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March 17, 2005


(Thanks to Claire Martin)

Update: Claire also sends this item, which could be even more exciting than a date with Prom Boy.


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awwww..that's so cute!

No bids? STUNNING.

No bids? STUNNING.

and his ego is HUGE!!!...

Is this someone with an outrageous ego or no self esteem? Also, how did he arrive at the $5 starting bid?

He's willing to consider women up to age 35! How generous of him!

Now which one of the blogerettes is going to be the first one to bid???

Despite his protestations to the contrary, I would wager he would be more disappointed to get a bid from a married mother of 5 than a homosexual.

those pics of him are downright scary.


I agree...

He lives in Dix (giggle) Hills

6'8" and 170 lbs? That's just not efficient space management. I can fit 170 lbs into a MUCH shorter frame. Lets be clear that (other than about $5000 in travel expenses) the only reason I'm not bidding on this fine specimen of telephone-pole-hood is that I don't want to risk a permanent crick in my neck. I also don't want to have the crap kicked out of me for cradle-snatching. NTTAWWT. I guess I have three reasons.

judi & julietine.

Me too.. I guess that's four reasons.

The question is...Will the congressman put out after the lunch???....just asking...

ahhh, prom night - I can still smell the vomit like it was yesterday.

*checks calendar*

oh, it WAS yesterday.

Why the long face?

What's with the lab coat? Should we be impressed or afraid?

Mrs B.. I need one of those!!

Can't you just hook him up with Bambi ?

That's damned hillarious!
*sigh* I wish I thought of it.
But realisticly... 6'8''!
who, in the tri-state area, COULD dance with him?

That's damned hillarious!
*sigh* I wish I thought of it.
But realisticly... 6'8''!
who, in the tri-state area, COULD dance with him?

Every picture tells a story, don't it...especially the one of PromBoy with two male friends...the guy on the right looks like an extra in a werewolf ('Where wolf?' 'There wolf!') movie. *starts humming Ozzy...'Ooo-ooo, bark at the moon...'*

After this reception ends, we will head out to East Hampton as a group and sleep at a nice house.

interestingly, group sleep has been clinically proven to improve group fatigue, as well as other flock-related illnesses.

Dude, you can stock up here before the prom too

yeah ... 'cause posting yourself on EBay somehow makes you seem less desperate.


where have all the cowboys gone?

i think his ego is probably the main reason why he can't find a date at his school.

you know, as opposed to an extreme love of star wars.

but i had a date.

where have all the cowboys gone?

O.E. That's a question I ask every day! Paula Cole, right?

Sara Davidson (formerly a Nice Jewish Girl) wrote a book called Cowboy - fiction - but in the cover notes whe said it was
semi -autobiographical - (is that even a word) about a lurid affair she had for several years with a true cowboy. She said she changed everyones name and said the protaganist had one more child than she did in real life, so her kids (from a previous marriage) wouldn't be embarassed by the 45 pages of the most graphic sex I've ever read!


*zips out to go look for a cowboy*

I would buy tickets to hear or see testimonials about this guy from any of the girls in his school.

haha! In the second link, that's my congressman! (I don't think Prom Boy is old enough to be a congressman yet.)

He was so bad, the Washington Post wouldn't even endorse him for the last election. (Yes, this is the Post editorial board, *not* endorsing a Democrat.) Of course, they couldn't endorse the Republican running against him, so they just said "Yeah, sucks to be in that district."

By the way, I checked out the school website. Enrollment is 1350. So he may have already been rejected by over 600 women.

At least 3 feet of his total height can be attributed to his chin alone.

you rang?

really, to put out such bait and then say 'no ax murderer allowed'.

Darn it all to heck. He's a little old for me, but I was into the idea.... If only I was 34 instead of 38....

"The most interesting thing about me is that I am 6 foot 8 and I weigh 170 pounds."

That's the most interesting thing about him? Wow, exciting date. No, really.

"I am a very energetic individual and I enjoy dancing and having a “Good Time”."

*wink* *wink*

"I am not gay nor bi-sexual so for all of you gay men, I am sorry (I would be upset to miss out on a piece of ass this sweet as well)."

