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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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Hi'ya bella! How's it goin? Those temps are just wrong. I couldn't do it if I were you. I'd jump in my car and head South. Fast. I was starting to get delirious (that doesnt look right either, should it be delerious? deleeeereeeus?) when it was -30 around here.


Peri, I'll order you a hot toddy. You want hot buttered rum, Irish Coffee, or a Tom & Jerry?

Hey cupcake! Good to see you here! CG bought me some Wild Turkey for Hanukkah, and I hear Coke (the drinking kind) tones down the harshness, so maybe I'll join you and Leets!

Probably goes with parfaits too, eh? ;)

delirious is correct.

I'm here, but I was wondering if the Rapture (about which I have doubts, anyway) had come, because I've been texting, ringing homes and cellphones all morning, and NOBODY'S ANSWERING. I finally got hold of one person, and I'm feeling a lot less "all alone" now. Then just as I hung up, my brother walked in.. he's been out since yesterday. He went into his room, picked up a magazine and left again. I expect to see him after work tomorrow..

Oh, and I have some diet ginger beer and/or sparkling mineral water.. can I play?

Alkey-hole is seriously limited when you're dieting. But that's okay. I can live without it. Not in quite the same world as the rest of us, but still...

I'm on a short lease here. I'm just waiting til the end of the month and then I'm packing up J, the dog and the various rodents and moving into E's basement apartment.
(Brace yourself, E. You'll like it! Eventually.)

Kaf, I don't know what to say. I LIKE it when people stay away from me. I'm suspicious every time my phone rings and I'm very rude to people who buzz my apartment.

Today, somebody said that I had 'mellow tones' when they heard my voice from around a corner. Even though I think it's just the asthma, I was very impressed with myself.

Insom: all of the above, please. Twice =)!


Will somebody please tell that security guard that I'm not sp@m and to kindly stop telling me to f4rku2xs?! I swear it's telling me off personally.

Peri, the question is, if they buzz you directly, how will you respond? ;)

*poors herself a rum n coke*

I sort of moan and tell them to keep doing that.


*clinks glasses with El, Leets and Peri*

To the girls!

OMG. Two words.

S!lent Hill.

B's watching it right now. El, this is NOT a movie for you, or I for that matter.


Hey, here's a thing: I filled up all the (legal) drugs I take every month today. The total was $512.13. I paid $40.23. Glory be to drug plans! I guess I'd be dead without it.

Holy banana peels Peri. I was *just* talking about that with my pharmacist (the real one). I got a script filled for some ointmenty type stuff that cost me $100 WITH the insurance. I asked her what the price was without and she said I didnt want to know.. $250. We got to talking about all the people she sees that have to pay out of pocket and how sad it is when its the elderly or poor who have to decide whether they'll get milk or heart medicine at times...


OK, I'm going to make a drink. This is a really big deal for me, so I changed into jammies so if I pass out I'll be bed ready.

Peri, you know i'm the same way re the front door and the phone. It's best.

And I now have a pet. A ladybug has been living in my office for over a month now, usually on the window and when it's open she goes out for a while and then comes back in. Today for the first time she was on my desk and I picked her up and put her back on the window.

It's nice to have quiet, small company.

OK, I'm going.

Don't anyone go away or I'll have to spill it out, OK? :)

El, you think that lady bug could teach B how to be a quiet pet? *hopeful look*

OK, I'm back. I made one, with ice in one of the short, fat, heavy Wild Turkey glasses that came with it.

I've taken 2 sips. It's not too bad with Coke.

I think I'll call CG and tell him. He'll be so proud of me.

No Di, I don't think the ladybug can help. Sorry. :)

LOL! Make sure you tell him we're all toasting him too!

That's the truth of it, DDi, and it scares me to think of those people who DO have to choose. There's now way I could affort $500 of meds each month, so I'd go without. Some do, I guess.

