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March 31, 2005



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"Any association with a phallus is undesirable, whether justified or unjustified, and is to be avoided at all costs."

So, my ex has moved to Holland. Poor Dutch bastards.

An erectile dysfunctional memorial with an STD. What a great way to remember their fallen heros.

"Ananova.com "

Another great story from the internets version of "60 Minutes II"

What, no picture?

Wonder if I should point out that not everyone thinks association with a phallus is undesireable.
Or if that's just too obvious.

"In full sunlight, the erection reaches a height of ten metres, shrinking back to just six metres when the light dims. "

Funny, mine does just the opposite.

I'm no physician, but I think penicillin (sp?) will clear that problem right up.

"It is due to go on show in the village of Wageningen where the German capitulation was signed at the end of the Second World War 60 years ago. "

So basically the monument is about how the Dutch got screwed by the Germans during WWII. AKA the Big One!

It was due to be exposed to the public at an official ceremony

I had a ceremony planned to do the same, but the cops weren't too keen on it so . . .

um, scuse me, but isnt that like every guy's dream????

This does not scare me, because I have an iron crotch.

Thanks for the simulpost Sarcasmo, I needed the relief. I was getting a little edgy, if you know what I mean.

queensbee ~ I'm betting the 10 metre part yes, the spurting flames part, not so much

no prob' igloo.

i was worried my computer was locking up.

I don't blame you, Sarcasmo. I'd be disappointed too if I had a 10 meter wanganingen and the cops wouldn't let me expose it to the public.

You know - there's been a lot of penis art lately. And you could make it a stretch and claim that sex is like war; violent, passionate, generally initiated by men. Yup. Perfectly fitting memorial. Why are they upset?

Oh yeah! Because this would be their grandfathers having sex which is much like picturing your parents having sex which of course I NEVER want to picture.

Of course, this monument may have been made from a plaster cast of someone who was a black belt in the ancient and honorable art of ...
Jiu Jiu Shen Gong. Perhaps Grandmaster Tu's own personal appendage.

'Giant Copper Obelisk' wbagreatnfarb, not to mention an excellent anagram for 'Clog Atop Biker Penis'.

Why is it that every long cylindrical erection with stuff shooting out of the end of it on special occasions gets accused of being phallic?

Some of these critics need to get their minds out of the gutter, ya know?

What's wrong with a little phallic symbols in our lives???...I just do not get it...

If mine was 10 meters, there'd be nothing stopping me. no pants could hope to contain it.

You gotta wonder how this got by whatever government agency approved the money. Did they not look at the design?

The fire shooting out of the end is a nice touch.

Turn your head sideways for an artist's rendering:


Flames shooting out of WHAT?! That sounds like a painful medical problem. Julietine, would you like to examine the appendage?

looks like they did too much feng shui on it ...
im sure if u look closely, thr's a dragon tatoo on it

I not afr aid. Ax will lose due to power of Jiu Jiu Shen Gong (99 Power Practice)!

'Penis' faces axe
Penis: "Eeeeck, an axe!"
Axe: *you silly, axes can't talk*

Just when you thought it was safe to go to Holland.

People, we need a picture....surely someone must have a vacation photo?

I'm waiting to see what MKJ culls from E-Bay on this.

Clearly, the spokesperson is a lesbian (nttawwt).

A spokesman said: "Any association with a phallus is undesirable, whether justified or unjustified, and is to be avoided at all costs."

I think my mother may have been the "spokesman" - that's what she always told me when I was growing up!!!!!!

*old joke alert*

A woman is describing her problems with men to her psychiatrist.

He says: "It seems you have phallic issues. "

She says: "What's phallic mean?"

He unzips and shows her.

She says, "Oh ,it's like a d*ck ,only smaller!"

Any association with a phallus is undesirable - and is to be avoided at all costs.

So that's why I can't get a date.


I think it's bootiful and should stae.

I think it's bootiful and should stae.

I've never seen one shoot flames before.

'Penis' and 'axe' should never appear together in the same sentence. It made me cringe a bit and I don't even have one.

How about this time

This is a drawing

I searched for an image, entering 'wageningen' 'war' and 'photo.' what I got was an article from Legionnaire magazine, written by a man named Ray Dick...

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