Yeah, I'm pretty upset that I have to miss out on a piece of his ass, too. I mean, a piece of his ass-kicking that is most certainly going on as we speak.

Wonder how his lab coat looks on the flag pole? You think some of his classmates will post a pic somewhere?

NEW YORK - A group of highschoolers was found consumed by leeches in a ritualistic science experiement from hell, one day after they had attended their prom.

The friends had gone to a nice house to group sleep after their prom, when Matthew Kochman's date, Congressman Jim Moran, who had purchased him for the evening off ebay, "just went nuts" said Jeremy Jones, the only survivor.

"I decided to pretend I was also a crazy leech scientist, and helped him stuff everyone into the feeding vat, so he let me live, after we had made out for a while. Oh, then I had to pay him $175."

Charges are pending as police wait to see whether any of the families of the deceased even care.

BWA HA HA! C-bol, i wish that i had half of your wit. (i guess i can actually work now that i've had my christobol fix for the day ... at least until lunch.)

cowboy - yes. i did. where ARE you?

down here in texas - where else?

What? No gay men? And I soooooo was hoping to be able to go...

*tearfully packs away prom dress*

one has to question a dollhouse that has a leech jar in it. the dollhouse of horrors?

Us cowboys are still out here ma'am. We're just a-gittin' old and many of us have had to take up code wrangling on the old digital range to make enough to keep Ol' Paint in hay and oats.

I just bought me a Kochman, Matthew
And I bought me a Congressman, too
Found 'em both on ebay
Tho' they claim they ain't gay
After prom we'll just see what they do

I wonder if he knows how ridiculous he is, and I wonder if his mother knows, I think we should tell her

So the congressman is going to a lunch with 4 empty chairs and someone who bought access to him on e-bay?

The Algonquin Round Table ,it won't be.

Lunch with Congressman Jim Moran? Somebody pinch me! Lunch with a thuggish, babbling, anti-semitic, wife-beating, semiliterate sanctimonious moron? I'm in heaven.

(Can you tell I don't like him?)

Hey, cowboy - I rang too - do you have a cowboy brother????

I'll just say that I am soooooo disappointed that I am too old for him.

But I'm sure I'll survive, somehow.

I can't believe I only missed the opportunity to go to the prom by 5 measly years. I am considering about lying about my age and then be PROM DATE FROM HELL! He'd be crying in 15 minutes.

That would be great for me and for bitter single woman everwhere.

relax little philly, there's plenty of this stallion to go around.

Mahatma, with you aboard, every thread leads to ebay!

Good to see you back on a semi-regular basis!

grazie, djt.
(just heard this one)

Q: What is Irish and sits by the pool all summer?
A: Paddy O'Furniture!

6 foot 8 and with those ears? His neck must get sore in a windstorm.

I got dibs on first smack at Prom Boy with a two by four.

Leetie, have you bid on your Congressman yet? JU?

I thought prostitution was illegal.

Prom Boy or Jim Moran, Prom Boy or Jim Moran .........Zzzzzzzzzzzzz ..

mkj -

The way I heard it (my middle daughter brought it up, many years ago), was:

What's green and white and sits in your back yard?

Patio Furniture.

(Best if told only once a year -- today.)

Another one:

Did you hear that Shaquille O'Neal is up for Irishman of the Year?

(That one stems from the other, much older version: When the famous football play occurred, Franco Harris was up for IMOTY.)

About axe murderers, i have a lot of experience with killer girls.

My old girlfriend was convicted of murder 1.
(not on me, luckily)

So, i like axe murderers.

Call me.


Oh look, Doogie Howser needs a prom date!

eBay took it down. Drat!

eBay has taken down every link so far this evening. Is that the new way to kill an eBay post? Link to it from Dave's blog?

Your statement from "Mary Kay LeTourneau" is an obvious spoof and I can guarantee you was not written by Mary. Her name is spelled, and she would know: Mary Letourneau......NOT LeTourneau.
SO, nice try to whoever is posing as Mary.

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