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March 31, 2005


Trying to decide where to go to college? You might want to consider a school that's HOT HOT HOT.

(Thanks to Dan Moore)


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been there- its not that hot

that must be the slowest loading video of all time

plus the family consists of all the inter-related "cousins" that probably married when they were 14 years old

wow, they have teeth and everything. Who'd a thunk it?

Hey now. Both my parents went there. Two aunts. Three cousins. Many friends from high school. And when I was in high school, we used to drive up the mountain to Boone for skiing.

Of couse, I couldn't actually view the video clip, so there may be justifiable cause for mockery, too.

And it already has a Geezer Bus. Sign me up!


Thanks judi.

I'm signing up. They already have a Geezer Bus.

Blog server has igloo confused. He post. No post on blog. Igloo re-post and old post reappears.
I think the sys admin needs to go into the server room and rewind the spring.

Wow, I was just accepted to the Univeristy of Miami for graduate school, but now I think I have to reconsider.....

Boo, with lyrics like:

speaking the language of a brave new year


loyal alumni we've got a lot

Yes, there is much to ridicule.

any particular reason why a turkey/peacock/whatever is driving the "bus"? don't think i would "climb aboard" that one.

Boy, you got a purty mouth.........

Wait a second, a whole mess a my family members done went their... my mom, my dad, my second mom, my other dad, who's also my cousin Billy John, even my aunt/cousin/sister-in-law Mary Beth went there....
signed, Bubba

it never loaded . . . .. . . ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

chorus needs more rehearsal.

That may be the LEAST hot thing I've ever seen or heard....and that includes the amazingly NOT hot Paris Hilton video and Pat O'Brien phone messages.

I have two female cousins who are currently high school seniors, both of whom, I bet you have guessed, are WAY smarter than I am.

my daughter is actually going there in the Fall, I had no idea it was so HOT HOT HOT, may have to rethink, but I am glad about the geezer bus also igloo

It sounds like Schoolhouse Rock with Mary Jane.

Now I know what happened to "Up With People".

igotsidetracked by the family caravan thing.... what the hell is that?

igotsidetracked by the family caravan thing.... what the hell is that?

igotsidetracked by the family caravan thing.... what the hell is that?

igotsidetracked by the family caravan thing.... what the hell is that?

igotsidetracked by the family caravan thing.... what the hell is that?

igotsidetracked by the family caravan thing.... what the hell is that?


What the hell? Are you on the bus or something else that would make you vibrate like that?

Quick Queenie, take a valium.

the peacock is driving the bus because the school president's name is PEACOCK! HAHAHAHAHAHaHahahahahmmmm... oh well.

it's that special appalachian state humor.

It didn't load for me either - and I hope this doesn't post 5 times - Oy vay, queensbee!

*waiting for D'Artagnan to back up into this thread and 'splain*

doh...I certainly would have chosen Hot Hot Hot U over Huge State U if only I had known...

as for the caravan, Your tour guide

I'll try to link to the tour guide:


Ok. Speaking as an alumni of that fine institution I hubly apologize for the extreme mental retardation of that video. In other news, I'd say that nearly half of the student body of ASU is made up of Floridians (Flor-idiots, leafers, etc) who came to know the are because of the ski resorts and summer homes in Blowing Rock. And none of my relatives are related.

Charlotte, NC

How can anyone knock an institution of higher learning that has a Hoey Hall?

Does Harvard have a Hoey Hall? No.

Only ASU has it.

I'd join in the mockery, except for the fact that the mascot of my alma mater is the fighting banana slug...

I can only join in, according to counsel, once it becomes a full blown shamockery.

Wait - make that a travishamockery. With butter please.

Boo, congrats on being restored to the faith.

Sorry about your relatives' school. Did you notice they have a "Hooey Hall"?

Oh, sorry cheesewiz. You get first dibs on the "Hoey" find.

Hey, you kin git a massers durgree theyre in Appalachian Studdees. Hooooooeeeeey!!!

*backs up into El*

Oops, sorry...

It's clear why your video won't load, Ely. Your Quicktime has overheated. Whaddaya expect from something that's HOT, HOT, HOT!

heh - when I played it, it froze on the picture of the girl with her hands on the statically charged ball, and the music started getting interrupted with this really weird and loud interference as if she was being electrocuted!

Right where the clip says "Hot! Hot! Hot!" for the third or fourth time, it shows a close up of two students bundled up in parkas. See...it's not really the university that's hot; the students just aren't skilled with layered clothing.

Can't wait to hear Wing cover this song!

Proud as a pee-cock, Appalachia is hot hot hot...
Very liberal arts

The mascot is the Mountaineer (which pretty much fits your mockery descriptions. It's a bearded man in overalls and a plaid yellow shirt that carrys a musket). The Chancellor's last name is Peacock which is a travesty to itself.

"Thanks guys! Now I'm gonna be humming that stupid song the rest of the day.

My nine y.o. son, who is autistic, just overheard the song. I am going to be stuck hearing it sung out of tune FOREVER along with requests to watch the video again.

Note to self: Must remember to read Dave when kids not around - or at least keep sound off.

Was that Dave playing the guitar break, and didn't the sax player look a little like Stephen King? It's all a little suspicious. I can't believe they're speaking the language of a brave new year when I'm still struggling to get the hang of the old language.

OMG! Why didn't I know about this place when I had to choose a school. That video looks like it was made when I was in grade school, back in the 70s.

Apparently I came relatively late time
I do not mind to talk in this regard
I think that education in general has become a real crisis in the opinion do you favor?

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