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March 25, 2005


OK, so why exactly is this a bad thing?


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It is not baby!!!..as Martha would say...It's a good thing!

FIRSTLY, let me say that the government here in Canada probably wouldn't notice if their computers were working right or not...they're inept either way.

It is bad. keeps me from getting my goverment cheese and beer stamps.

Worms are a good thing. They help till the soil, provide nurishment to fish and when I was younger, they provided me with hours of enjoyment when would focus the sun through the lens of a magnifying glass on their slimy, squirmy bodies...
errr ahh i think i meant to post this on pullthewingsoffflys.com.

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out.
The worms play havoc what 'puters put out.
They eat your data, they wreck your drives.
They eat links causing exasperated sighs.
A big green worm with rolling eyes
crawls in your batchfile and programs die.

ahh. the smell of rotting worms in the spring. yum..

"Officials say that the worm appears to have done little damage beyond clogging the system and causing chaos."

So how did people notice that anything was different?

Jeff, what are you talking about? I didn't see that on this site.

Does that mean we get full tax refunds?


"...The worm appears to have done little damage beyond...causing chaos."


It's a sad day in our nation's history when the only silver lining we can find in a situation is that it didn't get any worse than chaos.

The next rung up the ladder from chaos is catastrophe.

Just sayin'

The worm's origin is being investigated by state police.


Look in the ground!

....geesh! And they said I'd never make it on the police force!

"The Tacoma News-Tribune reports that, while it was at it, the worm also double-billed 1,400 businesses."

Thanks for the warning. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of a "worm" than the Dept of Revenue (motto: "We make the IRS look friendly.")

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