between 0 and 6. That is a huge difference! I have a ball gown that is a 0 and shorts that are 5/6. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Fortunately jeans seem to be fairly standardized, as most of mine appear to be 4s. Fortunately t-shirts actually are standardized.

This weekend should be ...interesting, Pepper and I are driving down to Miami. But I'm a local, so "fun" and "exciting" aren't really in the plans. Pepper is going to have to hang out with my aged 77 Grandfather. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two about airplanes and airplane crashes and Miami in the 60s and how easy it used to be to "stick it to the Man." My crazy NyQuil-drinking aunt will be there too, but I think she's gone sober. Unfortunately for Pepper, word will probably spread that he's coming and my other aunt that accidentally voted for Pat Buchanon will show up to ogle the poor boy.
Oh man, actually I HOPE that happens and they get into an angry, heated discussion about politics that makes everyone uncomfortable and me and my father laugh hysterically.

You know, if I had done what I did last year at this time, I'd be on vacation at this moment...alllllllll alone at my sister's house while she was at work.

There are at LEAST 10 other people in this building now. Half of which keep going through the studio...not that that is easy with five of the six new shelves stacked in here...

It is chaos.

Total chaos.

Plus there is a thunderstorm threat, so the weather radio keeps going off...

Susan, I waved at you when I hit the I-40/I-77 intersection in Statesville today. Once about 10 AM and then again about 3 PM. Did you see me?

Sheesh, 9 hours and 544 miles of driving today, I am beat, but a good lunch at Olive Garden, soup and salad.

I thought of Mr. Fisher today:
1. Saw an Oklahoma license plate
2. Saw a billboard for "Bates Cabins"

That's a lot of driving.

I did try and post something earlier this afternoon but it never showed up and I don't remember what it was so it couldn't have been too important, right?


Jackie is happy but worried as she lost SIX POUNDS this week and now is afraid there is something wrong with her.

this moat is loading fine for me, kaf., and i won't be online all that much anyway...

i got an e-mail from kylie saying "kdddddddddd---ddd" at least i hope it was from her and the mrs. wasn't having a stroke.

Smart grandkidlet you have there, Insom.

Apparently part of the problem was with my computer.. but it wasn't happening on every site, just some of them. Everything's working wonderfully once again. But we did need fresh digs.

*cannonballs into the HotTubO'Lust*

*snork* at insom

No rain yet but it is terminal mugginess (GNFARB?). We'll probably do our usual Saturday rounds - downtown to Chipotle for lunch, the outdoor market for goodies, a few stores we don't have around here, etc. Oh yeah, and the library. Jackie wanted to pick up a copy of Neil Gaiman's Stardust before the movie opens.

And speaking of Gaiman, has anyone seen Brian B?


Lady: What are you all waiting for?
26th guy in line for iPhone: The new Harry Potter book.
27th guy in line: Shrek 4.
28th guy in line: Free crack. [Lady walks away.]

--AT&T store, Union Square

BigD, I must not have been looking in the right direction at the time.

Jeff, I hadn't realized Neil Gaiman wrote Stardust...I just finished Anansi Boys. And have read Good Omens.

Right now I'm reading Susan Reinhard's book, Don't Sleep With a Bubba: Unless Your Eggs are in Wheelchairs. She mentions hearing Dave speak at a writer's conference...she had to speak the following day and was worried about how to follow him...he also signed a book for her...and called her a goddess. I guess I have something in common with her besides the same first name...

Work continues on the front room...panelling is up, cabinets up all around the room. I'm leaving the station shortly...a day of possible peace and quiet! My daughter left for band camp this morning, gone til Wednesday evening. I may perhaps go to the movies alone today...


