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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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Happy 30th Birthday Trillian!!

Hope it's a good one!

*pours coffee in the Moat*

*giggles and heads off to find a hammock*


and good morning!

Enjoy your day, Trillian!!

Ironically, I can only post at work....and don't have time to do that. I have contacted Pypetard to see if there's anything they can do. When I hit post, I get an hour glass that spins for several minutes before I eventually get a blank white page with Pypetard's logo at the top and something about no data.

When I access any of the comments sections on Dave's blog, I get that hourglass also and the page only goes down as for as "Post a comment". Does anyone have any instructions on using a proxy server? My addy is good on this post.


Oh, and about yesterday being Man Day: I saw something on the news about San Diego celebrating "Day of the Man" or something like that. There were single men lined up for miles holding up signs asking for a date for Valentine's Day. It was some sort of radio station promotion.

Or I was having a dream.

El, did you hear anything about that?

Bummer, sly.

Happy Birthday, Trillian! Ah, 30, the good old days. Actually, there was a movie in the 1960s called 30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia, starring Dudley Moore.

Not that it has anything to do with anything, but my brain just tossed it out there.

CNN said there could be another two-three FEET of snow this weekend on top of the 6-7 feet already on the ground in Oswego and points north.

This is ridiculous.

*tosses pants on Lab's lawn with the others*

Happy 30th Trillian!


Sto lat! Sto lat! Niech zyje, zyje nam!

Happy Birthday, Trillian!

*jiggles the MOAT*

kibby's just over here *points ---->* adjusting his Penguin Thong for Trillian's B-Day Bash. (TBB)

Happy BuffDay Trillian!!!

*trows pants*

yay! pants free birthday!

Happy Birthday Trillian! Are you doing anything special? It's a biggie. I'd probably spend the day in bed with covers over my head, but that's just me.

Kaf, Sandra Lee's show is called Semi-Homemade. She uses store ingredients and then puts a sprig of parsley on top for the semi-homemade part. :)

i've nothing planned today. getting together with the family on Sunday, out to dinner somewhere downtown and either to a show or one of the c@sinos.

Happy 3 O ! Trillian.

Also, Leetie just jiggled my pants off!

I tell ya, That gurl's got moves!

B-b-b-baby you just ain't seen nu-nu-nu nothing yet.

*throws a glove on Lab's lawn*

That's my contribution... it's too frikin frigid. I just czeched out the weather and its gonna stay frigid for the next week.

That bastid of a ground hog lied! Ain't no spring time around the corner! That's old man winter tootin up a storm!

Happy birthday Trillian!!!



*grabs pair of pants from Lab's lawn and puts them on over hers to try and stay warm*

Oh no you dont Mrs McGermie!

*sprays down the moat with lys0l*
*plops El down on a lounge chair and tucks her in with blankies*

No need to share EVERYTHING with us El. ;)

Our ground hog's "Handler" retired last year so maybe this one missed something in the translation?

*stands firmly behind DDi & Peri shepparding the MOAT calendar - WAAAAAY behind*

hum... nice view....

DDi, if you want any of my material I'll send it on a disk. 45+ meg's worth.


Aaaah, thank you, Laynie. Semi-homemade? I wouldn't even watch that. Blech. No wonder Sandra Lee = Brussels sprouts. I wouldn't eat either of em. I wonder how she'd make Brussels sprouts? Prolly buy em hot cooked from somewhere and throw in the sprig of parsley.

I'm sorry... I also meant to say ...

*loves some love, warm gloves, long johns n hot cocoa to the cold Moaties*

Sly, is your ISP banninated? You may need to email judi and see if she can fix the problem...

As judi has pointed out many times, there is nothing she can do. But then, you knew that, right Sly?

It doesn't help that Sandra Lee NEVER SHUTS UP either. Plus, she's made of plastic.

I think we should try set a good example and not email Judi so much.

I can still talk to her on the phone though, can't I Leets?

I had vivid dreams of being back in Negril, Jamaica last night.

Is this forshadowing of another trip?

Not that there's anything wrong with Cincy.

Name change post from MB.

Nothing to see here.

*hunkers down in lounge chair*


I want pizza, is that a sympton of something, beside hunger?

