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March 25, 2005


Anybody missing anything?

(Thanks to many people, all of whom have just become vegans)


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I saw the headline yesterday and from that alone decided:

1. Not gonna read the story.

2. Not gonna order chili at Wendy's.

At least they didn't find David Spade's nose in the chili!

They have a resturant chain in South Carolina called Fingers.
Makes me Wonder?

THAT's where it is!

Kibby, that explains why you get hit when you order two beers.

*doing happy dance because a story she sent to Dave and Judi is finally being mentioned on the blog*

*feels special*

*feels sick when remembering she had a baked potato from Wendys yesterday for lunch with chili and cheese*

Talk about your finger food...

“By law, you can’t hide that sort of stuff,” Denny Lynch, Wendy's spokesperson, said.

Denny Lynch looks like Deny, Lynch. Coincidence?

“All of our chili suppliers report no accidents. And if they ever do report an accident, they'll have one of their fingers cut off to teach them a lesson.”

* silence *
"Say, this microphone wasn't on or anything, was it? Really? Well, just strike that last sentence and we'll be good to go."

*remembers Kibby likes to cook chili...starts to feel a little queasy*

*considers reducing my chili cooking*

*if, for no other reason, but to preserve digits*

*or should that be pre-serve digits?*

hum, let's see, 9 to go?

I thought I saw the butcher's finger on the scales when he was weighing the ground beef!

Don't look here.

You looked, didn't you?

Did anybody actually SEE them bury Dave Thomas? I think his will stated that he "stay involved in the business" in some capacity....

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Bite me!"

This is just sick - You think somebody pulled a Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Wendy's? You're sort of going to notice if just your finger gets lopped off into the chili mix... it's not like somebody would go, "oh darn... there goes my perfectly manicured finger down past the first knuckle... If I don't say anything then maybe they won't pay me worker's comp. If I just stick my hand in my slurpee then that will stop the bleeding".

Look for this story to get bigger when they realize there probably was more than just a finger in the chili. I'm gonna go puke on someone now.

Finger Lickin' Good.

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.

Kibby F5 - If that was you, shouldn't you be Kibby F4.5?

In an effort to maintain their position as a leader in the fast food world, Wendy's is expanding their healthy menu to include human body parts. "We're excited about our new line of 'finger food'", explained Wendy's spokesperson, Bart Thomas, who is no relation to Dave Thomas. "Human flesh is actually extremely low carb and packed with nutritious vitamins!"

Wendy's introduced their "Finger Food Chili" on Tuesday, which contains human fingers. "I wasn't sure what I was eating at first, but after spitting it out, I realized it was a human finger!" Says Donna Williams of San Francisco, California, the introduction site for Wendy's new healthy campaign. "I was disgusted at first, but after I learned I could lose weight and lower my cholesterol through cannibalism, it didn't seem like such a sick idea!"

I'm going to hurl.

A digit is a terrible thing to waste.

That's the last time I ask them to make me one with everything.

“All of our employees have ten digits,” said Denny Lynch, a spokesman for Wendy’s International Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio.

Shame on Wendy's. They don't hire handicapped people.

Chili dogs for dinner tonight. Yum!

Funny parody song!

Hey, I just created a parody song about the Wendy's chili finger incident. It can be found at www.johnnycrass.com

Ahhh the great bean debate. I certainly think Chili needs beans. Try finding spicy chili in a restaurant though, that's the real challenge. Me and my buddy are trying to find one, no luck so far. We review each restaurant we try though, http://nerdstuff.net/chili/

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