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February 22, 2005


This might be a registration site. I'm too shaken to figure it out.


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It is a registered site.

From BugMeNot.com, you can use:


as your login ID and password.

I refuse to visit a site that requires registration.

but, that's no reason to initiate a tiff.

Thank you, Lou!
I would add that it's the worst application of the phrase "tampering with evidence".

Surgeons reattach penis cut off in tiff

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- Surgeons reattached an Anchorage man's penis after his girlfriend cut it off with a kitchen knife.

A city worker recovered the appendage after Kim Tran, 35, flushed it down a toilet. Doctors performed reattachment surgery Sunday.

Police said the assault occurred after an argument over the 44-year-old man wanting out of the relationship. Tran drove him to Providence Alaska Medical Center after the attack.

Tran was arraigned Sunday on charges of domestic violence and tampering with evidence.


I thought for a moment that perhaps this had something to do with yet another crazy Chicagoan, but alas! It's a crazy Eskimo instead!

If this is what they call a "tiff" - what the hell is a "spat", a "feud" or (god forbid) a "disagreement"?

Oh the horrors...

LADIES! You have got to stop doing that!

Why, Kim Tran ? = harm 'twinky'

She flushed it down the toilet?!? How'd they get it back and why was it still in any shape to be re-attached?

I hate to admit it, but ... guys are stoopid!!!

He agreed to be tied up after they had a fight and were (supposedly) having a "farewell" session??????

Dumber than a rock!

(Do you s'pose alcohol was involved? Can there be any doubt?)

She was charged with tampering with evidence...he,he..no sh!t!

Now, a good anagram is a good anagram, but one that is squarely on topic is something else. So, way to go, insomniac!

And, 'Way to go, insomniac' = 'I, Tony, wooing a scam'.

Tampering with evidence? How would that work, exactly?

ANCHORAGE - Prosecuting attorney Okina Bearpaw left the court in disgust today, as accused penis lopper Kim Tran was acquitted. Assistant D.A. Cha Cha Hoochacha said the judge, a trained seal with a background in circus entertainment, threw the case out due to "lack of evidence."

"We were able to prove that the victim had no penis, but we were not able to prove that he had had a penis before the incident. This is why we have always encouraged men to photograph their genetalia, especially before allowing a sociopath to tie them up."

Kim Tran addressed the media, but nothing she said appeared to be in English. She was wearing a very nice penis medallion, though.

Yes, this is a very bad use of the word "Tiff". Especially since "tiff" is an image file format, and I'm really not wanting to picture this one.

Tiny Inuit Filets Fella

wonder how long a severed unit remains viable for re-attachment? Is ambient temp. a factor? What about ph in the sewer after it's flushed down the growler?

Hats off to those sewer workers. You gotta imagine them searching for the penis with one hand, but holding on to their own with the other.

If they're lucky, none of 'em have a nose like the guy who played Uncle Omar in the movie; you know, the "Streets of San Fransico" guy.

If there were ever two words that should NOT be used in the same sentence, they are "reattached" and "penis."

hf - Karl Malden

Mrs.: What the hell are you doing with my digital camera?

Me: Taking pictures of my penis. For insurance purposes. Christobol told me to.

Mrs: You listen to that guy who put up all those plastic sheets in Central Park?

That's the guy! Also did "Don't leave home without it" ads.

Infection has got to be a major problem. Reattaching it was probably pretty easy. Having he thing in the sewer line for who knows how long can't be sanitary. Yuck.

You know, now that you mention it, re-attaching ain't the big deal. the BIG deal will be whether or not he ever gets to use it again for anything other than a convenient way to off-load processed coffee.

So what happens if he's...um..."pleasuring himself," and the stitches come undone?

I hate to bring this up again but as long as I'm still sick...

That link to the lady that was rinsing her nose out with the saline solution is booogus! I know I am only a rookie at this but where's the coughing, choking, and spitting? Also the same stuff that's going in her nose is coming out. That's not how it works people. I think I am going to make a rebuttal movie and title it Fahrenheit 98.6. I mean, if I had some oyster shells and hot sauce, I could make hors d'oeuvres here. Now I suppose you are going to tell me I'm being gross and then go back to talking about the severed penis?

'tampering with evidence'. hmm. is that what they call it now?

A one-of-a-kind penis medallion, even!

How do you keep this particular piece of jewelry from decaying? Did she have it bronzed or ...?

Jessica .. she had it shellacked.

Jessica R - she turned it into a "knife rest"...?

As a digital image guy, I would recommend high quality JPEG over TIFF for photographic images. TIFFs are too large. Likely something could get cut off in transit.


I mean, this person obviously heard about the Bobbit Bob-It and thought, "That's sounds like a good idea. The next time I'm mad at so-and-so, I'll lop off his manhood."

Geez -- folks! If someone else does it and it's publicized, that DOES NOT make it a "good idea."

God bless America, public school, and hands-off parents with all the "critical thinkers" it produces.


"If your friends jumped off a bridge...," said your mother.


"Surgeons reattach penis cut off in tiff"

Boy, that "Tiff" sounds like a good town to stay out of...

Men's number one dating rule, which is:
Avoid psycho knife-weilding bitches.
If they think you've done wrong
They'll lop off your dong,
You won't laugh - but they'll have you in stitches!!

This story reminds me of the one Paul Harvey had fun with a few years back, about the woman who was "shot in the fracas and the bullet is lodged in her yet."

kj wrote:"Surgeons reattach penis cut off in tiff"
Boy, that "Tiff" sounds like a good town to stay out of...

It's even funnier if you think of "Tiff" as short for Tiffany. I had a friend named Tiffany and she wouldn't have liked it if that had happened to her.

"tiff" from the word "stiff" as in you wish

this thread has me in stitches

story would make a great C+W song

Regarding what Brad said: ...TIFFs are too large...

I've never met a man who would consider that a problem. There must be more limericks here....

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