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March 25, 2005


Octopi have figured out how to walk.

(Thanks to Vicky Locke and Marvin the Paranoid Android and slyeyes and, it turns out, a whole ton of people)

Update: Marvin the P.A. sends this link, which has really scary video.


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Even kids know that

The movement sounds more like MJ's Moonwalk. I always wondered where he came up with that movement. As a side note, I seem to recall one of his videos has him wrapping his arms around himself.
So let me parse this.

MJ walks backword on two feet
MJ wraps his arms around himself
MJ has camoflauge issues

∴ MJ is an octopus!

Errr, that would be backwArd.

No, you still haven't got it quite right, igloo. It's backWEIrd.

Can relate to "...trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae.

Thanks for the correction Marvin.

*Igloo returns to ice house for another beverage.*

It's gotten me out of many a blind date.

...but if they're blind......

OK, I'll leave now.

Those videos are hilarious!

Marvin: W00T!
Sly: W00T!
Vicky: W00T!

"trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae"

Yeah, I tried that with my boss. And my wife. Doesn't work.

Just imagine the number and variety of Silly Walks an octopus would be capable of.

That video needs a Warner Bros. cartoon soundtrack to really finish it off nicely.

Nobody has yet mentioned that the Walking Octopi WBAGNFARB. Just sayin'.

Hmmm...I don't really like the look of 'Marvin the P.A.'. It has a 'Personal Assistant' overtone to it. If I was posted more than once every four months, maybe it would be worth it...

ah, that's where you went wrong, Quetzal - wrong camouflage. Next time, cover yourself with Post-it notes and photos. At work, you'll appear to be a file cabinet, and at home, a refrigerator.

I'm not sure I believe these findings...

Nobody has yet mentioned that the Walking Octopi WBAGNFARB. Just sayin'.

You're the DJ, djtonyb, we thought you would be the appropriate person to say that! :)

There she was, just a walkin’ down the street
singin’ Do wa diddy diddy, dum diddy do
Ten-ta-cles were just a steppin’ to the beat
singin’ Do wa diddy diddy, dum diddy do
She looked good (looked good)
She looked fine (looked fine)
She looked good, looked fine,
A clump of algae pay no mind

Before I knew it she was walkin’ next to me
singin’ Do wa diddy diddy, dum diddy do
Predators thought it was a pile of sea-weed
singin’ Do wa diddy diddy, dum diddy do
Well I’m hers (I’m hers)
she’s mine (She’s mine)
I’m hers, She’s mine
Wedding bells are gonna chime

Now we swim together nearly every single day
singin’ Do wa diddy diddy, dum diddy do
We’re so happy and that’s how it’s gonna stay
singin’ Do wa diddy diddy, dum diddy do

We walked on (Two legs)
The ocean floor (Ocean floor)
We walked on the ocean floor
Then we kissed a little more

Whoa-oh-oh-oh, Whoa, Whoa
I knew we was falling in love
Yes I did, And I told her all the things
I’ve been thinking of

Singin’ Do Wa Diddy Diddy, Dum Diddy Do

As noted previously, since the Earth will one day be ruled by tree-swinging squid. They will first, of course, have to learn how to walk before they can swing.

Lairbo - we'd need a whole new Ministry for those silly walks!!

The second video DID look like a coconut being carried by two snakes - a soundtrack would have gone nicely with that...

Woohoo! My submission was posted! Not that I'm into submission (nttawwt), yunnerstan.

All you bloggers are GRRRRREAT!

Marvin: a PA is also known as a Physician's Assistant. they make a chunk of change.
*sorry this is not funny*

After receiving its good conduct medal
For 'Best creature becoming bipedal'
We heard it say "Coises!
There's twenty-eight choices
Of pairs of legs on which to settle."

(it's educational and entertaining, it's edutainment!)

Those are the best things I have seen published in Science all year. Those videos rock!!! Now I have no hope of my lame research making it in. Hmm maybe I could train some of the squid that keep washing up on shore here....

Mad, if you can get some of those viruses (virii?) to do a synchronized conga line, you'll be published in no time!

These are not the octopi you are looking for.

You do not need to see their papers.

They are just funny algae, move along, move along.

Fugitive cephalopod, fugitive cephalopod...

Jimmy the squid!

Wrong cephalopod, appropriate video footage.

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