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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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Excellent, Brian. I've been sick for 3 days so I'm a little slower than usual.

How soon can you be here?

Please allow me to:

Substitute me for him

Sub-stee-toot! my coke for gin
Sub-sti-toute you for my mum
At least I'll get my washing done

*fish tails it back to his van down by the RIVER!*

I freeqin' love The Who.

Yet another exhibit of evidence of our Twindom.

Who doesn't ?

You.. you remember when you were with The Beatles?


That was awesome.

Eye dew! Eye dew!

*loves Lab a tissue*

Hey, Maybe I'm not "the norm".
I'm not "camera friendly".
Ok, so I don't "wear clothes that fit me".
I'm not a "heartbreaker".
I haven't "had sex with a woman";
I don't know "how that works".
I guess I don't "fall in line".
I'm not "hygenic".
I don't "wipe properly".
I lack "style".
I don't have "charisma" or "self esteem".
I don't "own a toothbrush" or "let my scabs heal".
I can't "reach all the parts of my body".
When I sleep, I "sweat profusely".


(sorry......got excited)

*keels over, then limps off to lunch*

Marie P - take care of your neck.. I'd be very nervous about the osteopath, given that it sounds to me like you have a wry neck (my brother used to get these once a year or so), and I don't think sudden movement will help it.

Happy birthday to your brother.. I hope he does enjoy his party! You can tell him (not just from yourself, but from a friend) that being 30 is an amazing experience, and he should begin to look for the positive things about being 30. Is he interested in moving to New Zealand to meet an older woman? ;)

*notes Trillian's 30th down before she forgets.*

*Reads Man Poem* I could live without about half of those things.. anyone wanna be my man?

It's supposed to drizzle today. I hope it holds off because I'm going to be painting my fence. Whee!

Here's what Google thinks about today.

I'd rather have (heh heh I said have) any one of the MOAT men, but that's just me. :)

Oh, my aching spleen!

Wry neck? Why would it just now be bothering her? That's silly.

Marie, don't let Kaf push your panic buttons. Ask the doc about therapy that you can do to prevent the pain from recurring. Don't let him keep taking your money to "make adjustments" if he isn't going to treat the problem.

If you want, I'll come over and rub your neck for you. Of course, it's most effective if we're both naked at the time. No, really. I read that somewhere.

Could be worse, El.

*snork*, Crash.

It certainly could.

oooh, I'm having lunch with a Man today. Wish me luck. ;)

MOAT query: Has Fish stopped taking his meds or has he doubled the dose?

Lab, from what she said the other day, the symptoms fit, that's all I'm trying to say. I thought that yesterday, when she first mentioned it, but a cervical collar, like the one her doctor gave her is one of the few things you can do for it, along with a little gentle physio. I presume an osteopath would know about these things and not act rashly, however.

Wry neck?

I suffer from ironic neck, myself.

The symptoms fit a stiff neck from a cold draft, too. Unless of course you are privy to some x-rays and haven't told us. It's irresponsible to make wild-assed guesses as to what could be wrong with somebody when you're not qualified. It's much kinder to reassure your friends that they'll be alright.

Maybe you all do it differently in your hemisphere.

I have a pain in the neck. Come to think of it, I have several. I also have a few pains in the arse's too. I call it "Bri disease". :)

*is proud of her half arse attempt at making a funny*

I have a whole list.

El, based on what I've read here, I think it's safe to conclude that Fish is suffering from delirium brought on, most likely, by nutritional deficiency or an allergen. He could also be suffering from a cannabis-induced psychosis.

*chimes in*

Or brewski induced delusions!

Or crabs.

Mmm. Crabs, beer, and bud. Sounds like Friday night.



*snots all over Lab*

sorry. i have the plague.

Consuming half as much Tetrahydrocannabinol as our dear Fish seems to have, would have that affect on anyone.

and how does one come to the conclusion that something is, in fact, ironeck?

(el, I just asked myself that EX ACT same question not 16 moments ago, ok maybe i didn't, maybe it was more 19 3/8, but who's countin right?)