E, that's too funny! My dad's wife keeps lady bugs as pets! I'm being serious here. She likes them for her plants and she takes excellent care of them. They like to hang out in the kitchen so she puts down all kinds of food for them there. Fruit mostly - they like bananas. My dad says he has to look very carefully before he puts a dish down on the counter because she yells at him if he doesn't look for the ladybugs first. Her oldest one had 18 spots when it died, which apparently made it 18 months old and extremely elderly. She also puts out all the meal scraps for the crows and they come round and yell at her if there's not enough or if it's not quick enough. She's tamed all the chipmunks at their summer cottage with peanuts and J loves it when she goes there and the chipmunks run right up her legs to get the treats. My stepmum is Dr Doolittle.

'no' way.
I hate typos SO MUCH!

DDi.. several other people have said the same thing you did about the movie B's watching. I'm quite happy to live in blissful ignorance.

Peri.. Once I know everyone's okay, I'm quite happy to live in blissful solitude too. It's when I can't contact people when I want to, that I get a bit freaked. I'm okay, though. Really.

Is it okay if it's Saturday afternoon (say 3pm-ish) and I'm having a lazy day and I haven't even dressed yet? Oh, good.

Well, CG didn't pick up and my arms feel funny and what does the ladybug find to eat in my ofice anyway, and it doesn't taste too bad after the first couple of sips.

CG eats chocolate when he drinks JD. But all I have are those awful Ferraro Rochers he gave me and they're icky - rice krispies with a little chocolate...

We seem to be having an excellent influence on E - we'll have her ready for the Betty Ford Clinic in no time!

I've never tried Wild Turkey. It sounds good, 'cause I like the name.

I was looking for cool wine names at the Liquor Mart today and I found a good one from New Zealand: Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush. I'm not making this name up. I didn't buy it because I don't like white wine but I may get it later anyway, just for the name.

So - are we going to play a game or what??

What is everyone who is drinking doing?

El, I'm drinking Turkey and Coke too. *bzzzzzzzz*

this may be my last transmission. *spin* *but happy*

Not showering and staying in your jammies all day are what Saturday's are for.

Doing: I have something from netflix that i want to watch once the p-nut is secured in bed. "Best in Show."

Wild Turkey is good, but Maker's Mark is heaven.

Peri, you really need to come here more often. *hugs*

/ok really last transmission this time
/unless something else comes up on which i must comment

I'm signing out gals. This movie is too much for me... perhaps I'll go floss my teeth or pluck a chicken in another room, or zip code.

*smooch* Dont drink too much... in one sip. ;)

y'all know about walmart and target's $4 med deally? they have a list of commen meds that you can get a months worth for $4. 2 of mine are on it. other places they'd be $20 a month each

*annoints Leetie's head and intones the benediction of 'no hangover whatsoever in the morning'* *also the convocation of 'hot monkey sex right now'*

E, I'm wearing these priests' robes and getting a little turned on. I'm a bit worried about that but what the f. A 'friend' of mine - who shall remain nameless for my own protection - gave me something called an 'Eager Beaver' for Xmas. I haven't taken it out of the box yet. Maybe tonight's the night!

Peri, Wild Turkey is 101 proof!!!

And you and J are welcome to the downstairs apartment as long as you don't ring the front door bell. ;) It's only a one bedroom though...

That "Eager Beaver" wouldn't be Mr. Fisher, would it??? ;)

Oh, I forgot something.

Brian, from the TV column in the Wash. Post comes this breaking news:
"Rescue Me" returns in June .

June?!?!?! That's not 4.5 months, is it? OR IS IT? I can't find the keys to put my fingers on....


I THINK I can post again. Let's see if this works.

Don't talk to me about June..or July. The new Harry Potter movie is coming out and so is the last book.
I might actually expode.

And, to all of the multitudes who sent me a link to naked Harry (aka Daniel Radcliffe)...do I look like some kind of pervert to you? Am I the kind of girl who would lap up pics of Dan's 6 pack? Have I ever given you any reason to think that I would appreciate photos of a clearly post-pubescent Harry Potter? Is my desktop wallpaper that of compelling blue eyes and perfect bone structure?
(oh, wait!...The defence objects!)
OK, I have looked at those pics. I may have looked at them a (hundred) dozen times. This doesn't make me the least bit weird.
And you have your nerve!!! Sending that sort of thing to me....gee whiz.

