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March 28, 2005


Not afraid to stand up for what they believe in; never too busy to fight for what's right.

(Thanks to Brian Giovannini)


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I vote for bread!!!

Man, WAY too much time on his hands. Think he might be gettin' some dough for this?

State Bread? The Department of Naming Official State Everythings is working overtime. What is next - the state donut? The state slug? The state bird - oh wait... We already have one.

Oh and any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes in the above post are the fact checker's fault.

At least they're not fighting over the official State Antiseptic Cow Urine Aftershave ...

I think Otto Von Bismark said it best...
"Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made. "

They've certainly got their crust. This entire concept strikes me as quite stale. Or crummy.

I think I would have to do some in-depth research into that legislation, sacrificing hours and hours of time so that I could make the most informed decision possible.

Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy wbagnfarb - OH, wait , it is!

Never mind.
Nothing to see here.
Move on.

Will the debate over this issue be televised over C-Span or the Food Network? Jus' wonderin'.

I'm looking forward to the Supreme Court's ruling on "Tastes Great" v. "Less Filling."

I say!
What about crumpets?
Bloody flatbreads are for third world nations.

Texas has two state dinosaurs ...
Texas state symbols

I'd like to see what Molly Ivins will do with this ...

scat' - you got an official movie to go with that official snack food?

Texans love Tex-Mex food - maybe they should have an Official State Tortilla -
Just sayin' -

I vote for hoecakes!

(for bread, I mean)

This is just a ploy to distract all the state pervs from the cheerleader-shaky-shaky-thrust-boom law.

El - We fought hard to be free of Mexico... NOT gonna have a tortilla for the official state bread!! Thats my problem w/ the pan de campo, too. Not that it really matters one way or the other to me.

Now when they are trying to decide the Official State Chocolate... THEN I'll get into it... :)

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