MareiP: "Isn't it Ironeck? "
Osteo-person: "Don't you think?"
MarieP: "Yeah, I really do think."
"It's like a pain, running up and down my spine"
"When I try to move, it's like getting stabbed with a steely knife"
Osteo-person: "Isn't that Ironeck?"
MarieP: "Don't you think?"
Osteo-person: "Yeah, a little too Ironeck."
MarieP: "Yeah, that's what I really did think."

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out



You guys need to BEHAVE YOURSELVES.
Sharing is not always caring.

Sitting on deck
Listening to Beck
Eating beef on weck
I've sprained my neck
It's all awry
I think I'll cry
*waves hi to Di*
*and says bye bye*

Well, then I know how to treat Marie's problem. Take one Alanis Morissette, and then one Tori Amos, every three hours. If you'd like, I can offer you the generic versions cheaper: Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Imbruglia. You'll feel better in two or three days.

And you'll be a lesbian.

I stole someones breath away once. Then I was arrested. Something about homicide.

*quacks to Leetie*
*waddles away*

Great. Now I'm singing "You'll be a lesbian" to the Little Shop of Horrors Dentist song.

And you'll be a lesbian.

NTTAWWT. Actually at times it seems, to me at least, to be preferable. :)

Off to the hairdresser for straight hair.

*zips out*

Can lesbians have straight hair?

Off to the hairdresser for straight hair.

everyone's a specialist these days!

"is her hair straight or gay? only her hairdresser knows for sure?"

I was once told by a lesbian that "Straight, is a direction. Not an orientation."

Di, did you then ask her what adjective should be used as opposite of lesbian?

I would have told her to go stuff herself. She's wrong.

I would have asked my Asbian friend Cecil what she would have to say on this subject, but sadly, she is in LA for the week on business.

And by "business" I mean "getting smashed at the open bar at the conference".

Hi, everyone.

Happy belated birthday to BigD. MarieP, I hope you're feeling better and that the party for your brother will go well.

Things are a bit crazy here. My aunt has been taking the computer to work (out and about in Barcelona), and to school (she's doing a master in design), so I'm not always able to moat.

My shiny new hearing-aid was fitted today. I've been testing it all day with music and street noise and so far I think it's wonderful except when it automatically lowers the volume when I crank up the music. Aaaaaaargh! Hopefully I'll get all the kinks worked out next Wednesday, where they'll fiddle with the settings until I like it.

leetie - the chris farley beattles quote was on the radio here this morning. Seems my two worlds colided and they can never never tear us apart. ooops sorry they were not playing INXS on the radio.

Many snorks to everyone

Um, Lab... something I learned early on is not to argue with a woman wearing steel toe boots, with a chain linked to her belt and a nose ring with biceps bigger than my thigh.

But, then again, thats a lesson everyone should learn for themselves. ;)

DDi- did you get fisted?

*raises eyebrow*

You don't argue DDi, you just go ahead and shank them.

Slink away and say, "Indigo Girls ROCK!"

Mad, I believe there's a Crowded House song in there somewhere too. :)

*bleaches eyes and brain after reading Fishy's comment*

Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco... Eyether or. ;)






kat ~ cye

...Food Net seems more interested in her enormous head (big head equals big ratings. Really!) and her cleavage... *snork* Haven't we said this all along? :)

a nose ring with biceps bigger than my thigh.

DDi...never having seen a nose ring with biceps...I'd have to be worried.


Is it Friday yet??

And yes, I know for some people it is. I don't think it is for me yet though, and that's the important part.

Oh...the doorknob I was going to replace? Well, while doorknobs are standard sizes now...this was an ooolllldddd one I was replacing. The hole in the door is too small. And as I don't have the guide to enlarge the hole (although I do have the drill attachment to make the right size hole), I'll just wait til someone comes out this weekend to build desks...and let him do it. At least drill the new hole for me.

Anna Nicole Smith is dead?


*goes to check news sites*


Anna Nicole Smith just died!

RIP, Vicki.

Weather update: you guys really need to come to sunny So. Fla. We had to turn the air conditioner on in the car for the first time today.

Not that I'm complaining.

What's wrong with Cincinnati? I like it here just fine. I never have to run away from home for weeks or months at a time.

Not that I'm inviting any of you here. Just stay where you are, dammit!

Awww Lab!

You know you'd love it if we all came and piled ourselves up on your lawn! Blogchik, Leetie, Jeff and Wurm from the east... myself, Sly and Neo from the midwest... There are too many to list, but what a party THAT would be!

