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March 30, 2005


Buenos the Especially Old Spider Monkey has gone to that Big Tree in the Sky.


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The Boy from Oz

Rest in peace spider monkey


Truly as saw way to begin the mourning.

errrrr...that would be "a sad". Coffee is still percolating, so I am not up to challenging words.

And, "Good Morning, Dave"!

"Especially Old Spider Monkeys" would be a mediocre name for a band unless the band was made up of Frankie Vallie and several Frankie Vallie look-alikes. Then it WBAGNFARB.

Key quote: " They considered her to be the world's oldest monkey, excluding chimpanzees and other similar primates."

Good one.

"Other than the older monkeys, and of course the especially older monkeys, we consider this monkey to be the oldest ever."

Hidden purpose of the article: How many ways can we say this monkey was old?

Especially sad.

..Plus demonstrating the health care crisis for elderly japanese monkeys! Private accounts are the answer!

Too bad they didn't have a defibulator so they could "Shock the Monkey"...

Seriously, I bet Buenos was a smoker. Those coffin nails will get you sooner or later.

Didn't take long for someone to try to make a buck off this.

Dave...this post was a real day killer...thanks...

a defib might have help Buenos live longer... so would repeatedly smacking the beast or as we in the monkey revival call it: "spanking the monkey."

Very funny, C-bol!
I notice she had no children. Suspicious, no?
Of course, avoiding entanglements with male primates generally lengthens the females' life spans...

hmmm, let's recap:

monkey has alleged heart attack and goes to hospital.

monkey miraculously recovers and is about to leave hospital when monkey has ANOTHER alleged heart attack, and dies.

*cue twilight zone music*

did monkey REALLY have a heart attack, or, was monkey actually given a poisoned banana?

was monkey in a legitimate hospital, or, was it really a pharmaceutical testing laboratory disguised as a monkey hospital?

exactly WHERE was jack bauer?

and most importantly, WHY am I wasting my time posting this when no one really cares?

Jeff, that crack about the Schindlers was absolutely uncalled for. Whatever your opinion on this tradgedy, I don't think it merits a sarcastic remark. There are no winners in this whole mess.

Sounds like "Buenos" was a misnomer.....

It seems like only yesterday that we saw Bueonos walkin' down the street.

Of course, she always did seem to get the funniest looks from everyone she met.

Webmom - calm down. I was going to crack a joke about her second heart attack came when the feeding tube was removed but he beat me to it.

We deal with tragedy on this blog by ridiculing it.

*defends Jeff heroically*
*wonders if she spelled 'heroically' correctly...or if that's even a legitimate word*
*ponders this question while Jeff is attacked by Webmom*

Oops...sorry Jeff

ummmm...no comment it is all too devastating...

A friend of mine had one of these nasty little varmints as a pet when I was a kid, it would bite the heck out of you (understandably, given the circumstances I guess . . . )

Um please do not infect this blog by talking about Shaivo. Not to belittle her sad story but there are many other cases of wrongfull death the pro-life crowd can get involved in. I would suggest protesting the hundreds of thousands of murders (perpetrated by both sides) continuing to go on in Iraq. Are their lives any less worthy of saving? Take off the media blinders people, if you are talking about what they talk about you are parrots and sheep. hmmpph. what a bummer post. sorry everyone.
*gets down from soapbox*

Here's a monkey flask on (where else?) ebay (scroll down)

I think taking a sip from that monkey's "flask" might look a bit inappropriate.....

Poor monkey nun. It was the lack of sex after all that did her in.

After all, how much fun could that 150 years have been?

So much for monkeying around.

Paraphrase of key quote: We had thought about entering her in the Guiness Book of Records, but - she died!!!!!

I hate it when that happens!

Oh yeah - and what Somewhere North and Bangi said.

Tyler -

Please do not "infect" this blog with your presumptuousnussss (however the he*l you spell that dang word!).

You expect others to obey YOU when you say not to speak of one thing that you don't want to talk about, then bring up something equally controversial that I don't want to talk about...

As far as Sheep and Parrots (which are entirely different animals and I would like to know exactly HOW one goes about being both at once)... do you think you are the ONLY one on the "War in Iraq is WRONG" bandwagon? Take off YOUR blinders sweetie... that party has been going on way longer than the Shiavo case, and you know what they say about beatin' a dead horse....

Much more fun to beat a monkey...

El - yeah, its all fun and games until the Monkey dies. ;)

yeah - And what Just said too:)

It can still be fun if you stuff the monkey and pose it comically and sell it on ebay.

Notreally -

only if you're the seller or the winning bidder.
Personally, I gave up on bidding on Comically Posed Stuffed Monkeys. It broke my heart every time I lost to imagine someone else getting to play with it...

Just-Well and justly said. I apologized before and I will again. I realized too late that I was being hypocritical. Can't unsend those rants-d'oh! I will be more carefull and try to follow my own rule of 'if it doesn't make me snicker don't send'. Ah crap this ain't funny either but anyway, next time.

Any post that does not pass this blogs standards of funniness shall be immediately fed to the spam monsters.

That is all.

"Other than the older monkeys, and of course the especially older monkeys, we consider this monkey to be the oldest ever."
Posted by: Christobol on March 30, 2005 09:08 AM

Well, if people knew that Chimpanzees weren't actually monkeys (and Gorillas and Orangs and Bonobos...) then they wouldn't have to make statements like that!

Sorry, just a pet peeve. Chimps and Gorillas are great apes, not monkeys!

So, is the blog infected, or is it safe to come back around here?

Picky, picky, picky - everyone is very picky today here on this thread, so it seems!

Apes, monkeys, they both have hairy bodies - and now that I think of it, so did one of my ex-boyfriends!

As Marlo Thomas said:
Free to be, you and me.

"so did one of my ex-boyfriends!"

But the question, of course, is: Was he an especially old hairy bodied primate?

*realizes this may bring up the topic of evolution vs. creationism*

*doesn't care*

Marvin - no... that would be my husband you are thinking about... ;)

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