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March 25, 2005


It's worse than we thought.

(Thanks to Doug Boeringer)

Update: The alligators are fighting back.

(Thanks to Mike Hapner)


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FIRST !!!!!!!!

Might be dogs . . .

Oh my gosh that was exciting. All you anti-firsters out there cannot rain on my parade...what a great start to my day!! :)

Okay, now to say something intelligent about the article...um....crunchy baby bird parts...

I got nothing.

I suspect the menopausal women of Rum Island who obviously can't afford calcium supplements and are using the unsuspecting deer as scapegoats.

Ah, Zoodle you promised I would be the next FIRST!

I think it's quite clear that a massive bbq is involved.

...Leg and wing bones were also missing.

MKJ - how do you come up with this stuff??!

You're a genius.

Mick Blunt

"Uh yeah, I'll have a Big Mac with no pickle, two six piece McNuggets, a medium diet coke, two McBlunts, and large coffee."

You know, 69% of those eating chocolate easter bunnies start with the ears. I wonder if this is the same percentage of sheep eating birds feet first?

I don't think the deer realize the chicks need their legs and heads. I think this is just a misunderstanding. Like when I used to steal people's kneecaps.

Key quote:
They come out mainly at night for a mosey around. This is when there are rich pickings to be had, especially if there's a full moon and the chicks are clearly visible."

OK, now I'm sacred, Dave - thanks!
First, fish, now birds!

*starts building a bunker for humans*

Praise the Lord!!!!

The alligators will save us!

Thank you Dave, for giving us hope!

From the update - ..dropping flaming fuel-filled ping pong balls..


*Races home to try it out*

Zoods: Ya just find out where everything is, and remember how you found it, and voilà! Much easier than coming up with something original to say . . .

Okay. You know in Junior High School when the cool/sexy guy acknowledges you in the hallway one day (he says something exciting like "Hi")? And you know how you float around for a week thinking "Oh my God HE said Hi to me"? And you know how you write it in your journal and tell all your girlfriends?

Well...thats how I feel about Kibby talking to me. And I'm not making that up. I'm such a dork.

Oh and by the way (heres the "telling all your girlfriends" part)....Peri says she's thrilled by proxy.

I see the animal Kingdom lining up.

Fish -vs- Deer
Deer -vs- Fish AND Chicks
Alligator -vs- Deer

MAN! Makes the 30 Years War look simple.

Re: Aligator update: Click on the photo for 300dpi image, right click and save

I won't. And you can't make me.

*blushes at Zoodle's post*

...a...shucks zoodle

*tries to clip out screen so to pin it on the wall*

Glad you're having a good day Zoodle! kibby can do that to a girl -don't ask me how I know!

*claps for Zoodle's good day*
*claps for kibby's charisma*

Which is why we should be allowed to carry a gun in our boats (or helicopter)...

Zoodle- I know KF5 talked me off of the ledge yesterday, seems like a nice fellow. I think he likes you. I'll find out.

kibby check one:
_ you like zoodle kinda
_ you like zoodle and want to hold hands
_ you like zoodle and want to kanoodle
_ you don't like zoodle
_ zoodle take a flying leap
_ zoodle, I am gay (NTTAWWT)

I'll give this to him in homeroom. tehee.

*blushes more*

I'd be careful with all that clapping because someone's got that Ogasmatron I modified.

"Amputations characteristic of sheep attacks..."

I bet they don't hear that very often down at your local Police Forensics squad.

Can't keep up!

Here's the circle of life, illustrated.

[whispers to Kibby]

Tyler told me that Peri said that Zoodle thinks you are cute. Should I tell Tyler to tell Peri to ask Zoodle if you will sit by her at lunch?

Oh, and nice Hash jeans!

can't believe no one's said this but...

"If they took the bones out they wouldn't be crunchy!"

(or as nutritious, apparently)

That 'gator is definitely playing with his food.

That 'gator is definitely playing with his food.

Dave forgot to mention that "Flaming Fuel Filled Ping Pong Balls" would be an excellent name for a rock band.

Speaking of band names, is it true that Manx Shearwater Chicks are Scotlands answer to the Dixie Chicks?

Just wondering....

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