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March 31, 2005


Some big things are happening.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, out there in the field being alert)


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My first First! OK, I'm happy now.

I would love to see that that sculpture become Newcastle's new mascot. What a way to feminize european football. Just not in a conventional way.

I just love April Fools Day!

"The Goddess could even be grazed with sheep to keep her grass in trim."

I just had to point out this masterful line. That is all.

But will they be Perky?

"Visitors will be able to roam all over the Goddess's curvy body thanks to a network of paths."

Sounds like some of our blogettes fondest dreams.
I will not name names.

(only b/c this is a family friendly blog)

He's going to make this woman/goddess from a slag heap? Goddess is not the first word that came to my mind but I totally understand why they'd need the grazing sheep.

And how come a flaming penis that isn't really a penis in Wageningen is facing the axe when this deliberate penis is being called art?

re:40 ft!
*to be frank*
*We still really wanted those veins*
*penis sports*

what a masterpiece of quotes.....

The 100' breasts site has so many great one-liners I wouldn't even know where to begin - so I won't!

And then there's that whole penis thing - but what's up with all the question marks in the article???

sandy!!!! nice to see you!

I was the Fore-man!

Someone should alert the Prime Minister of Spain about this

Spain's Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez "Chester" Zapatero.
Good one MKJ!

UAF Civil Engineering Head

I think this job should belong to Harry R. Allcock but that's just me.

As famous as the Angel of the North?"?

Quick show of hands, how many of our blogbuds have heard of the Angel of the North sculpture on the border of Scot and England?

Never heard of it before today.

And thus we see an illustration of the 4th Law of Penis Dynamics: The moment they build a bigger penis, a bigger woman will arrive to be unsatisfied by it.

how come these artists don't have to get real jobs?

Oldest rule in the book, Jamester.

If you have a big wank or big hooters, you don't have to get a "real" job.

I used to have a REAL job.


but, then I got fired.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie"

I've got the perfect bra for her.

Once gravity gets ahold of those 100ft knockers, they'll turn back into slag heaps.

The main problem is keeping it erect *snork*

If you have a big wank or big hooters, you don't have to get a "real" job.

And if you have both, man, are you ever set for life, or what.

"Having an enormous penis rain down on your audience is a success on so many levels"

I wish I had a nickel for every time I was asked to do that.

Dave, thanks for reminding me that tomorrow is april fool's.

One other thing.
I had NO idea this was a family friendly blog.
I'm willing to bet i've said some stuff that little kids shouldn't hear.
In fact, on rare occasions, i say stuff that no one should hear.
So, if i offended anyone...
Thank you.
I really tried hard.


From another dictionary:
slag: A scoriaceous or cindery pyroclastic rock.

Does that clear it up for you?

We at NAANBODS, or National Association of the Advancement of Natural Bodyparts are disappointed at the glorification of unnatural body parts with these bodaciously humongous breasts and penises. This will unfortunately trigger more bad porn from the schlockmeisters of San Fernando Valley.

The Goddess could even be grazed with sheep to keep her grass in trim

I can't decide who is luckier the sheep or the godess.

This is NOT a family friendly blog. The disclaimer at the bottom of the page is purely for entertainment purposes!

and of course there will be a gift shop in the titan momma's .... well yall figure it out...

They should have named the statue Queen Titikaka(hope I spelled that okay)

i am shocked. such terrible stories.

ahh. april fools daay....

Is it in yet?

Actually I saw the Angel of the North when I was on vacation last summer. Not my version of art. Bloody rubbish actually.

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