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March 28, 2005


Here is the transportation mode of the Future. (In the Future, many people will find themselves racing after squirrels.)

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

Update: Hmmmm. Some commenters are saying the link doesn't work. It still works for me, but what do I know? If it doesn't work for you, I'm sorry.

Update: OK, I changed the link to one provided by commenter thirdman.


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to files hosted on Angelfire.

This practice of 'remote linking' reduces
our ability to serve out the homepages
of our members quickly and efficiently.

uh, chasing squirels with a fast internet connection?


Ooops, Dave, the AngelFire people don't want your link. They would rather serve their members.

Claire, how 'bout a cut and paste into the comments?

It didn't work for me either. I don't understand why, but when I copied the link location and then pasted it in the address bar, it worked fine and I could watch the video. Now, when I click on Dave's link, it works just fine - who knows!?!

"I pulled you over because you were doing 80, going the wrong way on a one way street, you ran seventeen stoplights and you spent half of that time on the sidewalk"

"Well officer, you see, there was this cat.."

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: angelfire.com

I right-clicked it and then clicked Open With QuickTime Player.

This looks like a great way to train sled dogs!

*studies 14 yr old golden retriever snoring under desk*

Maybe he could still be a contender!

We don't blame you, Claire! You either, judi.

This is my dog, 'Scooter' . . .

If I'm going anywhere like that with my dog, I'm wearing a helmet, body armor, packing a parachute and filling out one of those living wills first....

She's a Rottweiler, very fast and not always that smart....

She chases cars, squirrels, falling leaves......

I don't blame judi, because Dave posted it.

Dave, it's a very hostile web site and I'm surprised that you would subject those of us who love you and are loyal to you to this kind of attack.

Frankly Dave, I'm a little disappointed in you.
And please not that I didn't call you Shirley! :)

**Update: Hmmmm. Some commenters are saying the link doesn't work. It still works for me, but what do I know? If it doesn't work for you, I'm sorry.**

I'm glad it worked for YOU, Dave, because it worked for ME too. **lights cigarette**

That video reminded me of my faddish friend, who years ago decided to put on his spandex and rollerblades and have his dog pull him around the neighborhood. The dog saw a squirrel, and since the resulting injuries were merely embarrassing, much laughter ensued.

It's just wrong.

Knowing my luck my dog would figure out it would be a great way to travel, get fresh air and rest at the same time.

Suppose if I went fast enough he'd open his mouth like out of car windows?

everysandwich, I misread your post at first: faddish fiend.

Thanks for the link, thirdman and Dave.

One question: what the heck do you do when your dog doo-doos? Try to ignore it, but you'll have to dismount and put the poop in your plastic poop bag.

Gary Larson: "Ha, ha, Biff! I'm going to the vet's to get tutored!"

Biff: "Back at ya, Rocko! My human is taking me to get scootered."

Your dog wants more more style . . .

So, can I get a model that's sized for a Newfie and a Westie?

Damn, I wish I'd had that 5 yrs ago when my Huskie would have been able to enjoy it. I was always too chicken to try running her with a leash and my bicycle..
(She never was very good on a bicycle)

Now all we need is a dog powered pooper scooper...

Knowing my dog, if I got one of these, it'd have to have a sign on the back that said, "Warning: I stop for fire hydrants, light poles, trees, scraps of food, smelly spots on the ground, dogs of the opposite gender, dogs of the same gender and sometimes for no reason at all."

They need to add a little cat harness in the front. That would keep my dog going endlessly.

Good idea. And after your dog works up an appetite, so to speak, you might let him try out some Dog Condoms.

MOTW -- the way I type it's just luck that "friend" didn't come out "fiend." As for what to do when the dog doo-doos, (and here's my one chance in life to use a word my sister taught me,) no clean up is needed if your dog is caprophagus. Someone correct me if I didn't use the word right. I think the usage is: "wipe that caprophagous grin off your face." Don't ask me how to pronounce it, though.

(I forgot to mention that Sandy came up with this link.)

Don't get this if you don't have a superior sense of balance.

Otherwise when you fall you will have a dog that is either crushed under or hanging from an outrigger, or both.

And then you'll also have PETA in your face.

everysandwich: The usage is correct, and the pronunciation isn't worth the effort.

Oh, I dunno ... if ever a blogster finds their ownself in polite company (har!) a euphemism like this could prove handy to have at one's vocabularical disposal ...


cap-ROW-fey-jus ...

wait ...

cap-RAW-fa-gus ...

wait ...