El's pregnant!

You do whatever it is you do, Lab. ;)

Off to go burp the dog. *sigh*

Fish, I had that same dream last night. Only, I wasn't in Jamaica, I was in my kitchen.

Were you wearing a sun-dress in your dream, too?

Burp the Dog wbagnfarb

I thought you were going to have a hotdog?

*adds hotdog to dictionary*

*hikes up skirt a little higher for Kibby, showing off her brand new thermal long johns*

Thanks for the offer Kibby, I'll keep you posted!

Kaf, the idea behind semi-homemade is that most people these days dont have time to do absolutely everything from scratch.

Some of her ideas really aren't *that* bad if you think about it. Taking a store bought cake and decorating it yourself is a great idea to do in a pinch when time is short. Also, a few of her "schemes" are kind of cool. You just have to look past the platic appearence and alcoholism and ignore her completely to enjoy the show.

*hands El some pizza*

Hey, it's Friday...there's people around, of course we have pizza.

If she spent less time at the craft store looking for new tablecloth fabric and little doodads to glue together for napkin rings, she'd have more time to cook.

I'm going through the thundertechs at S!xAp@rt, under whose auspices Pypetard exists. That's what judi would do anyway and she's got enough going on without my whining that I can't post.

You just have to look past the plastic appearance and alcoholism and ignore her completely and change the channel to enjoy the show.


If she spent less time at the craft store looking for new tablecloth fabric and little doodads to glue together for napkin rings, she'd have more time to cook but would still lack the skill.

Leetie, can't I have both? Might as well get really sick...

Mr. Fisher, have you ever been to Negril, Jamaica in RL, or only in your dreams?

And yes, judi has been inundated with pointless e-mails recently and you can always talk to her on the DB4P message board. She's there a lot.

I'm still yearning for Sandra Lee's chocolate icing/stick of butter cookies. I just can't get them off my mind, they were so over the top. I bet you culdn't eat a whole one without barfing, but one bite would be good.

Susan, thanks for the pizza and I love this song....:)

I'm not disputing ANY of what Lab and Leets have said about SandraDippityDo Lee.

Hey, so how about Emeril!? Did anyone catch his show last night on Chocolate? I guess he had a contest and a bunch of people submitted recipes which he then recreates (read: BUTCHERS) on air. As he is making the recipes, the camera goes back to the originator of the recipe and you can see their face just going "NO! NOT LIKE THAT!" and then they smile at Emeril and say "Sure!"... its great.

/end showing how big of a dork with no life she really is.

Who is less sexy? Emeril or John Madden?

Emeril reminds me of that guy who played Rhea Pearlman's husband on Cheers; the creepy guy who was all hunched over. I'd say Madden, except when Emeril says "Oh, yeah, baby", my skin crawls.

John Madden is more likely to bring some sort of pork-related food item into bed with him. I'm not sure if that's bad or worse.

I'm gonna go with John Madden as less sexy. at least you can get a meal out of Emeril.

My cousin works in the kitchen in Emeril's resturant in Las Vegas.

Happy birthday Trillian! 30's not so bad. I've been 30 for a whole 9 days now!

I had vivid dreams of being back in Negril, Jamaica last night.

Is this forshadowing of another trip?

Seriously bro, we have to do something about this.....I leave for Jamaica in 9 days.

Every day, we are more and more related.

I used to watch Emeril's show, but I just can't anymore. He's a great chef and all, but his show bores me.

My friends and I have an expression about sex where we say "John Madden style". It's a good thing.

Happy Birthday Trillian!

Beware the exploding confetti in the Birthday Blog Butter (Tm thingy)

Lab, that's just disgusting.

sly, I didn't see anything about Man Day here, but I don't watch the local news. They're all a little too perky for me.

RE Emeril and John Madden: I pick none of the above. I'd rather use a BOB. ;)

Is that where you draw out all the moves you use with a telestrator and then dig into your chick like she's the last turducken on the planet?

I must be slow today, what's a BOB....never mind, I think I just figured it out.

For the gents, Paula Dean or Julia Child?

I pick Julia.

the morning radio show I listen to does this bit called Gay Per View where they take clips from John Madden commentary which, taken out of context, sound like he's giving play by play of a gay 0rgy. NTTAWWT. it's pretty funny.