Of course I'd love it.


No, he'd spray us all with his garden hose from the porch.

(The Florida Blogits are unaccostomed to this behavior and we'd strip down to play, ecstatic that he's not spraying bullets.)

Actually, the more I think about it, the better of an idea it becomes.

Cincy is sorta the halfway point for all of us, isnt it??

Ooooh! A MOAT MEET in Cincy!

*packs bags, minus pants*

**seconds Lab's suggestion**

Just kidding, come on down to visit y'all! I would not recommend trying to stay at Lab's place though. Or mine for that matter. There are lots of nice hotels in the Cincinnati area that I can direct you towards.

On Anna Nicole Smith, who freaking cares. Except for maybe the little daughter she left behind that will undoubtedly be better off now that Fruity McNutcake is no longer her mother.

On Giada, there are three main reasons why I watch her show (aside from the obvious cleavage).
1.) The food looks good and it appears that she really can cook.
2.) The cinematography and music makes it seem like you are watching food porn.
3.) Giada has a smile and eyes that say one thing , and one thing only, to me: bat sh!t crazy. It is oddly , a turn on.

Memo to self: Buy guns. And ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.

Hey Brian B! Have you ever tried her recipes? Sly and I can vouch for at least one of them... the short ribs. OMG. DELISH!!

Ah, but Lab, that we are accustomed to.

I tried to make one of her recipes, but MY HANDS WEREN'T BIG ENOUGH!

*pinches Labs cheeks*
*fails to mention which ones* ;)

Awww! Come on Lab! It'd be fun! You could hose us all down as Crash said, we'd strip, the police would show up and arrest us, Dave would have to bail us outta jail, Judi would blog it... It'd be great! Almost like a reunion in Missouri I once went to.

You know what they say about a Lab's hands...

I cant leave it alone...

The issue isnt the size of your hands Lab, it's the size of your head... ;)

Lab, I promise I'd stay off your lawn.

Everybody just STAY AT HOME! Sheesh. I haven't even met Brian yet, and he only lives two miles from me. I like to take things slowly.

I am going to HAVE to start riding my bike again or something. These newspaper people are deadly.

A friend of one of them brought in a HUGE HUGE jar of snack mix. White trash in fact. Chex cereal, pretzels, cashews, chopped up caramels and peanut butter chips covered in white chocolate.

They are going to have to lock that stuff up.

But I met you.


And I met sly so only 2 degrees of moatie distance. And since I sleep with Weasel everynight it just the same as if Lab and Weasel have slept together. Please don't rip ouot any chest hair.

Mad...I didn't need that image.

*giggle* I just checked my email. Two identical emails, to my station account...warning me that action is required, my eBay account would be unlinked to PayPal.

1)I don't have an eBay account.

2)I have never used my station email for anything of that sort.

3)There is, of course, no number 3.

*zips in with straight hair from great sushi lunch*

wolfie, that was a terrific link and not just because the great Bourdain wrote it. He feels the same way that I do about Sandra Lee, which is the same way sly feels about brussel sprouts. :)

Oooh! Sly, since I met Lab, and Lab's met you, and you know Mad, and Mad knows EVERYONE... I bet someone around here knows Barry M, and if someone knows him, and Mad knows that someone....


Sandra Lee = Brussel Sprouts.


Eleanor- On the 17th I have to attend my boss's daughters Bat Mitzvah. What is an appropriate gift? Is there something traditional or just anything that I would normally give as a birthday gift.

*snork @ DDi*
Well Di I have stayed at the Hilton in Veg@s where Mr. Manilow performs. I have even slept there so I guess you could say I slept with BM. Hmmm now that just seems wrong!


*wets self*

Mad, can I touch you?? ;)


Sandra Lee = Brussel Sprouts

both are good topped with melted butter and parmisan cheese?

Mad - fountain pens used to be the traditional gift for Bar Mitzvahs, expensive ones.

Cash is a big present, but that's mostly from relatives.

I wouldn't do clothes.

I have a great book, big coffee table type called Great Jewish Women. That would be a wonderful Bat Mitzvah gift, inspirational, and it is a celebration of her becoming a woman. So maybe that would be a starting point for you.

