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March 30, 2005


In fact, do not click on this link, period. That is all.

(Thanks to Bill Geraghty)


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I guess I should be thankful for the webfilter @ my work. It actually blocked the site because it was under the category of "tasteless"!

You're blog however is not tasteless, since it still lets me view it.

Hah! Luckily I didn't see the pics. I can think of a lot better "show me your" sites you could have greeted us with this morning, Dave. Such as:

Show me your impersonation of Cher being eaten by a millipede


Show me how to drop a bear from 90 feet using only a ukelele


Show me your collection of "Spoons of the Midwest", which you keep in a locker full of naked supermodels.

A small attempt to elevate the current theme that seems to have taken flight this am.

"As quick as lightning, in the breach Just in the place where honour's lodged, As wise philosophers have judged, Because a kick in that place more Hurts honour than deep wounds before."
Samuel Butler

"Of all the griefs that harass the distress'd, Sure the most bitter is a scornful jest; Fate never wounds more deep the generous heart, Than when a blockhead's insult points the dart."

Samuel Johnson

"Ce qui nous rend la vanite des autres insupportable, c'est qu'elle blesse la notre.
[That which makes the vanity of others unbearable to us is that which wounds our own.]"
Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld.

Dave, was it the Anchovies on the Pizza last night that has inspired this mornings ruminations?

For the curious, the hosting name server for the "Wounds" crew is...
Coincidence? I think not.

Granted, I have a morbid fascination and curiosity with these things (I've assisted surgeries at my wife's animal hospital and I'm not even a vet or tech or anything!).

Congratulations Dave, that may be the most fantastic site I've seen in a long time.

**reminds self to show the wife tonight**

This sounds like something Richard Dawson would say on the old Family Feud, "Show me...WOUND!"

If you think that this site is tasteless you should not follow their links...yuk.

"We do not want re-hashed, internet found, photos of dead/mangled/dismembered people. If you have original pictures of dead / mangled/ dismembered people, send/sell them ....."

by all means. ewww.
these peeps obviously have way too much time on their hands. or whatever bodypart.

btw, "Buenos The Spider (Monkey)" WBAGNFA WHO Song.

sort of...

dang, wrong thread.


Unless you're a cat, I think you're safe.

I've only assisted once or twice. Once they had a cat with a blocked urinary tract so they had to go in and remove the blockage. Basically, all I did was work the suction. There was a complication and the bladder ruptured so I had to suction out the urine while the doctor fixed the bladder. After that, I was responsible for monitoring vitals while he was closing up.

It was pretty sweet.

I found the "You Still Act Like a Fat Chick" article sweet -

Caution. This comment contains the word gash. If you don't want to read the word gash, please skip to the next comment.

Show me your (not you're) wound? No thanks.

Show me your (not yore) gash? O.K.


These people want to look at wounds? Having worked in a hospital, I can affirm that this is not an enjoyable passtime.

I can already watch lots of mangled dead people on CSI so I don't see the challenge in finding pics of them on the internet. And rarely do those sites have Warrel, Grishom and a plot to go along with them. What's the point really?

Now naked guys I can see searching for. In fact, I can see expending copious amounts of company time searching for this "art". But naked dead guys? The thrill is gone...

*skips over Brian B.'s post re cat surgery*

Jeff, was it really necessary to repost it? I think not.

I didn't click on the "Wound" link, since I have to hold my hand in front of my eyes when they do the autopsy on NCIS -

*zips out*
*will not be returning to this thread*

The "toenail ripper" submission was especially pleasant. Ill-fitting rented ski boots will do the same thing. Trust me on this.


The toenail ripper was the only one I looked at. Several years ago, getting into my car with sandals on I ripped my big toenail. About half of it, not the whole thing, and not a drop of blood. It only started hurting when I looked at it...I thought I had just bumped it at first.

As a make-up artist, this site could actually be useful to me as a reference source. So I guess I should thank you, Dave.

Sometimes my life disturbs even me.

if your referring to my comment about not giving a "tooth pick" or a "glass of water " to two fornicating Gorilla's in Jackass Flats,Arizona before breakfast.....well you must realize I was kidding.

Bill Geraghty

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