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March 26, 2005


They taste great with lime juice.


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Hmmm, they'd be great with some peanut butter barnacles, eh?

Sorry- that's the best quip I could think of, It's still early here in Cal-i-for-neeya.


Mmm, fish jelly!

Dried jellyfish is popular in many Asian countries, especially in Japan where it is considered a delicacy.

OK! WHATS NOT a delicacy in Japan!?

steak and potatoes

Jellyfish is also popular in Chinese restaurants where it is marinated with lime juice and sprinkled with freshly-pounded nuts and served as a cold dish.

I say, pound the jellyfish and leave the nuts alone! I mean, what did nuts ever do anyway, to deserve being pounded?!?!?

Another great observation:

The village has been synonymous with jellyfish since the 1970s.

That's ok, I can think of worse thing to be synonmous with, say, like a sewage pumping station, or .... OOPS! SORRY DAVE!


Those incredible fishing Malays
Cash in on a medicinal craze
There's no ifs, and, or buts
Cut out stingers and guts
After drying them outside for days.

served with pounded nuts

There is no way I'm going to eat a stinging jelly fish with pounded nuts. And any guy that decides to eat one while getting his nuts....

Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood the quote.

only transparent jellyfish edible?
i say, isnt that discriminatory against colored fish?

Hey insom -


Rita & Them Others ...

r.e. the banking questions of several days ago thread ... (I've been traveling, and catching up on my nap time)

According to My Bride, the concept of "Too Bad, You're Stuck" if there is an unauthorized signature on a check of yours ... IS ALL WET!

(Caps mine)

With numerous years in the banking business, she says that a person has some response time to direct the bank to return that (those) checks, she thinks 30 days (?) ... if it's an unauthorized signature, the bank has the responsibility to determine that, and to refuse the check if they believe it to be fraudulent ... so, when you get your statement (or the overdraft, when the villains have cleaned out your account), you can go to the bank and clear things up ...

The bad check(s) are then returned on the route by which they arrived, and the initial acceptor (the place where the crook made a purchase to rip you off) is the one that will hafta go after the bad check writer ... THEN ... this is where the other aspect comes in ... in Nodak for example, the AG has said that his office will NOT prosecute if the original acceptor has not documented (via ID) that the person is, in fact, the person who should be writing the check ...

IF THAT IS THE CASE, then the original is the person/busines who is stuck, NOT YOU.

HOWEVER, you don't have unlimited time, you can't wait six months, and then go after it ... you gotta strike while the iron is hot, so to speak ... always examine your statements ...

Sorry, long, not funny, just trying to help

freshly-pounded nut

That would describe me if you found me eating that.

El. - Yes, they did. So now all they have to do is beat the Spartans and it's on to the Final 4!

on another topic.. years ago, Letterman was doing an 'A stuff found in the supermarket bit' and produced a can of "White Jelly Fungus" is that related to the subject of the thread?

But I don't see where the 'fungus' comes in, unless they let fungus grow on the jellyfish, scrape it off, and... excuse me.


never mind.

Is it kind of sad that I've picked up a copy of that newspaper before?

Go Malaysia!

Come to think of it, I think i've had the jellyfish with the lime juice... The jellyfish is ok, the lime juice is excellent.

I can imagine David Letterman working this into his opening monologue:

"It looks like the dried jellyfish craze has finally reached Manhattan. On the way to the studio, I saw a squirrel getting ready to eat one. He had put some lime juice on it, and was pounding his nuts."

Kibby, I think you're on to something with the issue of delicacies in Japan. And I'm glad they specified the freshly pounded nuts. Yesterday's pounded nuts on jellyfish would be just awful!

Finally, an exotic foodstuff that doesn't taste like chicken.

Stinging Testicles WBAGNFARB.

Now we know what to get C-bol for his birthday. I couldn't find nuts to freshly pound, though, and I wasn't about to pound mine.

"Happy birthday, man."
"What is that?"
"Your present, like it?"
"It's a disgusting dripping blob!"
"It's popular in many Asian countries, especially in Japan where it is considered a delicacy."
"What is this, some kind of joke?"
"Ah, come on, it's great! Goes with lime juice, and it has medicinal properties."
"It's like a defective implant. No, wait, I bet that would taste better than this."

It's gone now

The Fighting Sioux won the East Region NCAA D1 Hockey tournament and they're in the Frozen Four!

Let's Go Sioux!

when I was young i listened to the radio waiting for my favorite song...
every sha-la-la-la every whoa-whoa still shines,
every shing a ling a ling they started to sing still shines..
those old melodies still sound so good to me, as they melt the years away....
just like before, IT'S YESTERDAY ONCE MORE...


I am listening to old Carpenter's songs...they are really awesome...Why then, why should it be, that we go on hurting each other,we go on, hurting each each other, without ever knowing why... these are some of the best lyrics ever written, tearing each other apart, can't we stop, hurting each other, tearing each other apart...without ever knowing why

Hey, I know nobody else is smart enough to notice this, but the link doesn't work. I just thought I'd waste your time by complaining about it, because it takes a genius to click on the link and decipher the words into a sentence that explains what's going on. Maybe, maybe you could fix it, but not too soon or else I won't have anything to complain about. Thanks.

I managed to get the context of the story without the link working. I am Just That Stubborn.

With that having been said, the jellyfish looks like someone sneezed and I'm sorry; there just ain't enough lime juice in the world.

People is Japan have been eating jelly fish and seaweed products for centuries. I just started taking seaveg pills which have been working quite well.

:-( All I get at that link is a "File Not Found" page.

Evelyn: So, what do the seaveg pills do quite well?

Well, I must say this is quite a bizarre but nevertheless interesting blog. You really made my day.


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