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March 25, 2005


Turns out vampire bats go running.

UPDATE: Walking whales!

(Thanks to Brook Enger and Esther)


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That video is great, especially if you watch it while listening to the "Chariots of Fire" theme, which just happened to start playing on iTunes when I started the video.

What's with all the walking/running animals lately? Next, they're going to tell us cheetahs can to.



With today's modern super-animals, it's only a matter of time until they start attending college, running for Congress, etc. (On second thought, are we really sure that Tom DeLay isn't a clever bipedal octopus? And has anyone ever seen Strom Thurmond and a vampire bat in the same room? Just saying, is all.)

Your research dollars at work -
What seemed like a crazy idea -- challenging these bats on an increasingly speedy treadmill ...

No, wait. It still seems like a crazy idea.

Criminals are a superficial, cowardly lot, so my disguise must be evil, to strike terror into their hearts.

(As if an answer, a huge bat flies throuth the open window)

A bat! It's an omen! I shall become . . . a bat!

And thus is born this weird figure of the night, this avenger of evil, the, uh . . . I forget the rest

"cute, adorable, big-eyed and family-oriented"

THESE ARE $#@%&@ BATS!!!

So I guess it was the bat then the monkey and then the cavemnan? LOL

"Jane! Stop this crazy thing!*


You read my mind!...

Please don't think about Barry Manilow songs, I can't handle it today.

So what, this is for the bats who can't figure out echo location?

Sometimes, I think scientists are just stupid


How about Cher or Neil Diamond???


BAT -WAaaaaaaaaaaaaalk!!!
hey..who hit me?


Too funny! I imagined scientists getting to work and putting their lunch pails in their lockers. Suiting up in the white coats and asking each other, "so, what should we do today?"

"Oh, I dunno"

"Hey remember when we put the octopus on the treadmill? That turned out neat and we probably will get our grant renewed!"

"Yea, but remember what happened to the snails, sea cucumbers, centipedes and catfish when we put them on it?"

"It still doesn't work right"

"True, but I think it will go 2.5 MPH, and I've got an idea..."

"OK, but remember the rule: keep it to really ugly animals. We get a bad reputation when we experiment on cute animals."

For Doug:
I write the words the whole world sings

For judi - this post should have a "gross-out" warning - there were pictures! UGH!

songs - not "words"

My bad.

Carry on.

Walking octopi, running bats.

Someone has been playing in the plutonium again.

Excuse me, I have to answer the door. There's a snail knocking.

(obscure joke reference)

Oooh, Jeff almost simulposted with himself! Don't you know you'll go blind?!

Damn - Here I am spending years of my life studying deadly viruses when all I haad to do to get my Ph.D. was put a bat on a treadmill. Again my hopes of publishing in a good journal are crushed.

Mad...try putting the deadly viruses on a treadmill

Of all bats...why VAMPIRE bats?!

Folks, this is it.
Chick-eating deer, deer-eating monsterously HUGE gators, vampire bats running around, octopi in disquise, suicidal squid, dogs and cats living together!
Somebody call Ted Nugent!!!!

I bet whatever viruses gnawed off Michael Jackson's nose probably know how to moonwalk...

hey antiroach - watch those Montana references!

antiroach -- that link was making perfect sense until the end, when he said it would be fine to get the U.N. involved.

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