Brian, they spent all day yesterday on the MB discussing BOB, and I didn't know what it was either, til the women started talking about their kids finding theirs. And who had the biggest ones. Pretty funny, for the first hundred or so comments.

*cranks up volume for divorce song*

there is a gay per view clip here Track 4 of "Drew and Mike - Blah Blah Blah Blah" if you want to hear it.

No Leets, it's Offensive.

And yes, I've been before, and thought for a second I may be heading (note the key word here El) back.

Looks like not, gues I was just picking on my Twin's Carribean vibes.


(hey, I can call him that, we're brothers)

I know that you say that with the utmost love Fish. That's why it's OK!

Unfortunately, as I was discussing with DDi yesterday via e-mail, I will not be playing the part of a tourist. We will be visiting parts of Jamaica where the locals don't even go. I get to see the gritty, dirty, underbelly of it all!

**reminds self to call doctor about possible vaccinations required**

What? They have all kinds of great diseases down there! I heard that they're in the middle of the first malaria outbreak in like 40 years!

Oh, I forgot to mention. While I may be going to some pretty funky parts of Jamaica during the day, we decided to make Montego Bay our base of operations and we are staying at an all-inclusive for sleeping and drinking purposes.

I nkow damn well that as soon as I post this, the post I just wrote is going to show up.

Preemptively: See! I knew it!

Make that know

Sheesh. Is it 5:00 yet?

they also have the best!!!! sticky parfaits. Like syrup coated even.


so i hear

Hey, anyone listen to Jim Rome ? more specifically todays Cockfighting Of America Foundation (COAF [pronounced: cough] bit.

I wet myself slightly.

good thing i was wearing a diaper

under my sun-dress

Brian.. follow the rules.. it's 5 o'clock somewhere. It's early-to-mid evening in Europe, if that helps.

kat ~ the eagle has flown. cye for details

The Anna Nicole Story gets stranger. Now Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband says he fathered the child. Apparently that was after Gabor refused to sign papers allowing him to adopt........ANNA NICOLE!!

Brian B, re: John Madden style. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up!

Clarification, please: Julia Child before or after she's dead?

really think it matters?

i'm going along the lines of El's answer - i'll stick with 'ol trusty: the 5 knuckle Shuffle.

I'd say John Madden is less sexy. I don't like him.

Emeril I'm not thrilled with...I can't take his "live" show, with the audience, and the band and all. I can tolerate the one that is just him in the kitchen. Not that I've seen it many times...but he is a lot more tolerable (to me) if it's just him, alone.

Sly.. that's just creepy.. on so many levels. Can you even adopt an adult?

Wolfie.. CYE

ou can Kaf, if there's a minimum ten year age difference, with the adoptee being the younger. At least that's how it works here in CA and I know in FL too.

As I said on the MB re Anna Nicole's kid, everyone wants the money. Maybe one of the MOAT men could come forward (heh heh, I said forward) and we could all share. And then all of us could go to Jamaica.
/end excellent idea

*contemplates another set of parents*

Nah.. one set is plenty and enough, thanks.

Which MoatDaddy is going to provide the DNA to prove that Dannielynn is their daughter? (PS Sex with someone who you previously treated as a daughter is very Woody Allen.. and not in a good way. Plus.. three guys in the same time period? That's just tacky.)


I believe that 'very tacky' was accepted as normal behavior for the previously-breathing Ms. Smith.

Oh and Lab, I would like to say dead or alive, but that's even a little too wrong...even for me.

makes sense, in a very creepy way, mr. zsa zsa gabor was himself adopted as a adult by a member of the formerly ruling house of anhalt, and has called himself 'friedrich von anhalt' ever since...

Sounds like an Anhalt jungle.

Note for the future...

If you leave your (water-resisitant) watch in the pocket of the jeans you throw in the washing machine, it will lose about 5 minutes at some point during the spin cycle, but will give all appearances of working properly otherwise.

That, or I'm extraordinarily lucky.

Please remove an "i" from somewhere in my previous post


me i's , me i's !!!

Re: Paula Dean v. Julia Child. If I've accidentally ingested poison and I need to induce vomiting...Paula. If I need a doorstop...Julia.