I've just finished (okay, the day before yesterday) Ridley's latest, Killer Weekend. Really good read, although there was one factual slipup that made me think "WTD?? You can't do that!!" Offhand, it was something to do with trace evidence or analysis, but I forget exactly what now. Other than that one little thing, it was a great read.
Yesterday, I started The Sleeping Doll, Jeffery Deaver's latest offering. So far, so good. No Lincoln Rhyme (it's set in CA featuring Kathryn Dance, who had a small but crucial role in the last Lincoln Rhyme book.) Thus far, it's very much his usual style in terms of pace, but seems a tad less cynical than a Lincoln Rhyme story. I'm enjoying it.

What do you plan to see at the movies, Susan?
I'm currently planning to see two movies.. The Simpsons Movie (because I'm a dork like that) and Amazing Grace (about the British politician William Wilberforce and his efforts to bring an end to the slave trade in Britain). I wouldn't mind seeing Knocked Up, either, but I can wait for the video, I think.

Susan, I just got Anansi Boys too.

Kaf, for whatever reason (I can't explain it) - maybe Post-Harry Potter Syndrome - I just could not get into Ridley's book at all. I recognized it as fast moving and well written but just felt "who cares?" I knew there was no way the Master of Disguise was going to succeed in killing her and it just felt by-the-numbers to me.

My loss, no doubt. I also tried the new "Richard Bachman", which King says he wrote 35 years ago, but it wasn't for me at all. I guess I'll just stick to "real" mysteries. I read the latest Marcia Muller and have started her husband's latest, and I'm reading a book on the early days of baseball.

It is very humid and sticky here. We did our rounds and came back and I'm doing the laundry as we speak.

I, too, just finished Killer Weekend. I'm not sure what the evidence blooper was, but I enjoyed it.

In local news, The American Idols were at our hotel the other night. But that fact was totally lost on me as I saw them and didn't know who they were. It wasn't until the next morning when one of our document clerks excitedly told us that she dashed off the elevator and ran smack dab in to Sanjay Gupta.

OK, I may have that wrong. Some name that was like his first name. The guy with the goofy hair? (can you tell I'm not an AI fan?)(and I only know about the goofy hair because one of the attorneys said, "The guy with the goofy hair?)

Sanjaya Malakar.

I am so ashamed of myself right now.

I knew too, Kaf. ;)

Sanjay Gupta is the hot doctor on CNN.

Sanjaya is famous for losing on AI and having great hair.

I was almost impressed when I thought it was Dr. Sanjay, sly, but not for Sanjaya, a kid whose 15 minutes has gone on way way way too long.

We were somewhere fairly recently - and it is driving me nuts that I can't remember where - and saw a CNN display booth saying that Dr. Sanjay would be there. What there was, however, was a cutout of the good doctor that you could take a picture with, and I wasn't clear if the real thing would be there later or not.

And I will be wracking my brain trying to remember where it was we saw it.

For sly: the hunky Dr. Sanjay.


Sly & Jeff - CYE when I write it.. I remembered what the technical issue I had with Ridley's book. I don't want to post spoilers here for anyone who still has to read it.

My good friend Joe--who, really, why am I not dating?--brought over the new Harry Potter today. I started reading it about 9:30 pm and finished it about 2 or so. As usual, I can't put them down when they're fresh.

No spoilers, but I found the ending quite satisfying. Just right.

In other news, I got into a car accident earlier this week and now my righthand rear car door won't open. Meant to take it to the appraiser today, but obviously, didn't. It was my first car accident in at least 10 years. Something of a shock, really. Changing lanes and bang! crunch. I'm thinking of leaving it smooshed. It still drives fine, after all.

And in other other news, my cousin's girlfriend gave birth on Thursday to a beautiful baby boy. I haven't visited little Shane yet but hope too soon.

Wow, that was fast reading, Blogchik. It took me a couple of days. But weren't there a few things left open at the end that you wondered about? I wanted to know what the major characters were doing with their lives, etc. Fortunately, Peri sent me this link with some of the answers.

Don't read it until you've finished the book.


Suit to hobo holding sign reading 'End apartheid in South Africa now!': They already ended apartheid in South Africa. They also freed Nelson Mandela.
Hobo: Shit, nigga, I gots to get me some CNN or some shit.