Has someone been cooking sauerkraut?

Hey, was that sly? I caught a wiff of compelling scent and a glimpse of 'to-die-for' sandals and matching bag.

It must have been sly!

LOL, Peri. :)

sly, are you using a proxy or just being you?

I just watched RR make what she called corn/crab/chowder that morphed into mac and cheese!!!

I'm myself, no proxies needed.


night, all

*zips out*

*waves* Night, Laynie!

I'm not much of a bourbon drinker (can barely even spell it!) but I did crack one of my brother's bottles of Turkey once to make Bourbon BBQ Chicken. Which, by the way, is most excellent.

Peri.. don't forget the golden rule.. do unto others as has been done unto you. Now where's my naked pics, woman?

Yay for Sly being back!

Programming note: Men In Trees and the new season of My Name Is Earl start here this week. Wheee! I'm quite interested to see MiT.. I've seen it get good and bad reviews here.

I don't have a Target. I think they tried to buy out a Canadian company but didn't manage it so it will probably be a while before we get one. Mind you, 'a while' probably means 'a few weeks' I think they were trying to buy the Hudson Bay Company, which started when early Canadians were trading pelts. This is true, I'm not making this up, either. We have a store that started out trading for beaver pelts and ended up being an overpriced departement store in downtown Winnipeg and the ONLY store in northern Canada. Until eBay was invented, of course.

I was really laughing at Dave's post earlier this week, the one about the non-terrorist gas. Do you guys know that you get more oil from Canada than you do from any of the mid-east countries? We also sell you a lot of hydro electricity. Canada has more clean usable water than any other country in the world.


We're f'd, aren't we? It's only a matter of time before your shrub decides that our Prime Minister is an intolerable dictator and liberates us from our oil and water and electricity. Can someone please send me a little American flag I can wave when the troops storm the 'Peg?

Peri, just don't throw snowballs at us when we invade. Our boys are used to the desert. They wouldn't be able to handle a slushball in the puss.

BTW, I think Lab is the bourbon connossieur (sp?) around here, but I'm cozying up with a little Makers Mark at the moment. Cheers!

Oh, and just to let you know how ready and able we are to defend ourselves...the West Edmonton Mall has 3 working submarines for the kids to ride around in. The Canadian Navy has 2 working submarines for the kids to...well, you get the picture.
(YES, Canada has a Navy! Sheesh!)

The Air Force has helicopters that keep crashing. The last time Dubya came here, he wouldn't ride in one; he made other arrangements.

But we have the best snipers in the world. So as long as we have lots of warning and can see you coming...you don't stand a chance. Unless you attack before last call.



Peri.. I can send you a NZ flag. I'm pretty sure the US aren't mad at us yet.

*dives into the neglected Jello Hot Tub O' Love*

Hey, is this lime? Or is it not supposed to be green?

*makes sure to splash everyone with gelatinous goodness*

A six pack for Kaf.

Good morning!

I had an epiphany last night on the whole teetotaling a.k.a. "saving money" thing: Three home made bourbon and cokes cost less than one Izze. And home made is always better, right?

Jackie (NOT ME) went to see BM in concert

*giggles* The "(NOT ME)" made me *snork* quite loudly.

Oh my goodness! Peri!!!! Lovely train-of-thought-writing Daniel-Radcliffe-obsessed PERI! *duct tapes Peri to the MOAT wall next to photos of Radcliffe nekkid*

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, TRILLIAN! I hope you're spending a great birthday weekend. I love it when birthdays fall on a weekend... it's double the fun.

(Oh, and I also drooled over those Daniel Radcliffe photos -- i feel like such an old lecher)

After a quick Google image search... Emeril vs Madden : Emeril wins, but just barely (mostly because he can cook). Eeeeeek.

*zips in*

Good morning.

Drunk update:
I didn't finish the whole drink since I was bumping into walls. I was such a cheap date in college. :)

In addition to the Wild Turkey I have a bottle of JD Single Barrel, but I thought it was too expensive to dilute with Coke.

