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February 22, 2005


A squid poacher who is a flagged jigger.


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Flagged jigger or flaccid jigger?

watch your language, sir. there may be children present.

Sorry, Judi *Blush*

jill: you're a man? (i was talking to dave.) (it was a joke.) (not a very good one, but worse now, i fear.)

Hey, we are talking about an alleged flag-jigging squid poacher here. We cannot mince our words. We must call a hoe a hoe.

Ooops! I was just going to post that actually it's MA'AM. *Checks attributes* Nope, definitely female.
My bad!

mmmmmm poached squid *drools*
oh no, homer is rubbing off on me!

Or possibly it is a squid-jigging flag poacher. Or a poached-squid flag jiggler. But whatever it is, we cannot mince words.

homer's rubbing off on you with his flagged jigger?

A poacher who'd been flagging his jigger? No wonder he was caught red handed.

and what the hell is wrong with the clock?

There once was a flag jigging poacher

It's located 1,000 miles out in the Atlantic and sinking fast. Blogged from Northeast PA at 6:09 Pm.

My jigger was flagged once...

then I sobered up and had it removed...

The flag, not my jigger - sheesh, get your minds out of the gutter, people!

Pogo: Whose love didn't want him to touch 'er.

Pogo: She said, Bobby-Ed,
You are reeking of squid,
You're gonna be sleeping alone, sir.

Thank you Jill! That was excellent!

Thanks, Pogo! I just commited my first Blog Limerick!

Squid a la Word

1 fresh squid
1 lb. words
4 flags

Preheat oven to 350°. Cut up squid with large medallion-removal knife, and poach. Mince words. Shake poached squid in words. Jiggle. Bake at 350° for 1 hour. Wrap in flags.

Serves 4.

But were the poaching jiggers going to mince the squid?

"GIANT CALAMARI (squid) RECIPES by Nick Pollotta

Step One: First, kill the colossal, rampaging, squid. This is accomplished by (read the Fantasy/Humor novel, "That Darn Squid God!" by Nick Pollotta and James Clay.)
Step Two: Next, make sure the damned thing is truly dead, and not faking. Then check it again. Okay, three times, just to be sure. (NATO is good for this, and so are nukes.)

Make sure it's dead (see above).
Use dynamite to remove the tentacles, and throw away the head. Now, use chainsaws to cut the tentacles into convenient slices, then feed the slices into a bank of woodchippers (be sure to wear safety goggles as this part will be very messy, indeed).
Using bulldozers, shove the minced squid into a fleet of cement mixer trucks, then add 4 tons of finely-chopped onions, two tons of chopped black olives, 1,000 liters of extra-virgin olive oil, and one shelled pistachio nut.
Mix well, then use steam shovels to serve on a single sour-dough cracker the size of a soccer field.
Feeds the entire nation of France.

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the word anal in the corner of that picture?

No, but the guy standing right behind her sure did.

ps: MMMmmmmmmm, poached squid . . .

"A Taiwanese flagged jigger allegedly poaching in the South Atlantic was arrested by the Argentine Coast Guard after intimidating fire."
If you are a squid poaching flagged jigger, do not draw attention to yourself by intimidating fire. Fire is notoriously difficult to intimidate. Rather, it is more likely to assume the role of intimidator (if that is a real word) by means of its general habit of converting matter to heat and light.

Chich Man 1, this is Hsien Hua 6 over.

Go ahead Hsien Hua 6.

Roger, Chich Man 1 we are going to need another Taiwanese flagged squid jigger poacher here in the Isla Rasa area over.

Roger Hsien Hua 6, Chich Man 1 is enroot. We are flagged, jigging, and approaching poaching for squid.

Chich Man 1, Hsien Hua 6 advises the anti-Taiwanese Argentine ARA Guerrico is in the area, and would you please forward our mail to the Comodoro Rivadavia jail.

Thanks Hsien Hua 6, and we will send your mail to the jail. By the way...who the hell wants all these squid anyway?

You keep flaggin' your jigger and you'll (not yule) go blind.

Arcane Jill: "Ooops! I was just going to post that actually it's MA'AM. *Checks attributes* Nope, definitely female.
My bad!"

RDA: "Whew!"

*Mmmmm* Calamari! *Fried squid, I'm part Italian*

Will the Real RDA please stand up! You just made me soak my keyboard!

Hold up; I'm out of duct tape.

Who is that, really?

I'll give you a hint... :)
Seriously, nothing makes a joke better than running it in the ground, right?

Horned Frog, look in the Gazombas thread for your paddling. You are a deceased horny amphibian.

Oh, now you know you can't transfer paddlings; you'll have to start all over here.

Lairbo, how did you know that was me?

Invasive Oyster wbagnfarb, by the way.

*Starts paddling Horned Frog with the Mother of All Paddles*

I'm pretty sure the pic said "(c)thingy Canal" at the bottom.

*must...get...mind...out of...gutter...*

Nope. Not happening.

*Writes on chalkboard, "I will not talk about flagging the jigger in public..." about 100 times*

Peter Piper poached a squid with flagged jigger
With flagged jigger Peter poached with jiggled flag
But if Peter Piper's Mr. Jiggly flagged and poached a squid
Where's the jiggly flagged squid that Peter Piper poached?

Wait, did you say not to mince words?

D'Art - LOVED the recipe.

This is a thread that just BEGS for a slowlayne limerick.


Where's the Prevention of Abuse to Squid Limericks Society when you really need it?


Just skimming here - so now it's illegal to juggle squid? When will this ersion of my civil liberties ever cease?

pogo -

There once was a flag-jiggin poacher
went squid fishing, and knew you should notecher
tentacle limits
if it's too big then trim it
or else you'll get caught by Garde Coaster.

[Red-hand poaching? Does this mean there's nothing left but Greenhands?]

(I'm pretty sure that was C-anal ... as in [perhaps?] Love Canal ... ???)

ran a Google search on"squid limericks"

who knew!?

A squid poacher fagged jigger?

A jigger of poached gay squid.

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