But there's always Tyler Florence, who could warm my muffins anytime...;)

Talk about your i's, This should do them in It was with a headline on CNN "More Tests Needed to Determine Why Smith Died".

I think we have the evidence here.

Well, even if she just did it for the money, I still think it was a nice thing to do. She had a great body and she probably walked around naked in front of him and that made him happy in his last days.

*wanders in dragging her pants behind her*

Tyler?! You betcha! =D

I'm not working. J is not home. I have vampire wine. I found the MOAT. Yay!
{{{hugs}}} all round. And a goose or two but only those who got one will feel it.

(I'm expecting a collective MOAT 'squeak!' here)

Hi guys. Back after another day out. We had PAAKES (Harvest grain) at IHOP and then went to the beach for a while.

Nice coincidence: I was watching Imus on MSNBC this morning waiting for Tim Russert and Imus mentioned a concert by the Levon Helm Band on March 17 at the Beacon Theatre that was going on sale this morning at 9:00. I've loved Levon since The Band days so figured What The Heck? and got tickets.

I emailed my brother, who was impressed for once, and later he wrote back The March 17th show with the Levon Helm Band at the 2800-seat Beacon Theatre in NYC was sold out less than 15 minutes after Ticketmaster opened sales today!

So, that should be very cool.

If we can vote, I don't find either remotely sexy but John Madden less so. I can't comment on his bad chocolate show but ...we once ate at Emeril's in New Orleans (the day before they opened on a Monday for Bill Clinton) and his chocolate souffle was fantastic. Of course, he wasn't there in person that night so maybe he just has good help.

Exactly, E. Even if she did it for some pretty loathsome reasons, I have a feeling she kept up her end of the deal. I liked her, too, and I think this is a really sad end for someone who had a pretty sad life. I hope there's someone who will tell her baby girl that her mom did the best she could and really loved her.


Have you thawed out yet?


Oh, that was Jeff I tripped over! Sorry hun =)

No, absolutely no thawing going on here. I think we're going to break the -50 barrier before the end of the month. Wind chill was down to -49 the other night.

My friend Bill Crider's older brother taught Anna Nicole biology (no cracks!) in high school in Mexia, Texas, when she was still named Vickie and was a mousy little not too bright brunette sitting quietly in the back of the room.

I think the whole story is sad and pathetic and - unfortunately - her end was almost inevitable. I felt sorry for her when she was alive and I really feel sorry for the baby.


Good to see you back here, Peri!

Biological cracks are biological facts. SOMEBODY was kidding around butt I still don't get the joke.

Leetie!! Here, hold my pants, k?
And pull my finger. No, c'mon! Do it!

(Don't tell anyone I had sauerkraut for lunch!)

-40 is where the Farenheit and Celsius worlds collide, right?

Stoopid Firef0x doesn't know how to spell Farenheit.

Oops! It's stoopid Leetie who doesn't know how to spell Fahrenheit. *snork*

*pours another bourbon & coke*

*relieves Peri*

Stupid h. Who the F put that extra h in Fahrenheit?

I prolly shouldn't blog under the influence.

Peri, I've told a few friends about 1) the temps in Winnipeg and b) your coat getting stolen. Unreal.

-40? EEEK! Not that I could squeak much, because my vocal cords would be insta-frozen when I opened my mouth, but still...


No one is answering their cellphones today. I've text several people and gotten no replies yet.

*goes to shower* You never know, it could help

It must have been the Canadians. Those goofy Kanucks are always throwing around surperfulious letters.

I am also under the influence and can't spell 'serperfu..' 'sirperphu..' - UNNECESSARY. (oops. unneccessary?)

I'm drinking kahlúa mudslides!

I've decided that going home without a coat when it was -36 makes me the toughest chick in Canada.

And I stopped in for a slurpee on the way.

OK, I didn't really do that but it sounds pretty tough, yes? I don't have to tell anyone that I cried a little bit and really whined about it a lot.

Will everyone come back if I keep my fingers to myself?, sheesh. Here, look...I'm putting my pants back on. If you leave me here alone I'm going to have to have some more drinks.

*hums 'Alone Again Naturally' to herself and happily pops open another bottle*

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