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March 24, 2005


Here's a man we can all get behind. Or something.


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His nickname amongst friends is "Biffy."


Too bad he's not running for Chief of Sanitation.

That photo doesn't show his best side.

I've heard he's full of it.

Making public urination a thing of the past.

yipes! he's scary lookin'

I just can't believe he beat Billy Sonthecrapper. Sometimes I wonder if there is any point to democracy.

Bet his campaign ends up in the crapper real soon.

Is it me (of course it is!) or does he look incredibly like a young Barney Fife?

How can he NOT have changed his name by now? Did he learn nothing in public school? At least his name isn't Dick Outhouse. Or Harold Richard Outhouse. Or...


I'll stop now...

where's the Moon????

Who in the world would want to rob the outhouse??

Maybe it's one of those subliminal messages:
Drink Coca Cola
Buy Popcorn
Rob Outhouse

My money's on Dog the Bounty Hunter...

dear sherriff boondocks: change your name.
Hi, I'm Rob Outhouse, I come from a long line of outhouses... oh brother. what is wrong with these people. crikey.

Oh. When I saw the URL, I thought it was "Robot House." That would be a cool law-enforcement official too.

His eyes follow you around when you move about or scroll. Creepy.

From today's Auburn, NY "Citizen":

"I'm quite confident we run a good facility here," Sheriff Rob Outhouse said."

That is one Outhouse that won't take any s***!

Wait a minute - Are we still in the Blog time warp. We're just now voting in a 2002 campaign?

And btw - my apologies for not posting recently. We've just moved cross country, and I've been out of touch with the blog for about three weeks. I'm just now getting back - have I missed anything important?

I suppose his Official logo is a quarter moon.

Isn't it nice of Dave to lob such easy ones?

I remember Johnny Carson talking about the family name of "Outhouse." He grew up with some in Nebraska. But he said it was pronounced "oh thoo see"

Didn't keep people from making fun of the name, though.

Rob Outhouse won the election? That stinks! I voted for that other guy, Rob Banks.

Some are talkers - others doers:
I was driving through a deserted stretch of land in Cayuga County NY and on top of a hill, surounded by grassy open land was a beautiful totally pro sign "Elect Rob Outhouse Sheriff 2002". I knew what I had to do. Off road, I drove to the bottom of the hill, climbed it, and gently removed the sign. As I write this it is on the wall in my personal office, to the right of my desk, here in Boston, MA. I imagine the shire is justly proud of him for swimming so well against the current of self-conscious yuppie names. His name is worthy of a place in Tobias Smollett!

My dad went to high school with him. He had another friend named Peachy Butts. Not kidding.

I'm taking my Rob Outhouse sign to deer camp and you can guess where the place of honor will be.

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