Now I'm drinking coffee. If I had some Kahlua.....

GOod morning. I'd say more if I had more to say.

I just *happened* to walk by the leftover drink glass that I put on the kitchen counter last night. The ice cubes of course have melted. I took a sip.

Not bad.

In other news, I just looked out my window and my neighbor is taking down his Christmas lights - Feb 10, could be worse.

We haven't been lighting our Christmas lights since the first week of January, but we just took them down last weekend.

Mine are still up; unlit though. However, I have a candolier in my two corner windows that I light all year. I started doing that last year when Jenni e-mailed me an article about keeping one small Christmas item in the house all year as a reminder of what it's all about.

I have a neighbor who has his Valentine's decorations up. I the front window is a big red pulsing heart -- the valentine, not the cardiac kind thank heaven. One of his trees are decorated with what appear to be giant valentine heart candies "Be mine", etc.

He decorates for everything.

Except Man Day.

Wild Turkey 101 proof: Yes, you did good to dilute mix it in a cocktail. If you want a real treat, get some Wild Turkey Rare Breed. It's usually around $30 a bottle around here. Do not allow soda to even be in the same room! Drink it neat or rocks. Heaven on Earth.

El, *never* mention JD and bourbon in the same sentence. They are not the same thing. You have committed a mortal sin. Say three Hail Maker's and two Our Bourbons, and your sins will be forgiven.

I started doing that last year when Jenni e-mailed me an article about keeping one small Christmas item in the house all year as a reminder of what it's all about.

*gets rosary given to her a really long time ago by a handsome client on his way to prison who didn't have a clue*

JD Single Barrel is more expensive than that Lab. I buy it for CG for Christmas, and whenever he builds a fence or does some other major project. He left one bottle here for ....whatever, and one doesn't mix that with anything. It's very smooth, unlike the whisky-whose-name-cannot-be mentioned-here. ;)

But aren't they both bourbon?


How would you decorate for Man Day, sly?

Lots of plastic penii strewn around the lawn? Life size cutouts of The Governator in his better days?

NO! Jack Daniels is NOT bourbon! Hiss boo hiss! Ptooey! Bleh.

Read the label. It's Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey.

Morning! Or...afternoon!!!

{{{Peri}}} Stick around!

I wish I'd gotten here last night...I ended up not going near the computer. My daughter had a friend over...we went out to eat, then I took them to Walmart...they wanted snackage for the evening...and...

We got hair color for my daughter.

Dark reddish brown.

It does look good. Her friend did it, not me.

I just took a few little dabs of the leftover color and put it on my hair...hey, I paid for it, I can do that.

We also watched House. I'm not all THAT enthused by it, but I enjoyed it.

And then we watched Monk.

And I went to bed. They were up very very very late.

I'm here at the station/paper, putting programs in for Sunday...and there are people here.

I am soooooooooo not used to this.

And now I am off, possibly to the movies with two teenagers.


oops! happy birthday trillian!

Jeff suddenly encountered posting problems last night.

He asked that I pass on the following:

So I'm posting away and answering Peri last night and suddenly I couldn't post at all. Finally I just gave up. Bah - I hate pypetad.

They showed a town in Oswego County (NY) this morning with 122 INCHES OF SNOW! And there could be another one or two FEET today. They always get a lot up there but not in a week!

On the communication thing, we've become more and more hermitlike too. We had to turn the phone on here so we could use crappy dialup. We didn't give the number to ANYONE - even our families - yet the phone has been ringing 3 or 4 times every day, including once at 8:20 this morning! From last year we know it is always people (usually BellSouth) trying to sell us something or get a contribution, so we don't answer.

As for drugs, when Jackie was working the coverage from the union was amazing. We paid $2-3 for most prescriptions! That later went up to $5. It's all gone up a lot now, and since she retired we pay a lot more, up to $60 for blood pressure drugs (but for a 60 day supply). But we have supplementary coverage ($60 each per year) so get up to $600 reimbursed at the end of the year.

