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March 17, 2005


We are not swimming here.

Update: We're also staying out of the Yarra.

Key Quote: 100 eels were found dead.


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I took my Shitzu there for a dip once.

It wasn't pretty.

why not, dave? i'm sure that it's beautiful this time of year ('cept for the dead eels, or course).

I like to let my eel swim every now and then, but if it's going to end up dead, i think i'll be keeping it out of the water for a while.

i prefer the whangdoodles

If my highschool geography is not too rusty, I believe the Yellow River flows into that body of water.

It's a low-flow river, so you have to expect a back-up every now and then. Is it coincidence that the Environment Minister's name is John?
Maybe Melbourne needs some of those No Fouling signs.

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