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March 18, 2005


Your hospital is closing.


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never thought that would happen

and I'm from Australia... which is funny...

Love you guys

I think what really broke the bank was when people started showing up, wearing shoddy frog costumes (agnfarb) and demanding breast implants.

Axl, I just LUV an Aussie accent. Say something sweetie, anything, just talk to me and can you say something that includes the word "mate"? I'm sliding off my chair.......

Frog Hospital and The Disease Surveillance Group wbagnfa(Aussie)rb.

Kermie looks drunk in that photo.

Hopefully, the salamander hospital can take care of them.

That frog is hiding something . . .

when a frog gets sick, does it stop looking green ?

Frog Decline Reversal? so, frogs are good, cane toads are baaaaaaaaaaad?

While on vacation in lovely Sydney
Where he'd come from his home in Paris (french pron)
They told our friend Peirre,
With leaking derriere
"The frog hospital's closed can't you see?"

Without the hospital, all the sick frogs will croak.

*turns around and waits for his wedgie*


Ugh! Dammit Lab! You have to be wearing underwear to get a wedgie.

*goes off to wash his hands*

heh heh... The old, "I'm not wearing any underwear" trick! Get's 'em every time.

So let me get this straight - they're pouring millions into killing off every toad they can find while simultaneously pouring millions into saving frogs.

Are we sure this isn't something dreamed up by Congress?

"Yearly expenses for the hospital, which does not receive any government assistance, come to more than $12,000."

Man, that's a bargain! That's a tiny operating expense. Oooh! I know - give Congress the day off, and let their salary go to the frog hospital. They'd be good for years! Better it go to frogs than rats.

Ya gotta save 'em because they're so cute . . .

They are the cutest with white wine and a salad.

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