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February 28, 2005


"Our world is a madcap whirl of monthly hamster shows for both Syrian and Dwarf hamsters..."


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How about Motley Group of Hamsters wbagnfarb?

"furry dictators " wbagnfarb

"Hamster Mailing List"??

Oh my God, they can read now?!! Get ready for the revolution, people!!

Midlands Fairgrounds Hamster Show, Building One
Midlands Fairgrounds Exotic Snake Expo, Bldg. Two

I took a moment to look at the photos in the gallery. Jeezly Pete, these people take their rats, um, I mean hamsters, seriously. I wanted so badly to make fun of them but in the end, I just find them pitiful. Is that mean of me?

We have ... tried to mix it with a dash of the flavour that make our shows so special.

I love going to the hamster shows! My favorite flavour may be the lemon hamster stir-fry (I far prefer it over the curried hamster)... Then again, you can't beat a good mesquite BBQ'd hamster for lip-smackin' goodness!

Anyone else getting hungry?

I say, candy tutt, good show!

Hey, don't knock em'.. I love hamsters. They taste like chicken.

"In our experience Syrian hamsters will start to fight seriously... "
Who would have guessed that? Hezbolla Hamsters!!! Although, wbagnfarb.

"How's it going?"
"Not so good."
"Why is that?"
"Everyone in my club keeps getting their asses kicked, no matter where we go."
"What sort of club is it?"
"We are a friendly if motley group whose main aim in life is to promote the care and health of furry dictators known as hamsters."

I wonder if they'd sell me a few of the plumper ones around lunch time..

I got a bucket of hamsters the other day at KFH and can definitely confirm that they taste just like chicken.

I wonder if they'd sell me a few of the plumper ones around lunch time..

..stupid double posting thingy.

I just hope that one day they don't schedule the hamster show next door to the snake expo.

...and they're gereing up for their next big show right now!

ok, ok, I know that was obvious. But... but... it was a cry for help!

I just hope that one day they don't schedule the hamster show next door to the snake expo.

I just hope that one day they don't schedule the hamster show next door to the snake expo.

"Furry Dictators and the Hezbollah Hamsters"
*continues to practice the Afgan macarena*

What you don't want is a hamster in one pocket and a snake in the other.

Why not, Earl? I'd do that on a night I couldn't get a date.

And I thought I needed a life...

*joins their mailing list anyway*

What's funny to me is on my work computer this site is blocked due to the subject matter of "Societies and Lifestyles".

Thank goodness I can't join a mailing list for Hampster Circuses at work. Who knows how little I'd get done then!

They are so cute! (The people are a bit wacky, but I love hamsters.)

I have it on good authority that Blogfly's recipe for mesquite BBQ'd hamster tastes almost as good as weedrat rotisserie-style.

I had a good smart a** comment, but the hamsters were so cute I forgot it.

My son had and then lost a hamster in his room. A week later we found him (the hamster), actually it was the smell......

my daughter too had a hamster. it got out one night, chewed a dime size hole in our floor in the bathroom and lived under the house. My daughter used to drop food through the hole for it. It lived there along time. We sold the house and the day we were moving my daughter starts screaming madly (I thought a phython was crawling out of the toilet) but the hamster had finally come out of the hole. We caught it and it moved with us. Not to long after the move the darned thing escaped, built a nest in our oven and that was the end of fluffy! So the moral of the story is "yes - bbq hamster i good eating"

"I want to sincerely thank you for inviting me to the hamster tasting"
"You mean show?"
"Right, good show. The dwarf hamsters were delicious, but the Syrian's were absolutely scrumptious"
"Scrum-dilly-itious I say!"


"Was I not supposed to eat that one?"

...and they're gereing up for their next big show right now!

Mr. Balanchine, my attorney will be contacting you..... I hope you are very rich...

Did I type gereing by mistake? Damn. I meant gearing. Sorry for the mistake, Dick. Loved you in American Gigolo!

I always liked Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie. Has anyone else read it?

Well Mr. Balanchine - if you liked American Gigolo, then I guess it was an honest mistake!

it was just an ugly and false rumor!

*calls lawyer and tells her to stop preparing lawsuit*

I saw a "furry dictator" last night. Then, I asked Karl to button his boxers.

Sorry; I couldn't resist.

Flower Field String Bikini?

And he sings and dances, too!

'lota -


(From this then we may guess that ... nah, better not go there ... Karl's still mad about the cow on the garage ...)

Missed you! Whir ewe bin? (I'm sorta like the guy in the butcher shop who back into the meat grinder ... I've gotten a little behind in my work -- of catching up with the blog ...)

You know what the saddest part is? 'A madcap whirl of hamster shows' sounds so much more exciting than my life. Sigh.

Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie? My favorite children's book. I read it every night before I go to bed.

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