Suit to hobo holding sign reading 'End apartheid in South Africa now!': They already ended apartheid in South Africa. They also freed Nelson Mandela.
Hobo: Shit, nigga, I gots to get me some CNN or some shit.

Good morning. I think I just want to stay in my hotel room in front of the AC today. I just heard the weather forecast--- 100.



Jeff, I wish I could go erase the 'n' word up there. Even when it's quoted like that, it makes me uncomfortable. It's just one of my buttons.

*zips in*™

Me too, and some of the other words. Quoting someone else does NOT make offensive language acceptable.

Later today, I'll work on a blog entry about the goings on at the hotel; the exciting weekend with the Amer!can Sew!ng Gu!ld. Apparently, their motto is "I Made It Myself, That's Why It's Buttugly." On today's line up of activities; "Bras Revisited." That follows one of yesterday's activities, "Notched Collars".

But seriously, who makes their on bras?

Notched Collars? Never a good look. But maybe AGNFARB.

It finally started thundering & lightning and raining here a short while ago. One would hope this would bring the humidity down but I don't think so.

Has anyone seen a movie called Renegade, original title Blueberry?

Jackie is watching it now and finding it hard to follow. It stars MiB's favorite Vincent Cassell, with Michael Madsen as the villain, Juliette Lewis & her father Geoffrey, Eddie Izzard, Colm Meaney (what isn't he in?), Djimon Hounsou & Ernest Borgnine, if you can believe it.

When was the last time you heard the name "Ernest Borgnine?"

You mean, before today? Maybe it was at the Oscars.

Ernie looks pretty darned great for 90. He didn't look that great in the movie, however. Maybe you needed to take peyote like the hero & villain to get it.

There was a naked butt shot of Cassell and a frontal underwater nude shot of Juliette Lewis.

I think she has it in all her contracts.


Still raining.

ernest borgnine has a frontal nude shot underwater?


Kaf, I saw the new version of Hairspray...and before that, one that made me think of you. I looked for you in it, but didn't see you. Eagle vs. Shark. A little odd, but I rather liked it. A New Zealand movie.

Sly, one person who made her own bra is a woman on American Inventors. I haven't really watched the show, but I did see the one where the woman had designed a bra, called the six in one I think, that could be worn a number of ways, including backless. She was wearing one, and it certainly did a good job of holding her ramparts in place. She made it to the final three...the final is this week.

Also this weekend I've watched the original version of Hairspray. In the new one, I did enjoy Travolta...except for his accent. It was horrible and inconsistent. The clerk at Borders when I bought the original agreed with me. I did quite like the song and dance with Travolta and Walken...

I also finally got a copy of Miss Congeniality. I'm happy with that.

The rain is over, for tonight at least. More tomorrow, perhaps.

We just watched an hour with Jo Rowling on Dateline where they placed a bunch of spoilers throughout the show to keep you watching.

It was filmed at a favorite place, Edinburgh Castle.

I hate pypetad.

Great, that posts but my long post doesn't. Good thing I saved it. One more try:

Wow, no comments in 14 hours? Does that mean everyone is being productive, or lazy, or just doesn't give a sh!t as Rodney would say?

It looks like the Good Luck Weather Fairy is leaving with July as the heat is coming in to stay for a while. Bummer. But then, it is the summer.

Hope everyone is feeling well today.

And a big apology to sly. With kibby away no one else seemed to notice the calendar on Friday:

Happy Belated Birthday, sly!!!

Sorry for the screwup.

Florida weather report:

Sunny, partly cloudy

Gas: $2.71/gal (lucky Americans)

leaving Tampa going through Chicago and home mid morning tomorrow. Straight to work though.

Took the WHOLE family to Adventure Islandyesterday. Got REAL wet andhad a good time. The 'under ones' sat and 'splatted' at the water.

