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March 24, 2005



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I got nuthin'.

I've got more than Rita, but I doubt I can ride it all the way to Hollywood...

"..gotten the SHAFT" HAHA! I get it!! HAHAHA!! rita don't you get it? HAHA! SHAFT!!!

Is it the Easter Brown Bunny?

I get it (ha!), I just couldn't think of anything witty to say, even after reading the article.

Maybe someone else has something I can ride to Hollywood?

Sure are some quirky people in so.cal!


I'm just afraid of what related items MKJ will find and post from Ebay.

I don't get it...

I call bullshit!

how can I put this...

He had Chloe Sevigny perform fellatio on him and he wants to be paid for it?

I'm surprised his testicles fit in the frame!

BrainyJ: what?

Okay, Julietine, maybe some guys will volunteer to ride us to somewhere in Florida. The beach, maybe?

I second that, GDogg!

She did do that???..I did not know she was a Porn actress too???

"Your honor, they did not pay me for my work."
"We need proof, lets see the evidence."
"My god! Its like you have a kickstand!"

rita, pick me up at Miami International in six hours?

The possibility of court action in this matter reminds me of a scene from an old Simpsons:

Chief Wiggam: I've got pictures of you, Quimby!

Mayor Quimby: You don't scare me, that could be anybody's ass.

Could somebody explain to me why Gallo used a stunt double for this, er, shot?

Although I AM in so.CA, igloo, since I do not have a penis I feel that a comment from me would be inappropriate!

However, I will say -

Almost heaven, West Vagina :)

Isn't it ironic that someone with the name of Gallo is not hung?

* ducks and runs *

watch out because...

"Ow, Chloe Sevigny!" = Yo ! Loves chewing."

I can't believe Dave posted this, but not the article I sent him about the cannnibalistic fairy shrimp that they recently discovered in Idaho, of all places. It was way funnier.

Flash, Christobol posted about the fairy shrimp on his blog a few days ago. Take heart.


One can get paid for this being done TO him?

*this'll REALLY change the world of *


Here's an interesting artifact (Adults only?)
Yellow for caution: crude language & crudely executed wooden statues in a bottle

Flash: I think they're overwhelmed by the amount of email they get (per Judi yesterday), and don't get to see everything people send in. Can you imagine how much spam they get, with their email address on the internet for God and everybody to see?

Sounds to me like it was Chloe who got shafted...

Scrolling down to the last line:
'Click here for all you need to know about VINCE GALLO'
folks, the article gave me WAY more than I needed already...

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