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March 25, 2005


This can't be for real.

(Thanks to Kendall Avery)


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first - i hope

It is for real. My mother's friend, a woman who lives in the D.C. area, once nearly went to Dr. Beaver (the gynecologist.) He also had a sign outside his office that I tried (in vain) to get another D.C. friend to take a photo of for me.

Harry Beaver even has a restaurant:

Harry Beaver's Cafe
306 8th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203-3922
Phone: 615-255-3005

Isn't it great? It's very real, Dave-- ask your friend Gene Weingarten. He's mentioned this particular gentleman on more than one occasion as the ultimate aptonym. His offices are in Northern Virginia in the DC area.

I know a urologist named Dr Winkle. Just sayin.

How can anyone retire from doing Harry Beaver's work? This is totally unbelievable.

During my student days there was a funeral home in Jamaica Plan, MA, just outside Boston, called Stretch & Stretch.

Excuse me. Jamaica Plain.

Why am I not surprised that he was a gynecologist!

It was his true calling:
here, harry beaver, here harry beaver!
*probably lame, but I amused myself*
Isn't that worth something?

Anyone wonder what the "C." stands for?

I know, in very poor taste.

Definition of a gynecologist: someone who spreads old wives' tails.

Kilmeny and Balanchine:

Go to your rooms!!!!!

Jeff - Don't push your luck!

We have a substance abuse expert at Kaiser Hospital here named Dr. Beers.

I live in Fairfax, VA and can tell you for sure that it is real. He's retired now, but I do remember seeing him in the phone book a few years ago.

Harry C. Beaver! The beaver doctor!

He has a nice cat. I'll bet you'll never guess what he calls it.

FWIW, there's a Beaver Clinic in Redlands, California.

Someone asked what the "C" stands for. It stands for "See You Next Tuesday".

oh bwahhhhhaaaa. i read someplace that there was a gyno named dr. zoltan ovary.

That's tantamount to child abuse! At some point those children would have had to go to middle school!

a local doctor's name : Arya Sirious

(Just checked the phone book, wanted to make sure I wasn't relating inaccurate information.) Here in Omaha, Dr. Beavers...a gynecologist...no kidding.....well, there is an "s" on the end, so different than the article...but wait...I'm sure he has more than one patient!!!

I can vouch that Harry C. Beaver was indeed a practicing ob-gyn. He delivered me, at Letterman Army Hospital in the Presidio (San Francisco) in 1968, and his name is on my birth certificate. I have it framed; how could I resist? My father (who was also an Army doc at the time, and around the same age, early/mid-thirties) swears that Doc Beaver had no idea his name was funny, but I attribute that to my father's naïveté.

The best part of the birth cert, though, is his military rank. Private Harry Beaver would have been funny enough, but Army doctors start out as officers. To my eternal delight, I was brought into this world by...

Major Harry Beaver.

I can vouch for Dr. Harry C. Beaver. I can prove it all is true. I am his daughter. Yes he really exsists. He is retired. He now knows his name is funny and is very proud of it. Yes he was a Major in the army, in San Francisco, That is where I was born too. I hope everyone has enjoyed a good laugh. I know our family has a good laugh about this all the time.

I, too, can vouch for Dr. Beaver. He delivered our son. He was a terrific doctor and fine gentleman.

I am a daughter of a Harry Beaver... back in the day when they gave that name out. Beaver did not mean what it means today. It was not until the 70's did that take on a new name...

Proud to be a BEAVER

Yes, he sure does exist! I am a former patient and I pride myself on seeking out the best doctors for my care. By far, Dr. Beaver was the best doctor I ever had. Stephanie and Michelle, you should be very proud of both your parents. Your mother was a wonderful nurse as well.

Dr. Harry C. Beaver of Falls Church, VA delivered my son at Fairfax Hospital on April 7, 1984. During an office visit I wore a maternity top with hearts on it and he was very excited that I was wearing my logo
(my last name is Hart) and asked in front of a full waiting room if I wanted to see his logo. I know I turned a hundred shades of red before being presented with a small beaver (animal) sculpture. So, not only was he great ob/gyn, he had a great sense of humor too!

Dr. Harry Beaver was my Gyno and he was the best I ever had....I love Dr. Harry Beaver! Seriously...he even had stuffed beavers in his office -- I mean the "stuffed animal" kind....you know the furry ones...okay this isn't going well is it...what I mean is Dr. Beaver had stuffed animals of the animal kindom version in his office - it was so cute! I miss Dr. Beaver and wish he was still in practice!!!!!

Dang all the funny comments went down the drain with actualy patients. Oh well, it was good for the first twenty.

For fifteen years whenever the subject of funny or unfortunate names comes up, I tell people about Harry Beaver OBGYN. My wife worked with his daughter. Here's another one. My son played hockey with a kid who introduced his dad, with a straight face, as Dick Wacker. Dick Wacker lays pipe for a living, he's a plumber. Wacker Plumbing.

I am a flt. Attn. and had this doctor on my flt. Atl-Las. He assisted me in a medical emergency. When I asked his name, to have the my Company send him a thank you for his service, he said, "Harry Beaver, I am a gyno." I just looked at him. I have a sense of humor, and I thought this guy is totally lying. Got off flt., looked up his record and it said BEAVER, HARRY- MD-I bent over double laughing so loud. Great guy, he really helped me out on this flt. Thanx Harry!!!!!!

We were talking about funny names here at the office and I mentioned Dr. Beaver the girls cracked up but thought I was spinning tales, until we googled it and they laughed even harder. I heard the story maybe 20 years ago although the version I heard also included a brother, also a Dr. but an Obtometrist and supposedly his name was Seymour. Never could verify it but it would truly be altruistic if it were true

Dr. Beaver delivered my daughter back in 1984. Unfortunately for my wife Dr. Beaver explained that he would have to perform an episiotomy in order for my daughter to be born. You will never guess what surgical instrument he used to do the procedure. He of course used a "Beaver Cleaver".

hey i can say that harry c beaver is real he is my grandfather and i am proud of it and michelle beaver is my mom. i dont have that last name but i love laughing at family get togethers. he is the best gdad anyone could ask for

Just Googled Dr. Beaver's name and came across this (no pun intended). I also tell the story about how Harry C. Beaver delivered me on September 24, 1980 in Fairfax Hospital in VA, and people rarely believe me! Cheers to the good Doctor for following his calling and somehow avoiding pictures of his old office sign becoming a hilarious Internet meme. I coincidentally live in San Francisco now too!

Its real. He delivered me on Aug. 17, 1982. My mom told me that she used to bust her staples when they would call his name over the loudspeaker at the Fairfax Hospital.

yes it is true of a Dr. Harry Carl Beaver. I am his Granddaughter. he is the best granddad you could ask for but its all true he even has beavers all over his house

We lived on Beaver Creek Rojas in 1974-1977 and Dr Beavers home was ar The entrance to that road. He was a great neighbor and so was his family!

In the UK, there was a Major Richard Head! You do the math!

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