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March 24, 2005


On this site, we find the following:

Fish Eating Deer?

Many people do not realize that deer will kill and eat fish. The deer uses its hooves to disable fish such as trout. Then it takes the fish in its mouth, chews it and swallows it. Whitetails can eat fish up to 14‑inches long.

So the deer-eating fish of the Amazon have their reasons.

Update: Uh-oh. It's not just fish they're after.

Meanwhile in Iowa, we have this truly disturbing headline.

And just when we thought it could not get any weirder, we found this.


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sorry... couldn't think of a 'fast, snappy grunt' for the occasion

Deer are herbivores.

that's why it's a little known fact, then, isn't it???

It also says that bucks kill snakes, so that's a couple points for the bucks.

"... science has proven that fast, snappy grunts are more realistic. Maybe they値l call in more bucks."

* grunts, fast and snappy-like *
* checks wallet to see if it called in more bucks *
* wanders away, disappointed *

Deer have special internal biological clock which signals them to get up and eat every four to six hours? I have something similar myself...I like to call it..."hunger"...

Deer have special internal biological clock which signals them to get up and eat every four to six hours? I have something similar myself...I like to call it..."hunger"...

What? I have to go looking for antler pictures again? No way!

If deer see so well why can't they see the SUV about to smoosh them?

Brian Keister, "He threw me all over the place."

Harold Malehorn, game officer for Snyder County "speculated that the buck might have been hungry or just playful."

Do we see a developing pattern here with names lately?

Key quote: "A man said he was attacked and seriously wounded by a deer while hunting coyotes in Snyder County."

People! If I've said it once then that's how many times I've said it: Do not mess with a deer when it is hunting coyotes!

Ah the circle of life. Deer eat fish. Fish eat deer. Makes you want to sit around in boats and trees waiting to put bits of metal into em...

Key Quote: Small and narrow racks generally indicate [youth].
Wider and taller racks usually imply an older [age].

Shouldn't it read Perky/Firm and Saggy/Wrinkly?

So wait - first one site says we should be allowed to play computer games and then they ban the game where you hunt deer from your desk?

I'm getting mixed messages here....Should I defend my fellow Americans against these fish eating, man mauling creatures or not?

The deer attacked him because it was hungry? Oh man, if they start eating us we are so in trouble.
On the plus side, I think I know what CBS's next movie of the week is going to be about.

Iowa deer say they are woefully under-represented in congress. They accuse lawmakers of pandering to the powerfull fishlobby.

I've been deer hunting just once in my life and I'm proud to say that I got one.

I was only out for about 15 minutes when I bagged that sucker. I don't understand why some hunters have problems getting deer. I got mine with only one shot...... from the bumper of my 1999 Volvo, in the daytime, with the horn blowing, on a heavily travelled road.....

Deer are the second dumbest creatures on the face of the earth.

daisyj - Teenaged Bikini-clad Deer on Spring Break, Attacked and Eaten by Jack Bauer ?

Lawmakers address Iowa deer population

More empty promises about solving that damned headlight problem.

As a trout fisherman, I say any deer caught killing and eating a 14-inch trout should be put to death.

To make this more humane, the deer should be given the choice of death by piranha or Oldsmobile...

NEWS UPDATE: Iowa politicians are attempting to buy off the deer population -- for a measly ONE BUCK PER VOTE!!

After chewing these for half a minute, the deer will swallow the food again.

Now, who stood there with a stop watch?

The more scientists study the scraping behavior of deer, the more they realize how little they understand the deer's social behavior.

You know, I've the same problem with women and MY scrapings....

...but flurries of feeding activity occur throughout the day. Work this into your game plan.

Coach: Ok, Bambi! Go 10 yards, chew the cud NO MORE than 25 seconds! And cut right! Defense will be expecting another 5 seconds. Expect the pass and, let's see *measures rack* ok, you're not too young.

The computer hunt thing is a little bit creepy even by Texas standards.... However, I would pay big bucks to be able to shoot paintballs or tasers at certain celebrities from the comfort and safety of my ibook.

"Should you be able to go deer hunting from your computer desk?"


kibby F5™

You are a guy???...darn I thought you were a girl!...I always get these things wrong!

...an average of 7,400 deer-vehicle collisions are reported...

That's epidemic proportions! Almost one every hour!

I saw the on-line hunting site on TV a few months back. Initially, I was completely against it like the rest of you seem to be. However, the owner went on to say that the main reason he created the site was to give handicapped persons a chance to hunt. After hearing that, I still wasn't completely for it, but certainly not as adamant on the anti side. I'm all for giving those not as fortunate a chance to live as quasi-normal a life as possible. I'm not sure hunting should fall into that category, though. But, who am I to judge? right...never stopped me before

Lawyer: And isn't it true, Mr Horn E. Allot, that you ran towards that lady [*points*] with ur er, antlers aimed and...

Mr Horn E Allot: But i was playful...or hungry...

No worries julietine. I've had lots fooled with a Gender Nutural handle.

*wonders if his "Date Potential Quotient" (DPQ) got better or not*

oh it got better baby..it got much better!....


I'm thinking that the remote controlled paintball thing would be perfect in the house and senate to enable the american constituency to "voice their opinions" to their legislators. Let the people be heard!

Whooo Hooo!

Life's GOOOOOD!!!!

WATCH OUT! Bangi's hungrey!


Sorry, make that HUNGRY! Like the country.

Yea, that's it.

*eyes Kibby*
hello Kibby!!!!!!!!!!!
*licks lips*
*feels hungry like the country*

For a second I thought it said "Lawmakers Dress Iowa Deer Population," which was a little kinky but better than what they're (not their) doing in Washington or Albany.

Let the people be heard!