I've seen how much my parents and others have had to pay for some drugs and know how fortunate we are. And so far at least these are mostly maintenance drugs. People who have to get the really expensive stuff just to survive are in so much more precarious a position.

Peri, my grandfather made his fortune (which he later lost) as a fur dyer so spent a lot of time in Winterpeg and Ottawa. But I just can't take that level of cold. And I don't like bourbon so that wouldn't help.

One last point: I know sly and others have ranted about WalFart here before. There is one about a mile from here and Jackie likes going there, especially since we don't have one in NY. But even she has admitted how awful it is - no signs telling you where anything else, poorly stocked and seedy with crappy help. There is another in the general area that is nicer, but yesterday we went to a newish Target that put both to shame, so maybe she's changing her allegiance.

Anyway, happy Saturday morning, MOATies!

Since Jackie may be changing her allegiance from Walfart, I posted it.


Good morning!

Laynie.. I know I'm a little late, but a little Wild Turkey in your coffee wouldn't hurt. (I think that's what the powerful stuff in Turkish coffee is. ;) )


Leets (and Peri).. you know they wouldn't put photos of Daniel Radcliffe out there if they didn't want women the age of an older sister like ourselves to drool over him just a little. So really, they did it on purpose, and you should feel free to perv drool all you want

Oh, and Peri... thanks! *smooch*

Lab, I have a bottle of Elijah Craig 18 yr. Single Barrel (1981 vintage) that I pull out for special occasions. You'd better hurry over because it's almost gone. (If you're late I'll have to crack open the '95 Evan Williams.)

Whiskys have years????

You betcha!

Once again, I hate pypetad.

See if this one posts. (*sigh*)

Thanks for the help to sly. I've had IP # posting problems in the past but this was weird in that I was already posting when I suddenly couldn't any more. This morning I couldn't either, so asked sly for help. Now it seems OK.

This morning's IP # started with 152. This afternoon's starts with 205. I'll check in the future - as I once had to do at home for a week or two - and see how it goes.

Anyway, another beautiful so.fla. day. We went for lunch (Ruby Tuesday - on the advice of the waitress in RT in North Carolina where our car was being fixed we tried to crab cake appetizer and...yummo!) and shopping (sneakers for me, pants for Jackie, plus Edy's French Silk and Chocolate Fudge Chunk ice cream - double yummo).

Oh, paid $2.20 for gas today.

Susan, Jackie says our niece Tracy used kool aid to temporarily dye (streak) her hair when she was your daughter's age.

For Lab: the car was being fixed in N. Car., NOT at Ruby Tuesday.

LTTG- but I had Moataritas and mexican food last night. All good. Although mystomach has had a different opinion today.

Had to be up at 5, and at work by 7. (pre-inventory time) and was gone by 11.

So, since noon, I've had a few cans of Budweiser's new EXTRA (anyone tried this?), 3 Crown (Reserve) and cokes, a miller lite, and now I'm into a very nice California Chardonnay: Foxhorn (like 6.50 per 1.5L)

but most importantly, I F'n MISSED Peri!!

ah. well, it's not like I could have seen her anyway, what with me i's and all.

anyone home?

if not, no biggie, I'm burnin daylight and am going to go piddle (re: get lost) amonst my 50 acres.

also, I am in the Beaver.


*checks Ok States score*


*goes to do something very important as soon as I remmeber what it was*

How did I know, before I got to the bottom that the above post was by Fish? Well, by the 'what I've had to drink so far today' part.

I was just telling someone (CRS) that you're usually not around the computer on the weekend. Thanks for making a liar out of me.

um, cuz, you're just good like that El.

OK State in OT with Texas Tech........ (not that anyone gives a Rats' patoot)

Speaking of wild turkeys, I just scared off two turkey vultures not 3 feet away from me (i was inside they were perched on my deck just outside)

big fekin birds they are. I took pictures! I think I am going to buy a paintball gun and shoot them. I would just blast them into oblibiov with my shotgun, however I do have some decency, they are endangered and it's a felony to kill them. Plus, they eat rodents and snakes. So, I figure a little piant job would do them good, no?

