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March 25, 2005


Let's hope Donovan doesn't get on the wrong truck and wind up in Reno.


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"attract eating greats including Rich 'The Locust' LeFevre, a Nevada resident who is the watermelon-eating champion and the #3-ranked eater in the world, and his wife, Carlene, posole-eating champion and the world's #7-ranked eater."
Now there is a couple that would strike fear into any establishment that offers an "All You Can Eat" buffet.

A great match would be Rich and Carlene in a tag-team Texas DeathMatch with a pair of White Sharks off the Great Barrier Reef. My money would be on Rich and Carlene.

oh, THAT donovan. i thought you meant the Mellow Yellow Donovan. One reallly happy lobster.

"That same evening the woman who would liberate the aging crustacean fell in love with the lobster..."
The immediate Captain and Tennile earwig that pops up is Muskrat Love. Of course there was another Singer of His Daveness's generation with the name Donovan, who had a great hit, "Mellow Yellow". Which is a real bad earwig. Seek medical help if infected.

John Bump sounds like the smartest one out there.

oooohhh! Queensbee. Thanks for the simulpost. I will always remember this moment.

when they set Donovan free is he going to Atlantis?

Way down, below the ocean, is where I wanna be....

I'd make a comment, but I'm in a hurry to get to Red Lobster.

Oh, and TM thingy.

Happy Birthday Graz!

*loves Graz Donovan as a Birthday present*

Well, it IS lent...could someone please pass me the butter and that big hammer?

Thanks, Mad!

The way these stories are going today, Donovan must be driving the truck himself.

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Boy oh boy, igloo, you are one promiscuous guy! I thought our simulpost meant something to you bue now I see that you are available for simulposting anywhere, anytime - hmmph!

So, in your honor:

They call me mellow yellow
quite rightly...

Earwig away, my friend :)

oh, those randy shellfish. of course, i'm kosher....... ha, thanks igloo, and its not that bad an earworm.....

Red is the color of my true love's claws, in the morning, when we rise...

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