Posted by: Flash on March 24, 2005 04:44 PM

Shouldn't that be "Let the people be heard! *SPLAT!*

Here's the perfect Billy Bob Boy huntin' truck . . .

Now, if they can combine the robot snake with a paintball gun, why all manners of moneymaking opportunities spring to mind!

Bangi, you are right. "Playful or hungry" doesn't make a very good defense.

Jeff--it's not kinky unless they're dressing them up in Nurse outfits

.... or French Maids outfits.

Oops, did I type that out loud?

julietine- because I have a gender neutral name, to set the record strait, I am also of the gender penis havimus. I have met a girl named tyler, she was cute(just like me). It would have been neet to date her(tippicanoe and tyler two), but alas she was a lesbian(just like me).

well, if it doesnt work for me, it shouldnt work for the deer

See tyler? You two DID have something in common.

*applies for grant to study homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) deer habits*

MKJ! That is incredible!

Only $35,000 and you get to pick the color (er, colour). OK. Now I want to run the ZIL 135 FROG short-range Russian Missle Launcher from my computer screen.

Way better than paintball!

Rare and clearly not fake pic of deer hunting coyote, or coyote hunting deer, during an alien invasion.

*checks to see if French maid outfit is still in the closet*

Whew - still there!

*decides against doing anti-hunting rant*

KF5- yes, we shared a name, we shared a love of women, we shared a love of cheetos, but it was never meant to be...

Do these comments really get posted right way?

I heard that (unlike Dave), you picked up on the interesting and highly informative article about the cannibalistic fairy shrimp in Idaho (of all places). How do I find it on your site?

Ah, to have and to lose. tyler, so sad.

Doobee-Actually my comments get posted three hours into the future, according to the blog clock. BTW-don't bogart that doobee, my friend.

KF5 yes, thank you for understanding. Love is fleeting, but thank god cheetos will be here to leave orange cheesy dust on our fingers forever.

i hate sad love stories...
*passes Tyler chocolates*

Deonty: operative phrase I believe this is the biggest Petrol Twin V8 14ltr SUV you will find, and will easily make Humvee's look like tiny dinky toys. With reduction hubs on all axles there is also incredible ground clearance. Ideal for keeping the rain off your Land Rover or Jeeps.

They could sell a ton of these here in NJ

make that cheetos...
'Deonty' sounds like Dante
*snicker*...Dante's peak...*snicker*

bangi, pass tyler the cheetos.

thank you bangi, but you wouldn't happen to have any cheetos would you?

hehe thanks guys
*feels better about life, love and cheetos*

*hopes Tyler doesnt notice she ate half the bag*

Good nite y'all
Hugs to ma moteez

"Grunts too long"......snort.....

"According to Maryland biologist CJ Winand, the average length of a buck’s grunt...."

this sentence fragment amuses me VERY MUCH, and I'm not sure why.....

I know I've asked before, but what time is it there?
Oh, BTW, I was an extra in Dante's Peak. If you look really close you can see me clearly in the crowd for about half a second after the church tower falls on the bus.

Flash, that was you?!?!

Oh, Riiiiiight. You are thaaaaat Flash.

I was in a coors light commercial once.

true story.

How much did you get paid? We only got about six bucks an hour (but I did get to talk to Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton).

$100 per day.

shoot lasted two days.

filmed at Club 21 in Uhland, Texas.

I was sitting around between takes and was spinning my cowboy hat on my finger (like the harlem globetrotters do with a basketball) and the head guy saw me doing it and asked if I could do it in front of the camera - so I did.

got in on some prime footage.

haven't drank in 4 years though.


>I'm thinking that the remote controlled paintball thing would be perfect in the house and senate to enable the american constituency to "voice their opinions" to their legislators. Let the people be heard!

RIGHT ON. And I want one for my car!!!

Regards, Ross

I'd deerly (har) love to comment, but I'm not coming up with anything clever at the moment.

And btw - my apologies for not posting recently. We've just moved cross country, and I've been out of touch with the blog for about three weeks. I'm just now getting back - have I missed anything important?

Z - You've got to be kidding...
Welcome back!

*hands on hips, looking in exasperation at her fellow bloglits*

. . . tracks of a young fawn don't deposit the scent from its interdigital glands until it has matured enough to run with speed and skill.

I can't believe you all missed that! They've gone and digitized deer!

Maybe that's how they made that deer hunting computer game.

I think you missed the underlying point of that statement. What if it is really clumsy and can't ever run with speed and skill? Does that mean that is never gets to relieve the pressure in it's interdigital glands? (Not unlike a poor gangly teenage boy) Now that's really sad!

Hey Flash!

Sorry, been out. My in depth analysis of the fairy shrimp story is here at the bottom of the page.

Thanks, right after I posted that, I went back to your site and used the search function. It popped right up (duh on me). Cool site, lots of fun stuff!

MOTW wrote:
Teenaged Bikini-clad Deer on Spring Break, Attacked and Eaten by Jack Bauer ?

Now, that's just silly. Everyone knows Jack Bauer works on Fox.

On the other hand, I think you may have just written the pilot episode for CSI:Beavertown.

from the third article: "Fair chase"

Now, I don't know what some hunters do, but the hunters I know sit in trees with urine, strange noisemakers, beer and high powered rifles. That could hardly be the 'fair chase' spake here. Are there hunters who actually chase the deer, on foot? What about the risk of beer spillage?

Hey wait a minute, I just saw an article about 'American Idol' and who got booted. I don't watch it, and only know when it's on when Dave posts something. Does that mean that the show was on last night? And Dave didn't post anything about it? Does this mean he's come to his senses and stopped caring about it?

Best deer-related 911 call. Ever.

And I would have to go and listen to it again while drinking coffee.... had to clamp my hand over my mouth so's not to spew.

Major Kudos, Leetie! And thanks for the spewage warning.

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