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March 30, 2005


This is a new low.

(Thanks to Paul Levine)

Whoops. judi already posted this. One of these days I am going to have to start reading my blog.


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Um, Dave, you and judi should probably say "hello" to each other once in a while. She just posted the same story......

But it's much, much funnier when you post it...

Dave, do you and Judi work in the same office?

mj: nope, we don't.

steve: i keep TELLING him that...but he doesn't believe me.

Deja Vu...

FWIW Judi ... my computer didn't like the article when Dave posted it!!!

*sitting back to await an Eye Candy post from Judi*

I don't feel so bad anymore that I can barely keep up on the blog.

This makes me want to walk around in a dangerous neighborhood dressed like a little old feeble lady with a handbag full of crap.

Keep trying judi.

Like me, he's an "older gentleman" and, if he really is anything at all like me, he has problems keeping track of things like where he left his glasses, what people tell him, time of day, where he left the remote control, etc..

Also, if he's like me, he knows the location, opening time and closing time of all of the neighborhood "non-yuppie-catering, hops-based-beverage-dispensing establishments" in his area.

This headline is much funnier though...

You can always try what I did, Dave.

Hire a service monkey to read your blog.

Of course, my service monkey ran off with an especially old dead monkey, and I haven't been able to keep up since. But I wasn't able to before, either, and now I have a monkey to blame.

But the first one omits this important fact: "Police failed to find the baggie."

Also, ew! I'm going to be sick after reading that ebay auction (I don't want to know how they color it...)

(That acution is kinda gross, didn't really read it until after I posted it, yuck-oh!)

But based on the seller's comments/feedback, MKJ, it's probably the best box of poop that money can buy.

At least now I feel better that I can't always keep with the blog...

I agree with Lizzy's observation. The key quote of: Police failed to find the baggie.

Disturbing news, this is - because:

1. Who asked?
2. Was this tid bit volunteered?
3. Would the baggie have DNA evidence? Other than the dog's?
4. How does the bag of doggie dodo fit into the crime?
5. Didn't someone already say, ""...we have real challenges and real problems in the city, and this [finding the dodo] is not one of them."?
6. WHAT!? She wanted it back!?

that is all...

Kinda makes you wish you lived in San Diego. You could dress up like an elderly lady, carry a bag of dog poop in one hand with a large caliber handgun in your pocket, and a little "rat on a string" dog. When some jerk grabbed your bag of poop, you could pull your LC handgun and make him eat the contents of the bag. Justice served!

OK, in the rereading, my last post sounds a bit heavy handed. Alternately, you could pull your handgun and just scare the bejeepers out of him. (And then make him use the bag to clean up after himself)

Wouldn't work, Flash. Remember, San Diego is in California. Once you showed the jerk your concealed handgun, he'd shout for the police, & they'd toss you in jail for 10 to 20.

Now Texas would be a different story. Which is why it's one of the few places you can still feel safe carrying a bag of dog poop.

It's a sad, sad day when "America's Finest City" gets dissed by my favoite blog twice! in one day with the same event!

*thinks about moving to Nebraska*

Dave, I'll volunteer my sevices to read you blog for you....and I'll give you a short synopsis........you just need to tell my boss to give me much less work.........I can't freakin' keep up these days........

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