CAP-row-FEY-jus ...

wait ...

CAP-rah-FA-gus ...

Mebbe if you just write it on the men's room wall, no one will make you pronounce it ...?

Now is my chance to use a really fun big word-
I believe everysandwich is being sesquipedantialistic(sp?): when someone is using big words (like caprophagous) when small ones (like shit eating) will do just fine.
Now I'm guilty of it-but thats the only big word I know.

Thanks U.O. and etc. I'm trading in caprophagus for vocabularical, which is more fun to say and smells better.

Uh-Oh ... everysandwich ...

... um ... Somebody's gonna be in huge trouble ... I din't really think that my liberties with the language were anything more than fun for moi ownself ... but your adoptation of my neologisticalitic offering is the second or third time I've seen someone use a phraseology that I've been using for lotsa years -- I might even be able to claim creation thereof --

I could name several folks in my personal sphere of existence that would not think that this is a positive trend in communications development ... the linguisticological infection (let's not use the "V" word here, huh?) with which I've been cursed for most of my conversation life appears to be spreading ...

Whom is in deep trouble?

Meem. That's whom.

U.O. You meant "conversationalistical" life, didn't you? Uh-oh...24's on!

Give me two Labs and I'll go for the land speed record.

I wonder how many toy poodles I'd have to hook up to that thing to get it to move...

When Mid-Eastern oil starts to sour,
we'll switch to a more canine power.
Where once we would plod
It's an Iditarod
Now going home it's 'mush!' hour.

You have the gift of limmerick, insomniac. That was a great one!


Wouldn't that be the lab speed record?

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you've been a beautiful audience. Remember to tip your waitress. I'm here all week! Try the veal.

Back in '76 when I was helping hold off the commie horde at a radar site in Kotzebue, Alaska, my buddies and I used to watch tourists visit a "authentic eskimo hovel" on the beach where a family was paid to hang out. Even though the tourists came in summer, they still got to ride a dogsled fitted with bicycle wheels. Fortunately there were no squirrels, but ducks were an occasional hazard.

evvysammich --

O!M!G! I am SO sorry for my horribifilus lapse of grammaticological usageness ... conversationalistical is exactly the correct word choice -- but only in the pluperfect subjuntivitistical mood, on alternate Mondays and Thursdays ... on all other days, both you and me should use "conversationalliance" to be more nearly correct ...

Thank you so very much for catching my error before anemone could notice ...

Very convenient in the commode. You can take care of your business while Rover and Fido have a drink.

"Click any picture Bellow to see its larger picture." -- from the dogpoweredscooter.com photo gallery

I've been bellowing my head off and none of the pictures is getting any larger.

The ad says, "Makes dog mushing available to any dog, ..."

Really? The photos don't show any Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, or Dachshunds.


Yeah! That's why I asked about the Westie/Newfie tandem harness ...

Besides which already, isn't this a working day? (Not for me, but that's besides the point ... I'm on PTO)

So, where's the new stuff?

... besides the point ... ?

My Bad ... thinking too much about having a pair of dogs (not paradox) hooked up, so doubling up on the thoughts as well ...

Finally, a reason for someone to own a dog.

Mark, Mark -- (Isn't that the sound of a dog with a harelip?)

Reasons to own a dog are several, including guides for the blind, legitimate protection, and more ...

Excuses however, are myriad ... cute, lovable, companionship, hunting, scooter propulsion, meet girls/guys (not that there's anything wrong with that) ... the list could go on for days ...

take your pick ...

Personally, I'd still rather have a dog than a cat ... just sayin' ...

Somehow, I don't think Dakota would mind a scooter harness.

Dakota is a great name, being where I have my legal voting address, and coincidentally where I'm posting from @ the moment ...

But this Dakota is almost as large as our whole state, and he/she/it could likely have the scooter for breakfast ... along with the rider ... but that type of canine is usually so benign that the thought would never cross its brain patterns ...

Benign Canines wbagnfarb?

I don't know about y'all, but MagnifiCat looks pretty upset to me.

New! Charles on Camilla photo.

That's a cat? Looks like it had a pretty severe case of a Bikini Wax job ... but, dig the fingernails!

Amusing headwear and dress


Not hardly.

Weird, yes.

Looks as if they mebbe got into an old costume warehouse @ an abandoned movie studio ...

I thought this was a great idea, but our dogs are a beagle and a yellow lab...

I'm still going in circles.

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