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March 31, 2005


Now they're taking away our right to have babies while we're driving.

(Thanks to everyone)


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those bastards

I'm suprised that she was not given a ticket for not haveing her baby in an approved Car Seat.
Sheeesh! What are the Ohio police going to quit coddling criminals.

Welcome to Ohio (I grew up in Indiana), where there is nothing better to do than imagine the worst. It's the only state in which my proper, straight-laced dad ever got a ticket. I think he was going about 3 miles over the speed limit.

I guess this would be one of the times you could recognize a woman as having been pregnant......

Hey! What about those of us who didn't send it in?

. . .too true -- speeding is usually punished by a bullet in the head.

"mix-up involving the license plate number..."
"another caller mistakenly reported someone trying to throw a baby from a van."

So, if the police shoot people in the eye for speeding, is that why they're the Buckeye State?

why aren't they putting away people like this & the crap-eater away for a long, long time? Mind boggling!

They'd make a great time capsule

I live in Ohio; I am very pregnant, and my husband has warned me to limit my driving. I thought that he was trying to protect our baby because I am very short statured and the baby is right against the steering wheel now, but now I see why he wants to ground me, he is keeping me safe from the safety forces around here!

(Really, though, I wonder why she just didn't stay home and call 911?)

That is one tough woman. Holy crap. She didn't miss a beat ... just pulled over ... threw her leg up over the steering wheel ... popped out a baby ... and off she went to the hospital. I bet the kids in the back never even woke up. Damn, that's impressive. I'd like to see Martha do THAT.

does anyone know why this poor woman was driving herself, with 2 small children, to the hospital, and stopping to get gas along the way?? life is stranger than a Lifetime movie sometimes

Another good reason to carry the emergency toilet plunger?

The kid's a junior, right? So where was senior??

So where was senior??
Smithie00, have you not read the Guide to Guys yet?

No, not yet. I'm a Dave Barry neophyte and I have to get through grad school before I can read anything worth reading. So enlighten me . . .

No, not yet. I'm a Dave Barry neophyte and I have to get through grad school before I can read anything worth reading. So enlighten me . . .

Maybe I'll just wait for the movie.

"Threw her leg over the steering wheel"?


Besides, I went to Smith for undergrad. If it's the same place I remember, they could use a couple of copies of teh Guide to Guys. It would be a public service, I think.

I'd like to see Martha do THAT
punky: that makes one of us

stands up and applauds loudly for Debbie Coleman

You go girl!

She's got all my respect for handling that situation with strength and aplomb.

I can't believe that after the police had stopped her, and evaluated the situation, that they didn't escort her to the hospital, or get an ambulance to transport her and the kids to the hospital safely... So that she wouldn't have to drive while still attached to the baby!!!

Apparently, the above requires registration. Sorry

"Automotive Birth Police"

Finally, somthing I send in I get credit for...


Ick. I didn't mean I actually wanted to see Martha do THAT ...

*scrubs mental image from brain with wire brush*

Schadeboy ... very interesting. I've been hypnotized before and have even had past life regression hypnotherapy ... cool stuff. Kudos to you are your wife for being open to something unconventional. I'm glad it worked so well for her.

Punky, as I count backwards, you will begin to feel relaxed and secure in your chair.

9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 6

Helloooo did she forget the number for 911. All that time spent pulling over to make sure the baby could breathe. The paramedics would have had her to the hospital.

"officers sent Coleman on and let the hospital know she was coming."

Huh? Does it seem odd to anyone else that they didn't offer her a ride?

Damn Deon' ... you just leave me hypnotized for the last four hours and don't bother to "bring me back" ... that's just mean. And why am I naked???? And what the hell is this sticky stuff in my hair?

I don't know if this means anything, but this story happened in the same Ohio town where the kid swerved to avoid an albino squirell and chrashed into a house, last year.

An exciting place, Kettering, Ohio.

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from www.bugmenot.com, use this to get into DoubGo's website:

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