*Waves toward FLA*

The carpenter has returned. With a very very loud compressor thing that keeps running. I may run screaming before the day is done. He was SUPPOSED to be here yesterday to work...when no one would be here.

On the plus side I just got a container of mac and cheese from the IGA deli...and it is wonderful. It's always good, some days are just even better, and today is one of those days.

Thanks, Susan.


Thank you. I needed that.

Now of course is when the front office computers have to be moved. And I have to do it.


Couldn't have been done earlier...

I really am not crazy about thunderstorms when I'm at work...the back door was open, and while I was talking, there was a huge crack of thunder and lightning and the power went out briefly.

Much needed rain pouring down...

just remember, susan, to avoid contact with electrical equipment and you'll be fine!

happy birthday sly!

It thunderstorms everyday here!
This season they are about 2 hours later than usual.
Starting at, you guessed it, 5pm.

just in time for the drive home. that's always fun.

Oooh, a belated Happy Birthday to Sly!

I'm a bad Moatie. I never check my calendar, and I really should. *insert ashamed face here*

Weather report: Dark. Getting lighter. Mild temps, no rain expected. This can't last.

I'm eating bacon, egg, cheese and vege pickle on toast for breakfast. It is most excellent comfort food. I'll add some apple for balance

I can see the darkness approaching.

Told you so.

I'm not sure about the pickle, Kaf. You know what's good with eggs? Peanut butter.

I'll take your word for that, Jeff!

The Vege Pickle is more of a relish. It's not a pickle like dill pickle. It's rather yummy.

Kaf, after my recent experiments with pb lately, I've found pb and relish or pickles is oddly enough, good.

And now I'm kind of hungry.

Supper was hot dogs and saurkraut (spelled incorrectly no doubt) with mashed potatoes. We were going for the glamour obviously.

I have peace and quiet. All alone at work. It is wonderful.

And I should have clearly said earlier, Sly, I hope you had a wonderful fabulous birthday.

ANother belated birthday:

Kookie turned 74 yesterday!

I wonder if he's still the ginchiest.

Just made some fried green tomatoes straight from the garden patch....yummm.

Rained here about 6:00 last night, pretty heavy. Good for the tomatoes!

Upper 80's to low 90's until next week with little rain. *melt*

Off to wash the very dirty vehicle and go to town.

BigD, we had a downpour here yesterday, right before 1pm.

I suppose you won't come wash my car either...

I need to clear out the inside at least, it's a bit cluttered. Washing will have to wait.

Kibby, I saw your comment about gas prices yesterday, and wondered where you saw $2.71...it was at least $2.78 here. Then when I came back in to work yesterday, I saw it was in fact $2.70.

Work is continuing on the front room. The flooring will be put down starting tonight...maybe. I am waiting to see how they get the desk out...it is a huge partners desk...and I'm sure it won't fit through any of the doors in here...

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Strange birthday this year. I was in court all day listening to B!O!R!I!NG! testimony on damage analysis.

My co-workers had a cake for me (delish!) at lunch, but things were so crazy that we didn't have time for it then or later that day. On Saturday at lunch a handful of us cut it.

Friday night (my birthday night) a number of people went home for the weekend, and two who were here were sick. Also, keep in mind that we go out every night for dinner, usually nice places, so going out for my birthday was no big whoop.

I went and had a wunnnnnnnnnerful massage.

I go home this weekend and my friends want to take me out someplace nice for my birthday. I told them, no. I want a homecooked meal, and I want to do the cooking since I haven't been able to since sometime in June. So I'm cooking up big meal, but in Judy's kitchen so I don't have to mess mine up.

Good plan, sly! :)

Today could be the day A-Rod finally hits #500 and Tom Glavine wins #300 (there is no one on the horizon within sight of that number) and... there could be some other milestone number reached I think.


Of course I should have added that Jackie is hoping A-Rod holds off one more game as we will be at the Stadium tomorrow night.

/end sports update

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