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March 27, 2005


They're shooting bunnies in SoCal.

(Thanks to many people)


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Easter First

What can I say? We live on the edge here!

Chocolate bunnies are better for eating, though!

In related news, Southern California authorities say they are holding several alleged leprechauns for questioning, and have designed a new, unobtrusive Jesus Trap for that pesky Christmas season.

That's the problem with trying to "adjust" Mother Nature ... pretty soon you get Senior Citizens running around waving guns ... Not that there's anything wrong with that ...

We hit a rabbit yesterday...on the way home from Easter mass. It was a kamikaze rabbit, because it leapt directly into our car's tires.

Why do animals always try to lodge themselves in moving vehicles?

Suicide bunnies wbagnfarb.
But arming the old people seems a bit too risky.

I'm not sure about the bunnies, but this seems like a good way to thin out the old people. An alternative to social security reform, perhaps?

Wait...lemme get this straight: you mean they never once considered contraceptives?

And most of the residents know what's the original meaning to "Then the rabbit died."

MAN are they going to be scared!

That sentence just slays me.

The shooting will begin once the paperwork is filed.

It's THIS sentence that slays me. The other one apparently causes me to screw up my HTML abilities.

You're right, Bugs -- that's a funny line, alomost sounds like Monty Python. What caught my eye in story was " rabbits have been gnawing on native shrubs and plants and doing their bunny business on lawns."

I think bunnies might b more famous for one kind of business than the other.

("Glory Days"-Springsteen)

I've got a friend lives in Casa Del Sol
Really proud of his lawn
Until those rabbits swarmed over it
Now most of it is gone!
Saw him the other night at the shootin' range
I was walking in, he was walking out
We went back inside and fired a few rounds
But all he kept talking about was

Bunny Days
Don't let 'em pass you by
Bunny Days
Load up, and watch the fur fly!
Bunny Days, Bunny Days

There's an old lady lives up the block
Used to use di-phac-in-one
On Friday nights I'd stop by
And we'd watch bunnies get it on!
She and her kids don't talk much now
For about the past ten years
We just sit around taking pot shots
At anything with ears!


insom -
we need beers to cry in -
Kentucky, who was ahead at half time - lost!

*sobs uncontrollably*
*stops sobbing and wonders who to root for next*

Scat - That was fabulous!!! I LOVE to link on "this page cannot be displayed!" - one of my very favorites! and twice - made my day!


Oh - wait -
scat, is Illinois already in the Final Four?

*is not a basketball follower but always likes to have a team in the race*

Bunny Suicides: very funny - I bookmarked it -
loved the luge, Beam me up, Scotty, Darth Vader, riding the missile (Was that Dr. Stangelove?) -

RE: Chicago -
you mean you don't love the Cubbies???
And what about the Chicage Bears? Walter Payton, Gayle Sayers, Brian Piccolo...
*starts crying and can't go on...*

Bragging is sooo unbecoming, Jeff!

yes, El., there's mourning throughout the Bluegrass tonight.:(

Anyone hear how the UK player who banged his head on the court at the end of regulation is doing? They said he was bleeding from the mouth, it made me think he had bitten his tongue.

There was, I think, one shot of Ms. Judd before overtime started.

Happy Easter, everybody!

I think the better bunny story is at www.savetoby.com

Happy Easter, Doug! And everyone else who celebrates, too. :-)

Bunny Suicides

My new favorite cartoon. Thanks, scat!

Bunnie Suicides! Those are great! My favorite is the one with the dog and the stapler.

El, Scat' and everyone else ...

Y'all can join with me in cheering for my Alma Mater as the Fighting Sioux pursue their 8th NCAA D1 National Championship at the Frozen Four in a couple of weeks ... that should be enuf time after the pumpkin pushers get done so that you'd be ready for some real excitement in college sports ...

"The old folks wanted an exterminator with a pellet gun to thin out the herd. But the city banned rabbit hunting with pellet guns in 1997, adopting a state Department of Fish and Game regulation that prohibits use of firearms to ward off animals unless crops are threatened."

since when is a pellet gun a firearm?
last i knew for something to be a firearm it needed to use...errr well fire. e.g. gunpowder.


OMG! That is the next city over and I think I know someone who knows someone who lives in Casa del Sol. It's just a few miles down the street from me.

OK, some background about the area... Mission Viejo is a really nice city in South Orange County, probably the best city down here. They have their own animal services and shelter separate from the county and the facility is really nice. It's where I adopted my doggie. I live in Lake Forest, the city just to the north, which is not quite so nice as Mission Viejo. The funny thing about Lake Forest is that it used to be called El Toro (and still is by the Post Office). But when the city incorporated in 1991, the prominent homeowners associations of the time wanted a whiter sounding name because a Hispanic name would be bad for business. Exhibit A: Mission Viejo. But the best part of it is that there is no forest and just a couple of man-made "lakes" if you wanna call them that in the city.

Anyway, this is a huge blight on Mission Viejo. I'm glad I don't live there now!

well, happy easter. bah. of course, if anybody knows where the tooth fairy is, i'd tell it to be afraid, be very afraid.
gun-totin granny bunny killers wbagnfarb.

I bet Elmer Fudd is a resident there.

"Be vewwy qwiet. We're hunting wabbits."

hey, scat - our SD Padres have never won the World Series either, and the only time they ever went they were beaten in 4 straight games - I should say humiliated - by the NY Yankees - at least your Cubbies are "loveable" -
AND - I just read an article in some sports section somewhere that said that now that the Red Sox have won, maybe this year will be the Cubbies turn!

When do they play?

scat - Saturday!!!! They don't play again til Saturday?????????

What will they be doing all week??? Somehow, I don't think they'll be studying!

The Fighting Sioux from North Dakota U ...

Winners of seven (7 - count 'em - 7) NCAA Division 1 titles in hockey ...

It tooken me five years, but I did graduate from there then, you know?

(We won't talk about GPAs or other stuff like Graduate Hours of Credit ... it's the HOCKEY TEAM we're excited about ...

BTW, the teams in the Frozen Four are ALL from the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) ... the premier league in college hockey in the USA. Minnesota, Denver and Colorado College are the others ...)


SO? It's my Sioux we're talking about here ...)

and, tnx4 listening ...

Mad, you better invest in some bullet-proof window blinds...

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