There's an Israeli gift type store that has interesting jewelry, not too expensive, but I don't know if you could get stuff in time. I'll e-mail you the link, and the Simon Weisenthal Center in L.A. has a good gift store, they may be online too.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it should be celebrating her passage into becoming a Jewish woman.

Mad, cye....:)

Trillian, you made me hungry... for corn chex.

Trying to get some information, I apparently cut off the MOAT and lost my post. DUMB!

Mad, you win - Jackie (NOT ME) went to see BM in concert but she never slept with the guy!

According to The Weather Channel, the cooler weather earlier this winter is causing the snow problems now because the Lakes didn't freeze and hence they are still picking up snow.

But it's all in a narrow band along NY 81, so:

Syracuse 4 inches
Oswego 71 inches
another town north of Oswego whose name I forgot (Parish?) 88 inches

/end weather geekdom

Lab, I though DDi hit the relevant point - it's the size of your HEAD, not your hands!

Wolfie.. thank you and CYE

*sneaks into Lab's back yard while he's standing guard on the porch*
*leaves pants*
*runs away*

Well, the fence and gate are painted, but the gate still is not hung. We're working on it, and the cordless drill ran out of charge. My jeans are paint-spattered (Because it's a similar shade of blue, I'm calling it a fashion statement instead of a clothing disaster.)

RIP Anna Nicole. No one deserves to die young, and no child deserves to lose their mother when they're so tiny (if memory serves, the wee girl is only about 6 months old.. maybe not even that)

mmmmmm chex mix

Trillian, I'm with you on the brussel sprouts, butter and parmesan.

Sandra Lee, who looks like she's anorexic, made the following.
She mixed a can of chocolate icing with a stick of soft butter, put it in fridge to harden, took it out, rolled it into balls, rolled them in graham cracker crumb and called them cookies. ISIANMTU.


brussel sprouts have a higher approval rating than our president.

thats just so very wrong. on several levels.

Did anyone else happen to see Sandra Lee make this lovely treat?

*leaves a few things lying around for anyone that looks at the recipe*

Sarah, I looked at that one.

I have no idea what, if anything, she was thinking with that one.


Channeling sly, who is unable to post:

Can you "channel me", please, and post the following? Thanks. This sucks.

I was listening to the radio on the way home, and they were talking to their reporter in Hollywood who was covering the pre-Grammy hoopla. The guy in the studio said "I guess the tragic news about Anna Nicole Smith has put a damper on the festivities, huh?"

Reporter: (pause) uh, not really. (silence) I mean, some people have mentioned it, but people seem to be quiet about it so as not to bring down the mood.

Yeah, that's why they weren't talking about it.

I hope her little girl has less of a trainwreck of a life than her Mom and brother had.


On the weather front; Meghan's boyfriend (from Syracuse) flew in tonight. We were wondering if the weather would be a factor, but he had no problems. Oswego is only about 40 miles from Syracuse, so they squeaked by on that one.

OK, I'm going to hit "post" with no hopes that this will go through because I'm on my home laptop, which has issues with Typep@d.

Sarah, I looked at that one.

I have no idea what, if anything, she was thinking with that one.



Document contains no data, hmmm? Watch this double post.

But...I wanted to add...tonights Good Eats had angel food cake. Yummy, plain angel food. No apple pie filling, no corn nuts...nothing.

sly says,
Sarah Lee made that Kwanza cake because she drinks.

she makes drinks with everything. wonder what she makes to go with rice crispies?

i would pair rice crispies with something fizzy, like a Champagne Cocktail

See above. That would be Sandra Lee, because everyone knows that Sara Lee makes much better products. :)

And yes, Sandra Lee makes a cocktail to go with every meal. It's the only thing I've ever seen her taste.


I just printed out the coupon for Staples at the top of the page, since I need a new ink cartridge for my printer, and it's only good where Dave lives.

Is that fair?

Not at all, Laynie.

I wouldn't consider the Kwanzaa cake a recipe when all of the ingredients were bought pre-made. That's assembly instructions. The cake, the frosting, the filling, the topping.. all you do is add cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla to the frosting. That's not baking.
/purist rant

Happy Birthday, Trillian!

Happy birthday to Trillian.

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