Again I ask, am I difficult to understand or is it just me?


I have a pet ladybug.

She lives in my office.

Have I told this before?

OSU just tied it up with 20.9 seconds to go in OT and they have possesion.

(you think this is bad? just wait until March Madness. BABY!!)

*thinks constructively*

and, I really don't want to have to mention that I am eating Hot n' Spicy Pork Rinds as well.

But I am.

ok fine you leave me no daylight i am going to go cut a few logs (har) and then i will be back here

and let me just WARN say, that you will see a side of me you have yet to see.

(unless you've been watching the MOAT home videos)

You Have Been Warned. Put on Your Adult Diapers, because this Fish will swim back.

/daylight burning

Diapers are only for driving 900 miles to kill a rival.

Swimming With Diapers of course WBAGNFARB, but not so hot for actual aquarium dwellers.

Hello, all.

I see I missed Fish, darn. And here I was feeling all ironeck-al.

oh butt i am here dear Slyi

I'm reading about cooking grits in the Dining Section of the New York Times. Does that seem odd to anyone else?

oooh... Fishy-butt! *pinches.. or is it pincers?*

Boring weather day. All grey. But that's okay. Church was fun... I lost a post just before I left for church, which is a bit bizarre. The gist of it was that unless you use a capital J in the word Jello (R circle thingy tiny TM thingy, Copyrighted so we can sue your a$$) the new Firefox counts that as a spelling mistake?

We just watched one of Jackie's favorite movies, Doc Hollywood. It's the kind of thing that makes her want to live in a small southern town, but in real life they aren't really like that - all fun, eccentric characters.

At least I don't think they are.

Weather is absolutely gorgeous. We walked to dinner and the store.

i capitalize jello for no man...

You're a true nonconformist, Insom. I'll be at your side and we'll lead the revolution for uncapitalised jello.

A side we haven't seen before? What's left after piddling and cutting logs?

I told everyone in JU's family last night that I thought that basketball was a stupid sport. I think I'm out of the will.

A side we haven't seen before?

Did I miss it, cause I don't see anything.

Oh, but Leetie, with basketball, there is always action. I like high school and college basketball, though I haven't watched much in the last few years. Pro basketball has too many divas and super stars. The team work is gone and it's mostly "run and gun".

*zips in*

Good morning.

Leetie, great minds and all. :) What side of Fish have we NOT seen? Oh, that one! *giggles* I'm sure there's a pic somewhere on The Internets, which one could probably find if one used The Google.

The only basketball game I ever enjoyed was when I went to one with a group of friends and parfaits. Slowed down the game enough for me to "get it". :)

And my problem with pro basketball is that they only play in the last five minutes, so what's the point to the rest of it?
But I do follow March Madness and have been known to be in a pool or two.


(if they're a factor this year)

Obviously I'm thinking only in small parts today.

sly, the best thing about pro basketball is Pat Riley, and I just recently found out, thanks to CG, that he's back coaching, I think Miami??? With Shaq???

well I am shocked!

I clearly showed my feminine side last night.

Only, I thought it made my butt look big, so I put on some jammies and watched that damn "You've Got Mail" movie with Meg (isn't she a doll?) Ryan, and cried myself to sleep.

Today, I believe, I will go out, and break something. Then, burn it.

I'm all about equality people.

Meg Ryan was there? And you cried yourself to sleep?

So you weren't "Sleepless in Beaver?"

I told everyone in JU's family last night that I thought that basketball was a stupid sport. I think I'm out of the will.

Leetie, that's the way Jackie feels about football.

When we were going out I took her to a hockey game at the old Madison Square Garden (8th Avenue & 50th Street) but she found it impossible to follow the puck.

Her preferred "sports": ice skating and gymnastics, the "girly" sports.

Of the big four team sports she likes baseball and basketball best.

How come every side of Mr Fisher is his best side? That's just not fair. Still, it's a terrific view =)

Guess what? It's only -15F here today! I have my window open a little bit.

I have to like basketball because J plays. Go Richmond Kings!!

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