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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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At one point I was tempted to watch Grease, but B stopped me. Actually, he threatened me with a spork in the eye if I even reached for the remote.

Di, I probably didn't see that one. I DO remember another one I liked. The King Crab commecial; where all of the crabs on the beach pay homage to the cooler with the two beer bottles (Bud) sticking out of the top, resembling a giant crab.

*claps wildly*

OOOooh! YES! That one was funny.


Too bad the frogs are gone. They were the best.

Some let Jeff know we've moved!

... good.

Sly, the crabs were funny and I agree that I like teh "connectile dysfunction" one, but the Times was right - the violence was excessive. The "slap replacing the fist bump" was particularly bad, I thought.

DDi: Jackie watched a little of Grease in the other room, but it was mostly after the game ended.

Good morning. Did someone say coffee?

Nice final catsup Wolfie.

I looked at a couple of the commercials (via NYT) and, quite frankly, "Huh?"

Anyone want to give us the rundown of the sports?

crabs are never funny.


*wonders where wolfie sets her hot butter*

Crabs are entertaining, as long as they are not mine.

right next to my happy place kibby. wanna dip?

*pulls up dipping fork and lounge*

California Dreamin'!!!

Glad I got here in time, my daughter came by and I was LTTG!


dippin fork?

*invisions steel tines*

we gonna need more butter first.

Wolfie, that could be fun! You poke him, he'll poke...

OOH! Look! ---> Something shiny!

*eyes toybox*

i dont think he'd like me to poke him

*falls off chair giggling*

I didn't know Wolfie was into collecting POKEY MON!

Super Bowl PARTY was great. Game wasn't too bad either. Commercials, eeh.

And, I did not get to have it at Beaver.

But, I did have Beaver after the Super Bowl.



I didn't get any before, during or after.

*waves hi*

*doesn't get it.*

But I'm not here.. I'm on my way to the supermarket. You can tell that, can't you?

Me either, Di. :(

And I don't think it's very nice of Mr. Fisher to flaunt.

I agree El. How about all the moatettes gather round Fisher and make him apologize to each of us, very very nicely... you go first El.

Oh, and btw, I think included in the apology should be the use of either honey, or body shots, or body shots of honey. Either or.

dang it, I'm always lttg. Wolfie was showing off her tan lines way up there? And I missed it?!

Still, the butter is good. Is it blog butter?

*gets in line for an apology*

I have been excused from jury duty.

The roll call didn't start til nearly half an hour after our scheduled start time.

At LEAST 30 or 40 chairs had to be brought in due to the crowd.

After roll call, and dismissal of about a hundred people, a question came up that seemed to apply somewhat to me, so I got in line.

And I told the judge I was the news director at the local radio station.

He pointed out I'd get the real inside scoop if I served...I then pointed out that he might not want all of that info on the news.

He agreed and dismissed me.

i thought you were supposed to flaunts it if you gots it

Oooh, NICE, Susan.

I was just allocated monies to take a trip to New York City, from the school!

...AND we're back!

*waits patiently for Mr Fisher's apolo... body shots*

Not-so-good news: on Friday I woke up and I couldn't get up. All the muscles in my neck had tied into a big knot. I had to hold my neck with my hands to support my head and go call a doctor. So painful it made me cry. Now I'm much better, he gave me drugs (I was sleepy all week-end) and I have to wear a cervical collar for a few days. All in all nothing serious, but it was scary, especially when you live alone. I suppose it was stress-related.

Happy news: I have a new flat TV! It's only 15 inches wide but it looks very good compared to my 8-year-old TV, which by the way had been the least expensive of the store at the time but has done a good job until the end!

And I hope to have other happy news about a new job soon. I've had 14 job interviews in 5 weeks...

*shivers thinking of temperature where Peri lives*


A cervical collar?



{{MarieP}} (gently)

Marie!! Owwwwwie!! I'm glad the doctor was able to help. *fixes chicken soup* Whaddaya mean chicken soup won't fix this? I thought chicken soup fixed everything!! Chicken soup, bandaids, and smoochies; feel better soon, MarieP!!

oooh Marie. :(

Maybe Mr. Fisher could give you a massage, oui? :)

I HATE pypetad! I just posted and got "can't find server" and it ate my post.

The main gist of it was:


oooh.. we are back.. and the hard yards on the fence work are almost done. It's just the rest that has to come down. I've also vacuumed. This is my lunch break. I'm using it to watch Dr Phil. Because I only wanted to check the topic, but that guy sucks me in. I'mma gonna be tired tonight.

{{{Marie P}}} I hope everything improves really soon.

*needs a back rub* Sorry to hear about your neck MarieP (((hugs)))

We have female Moaties with bad backs and necks. WHAT happened to the cabana boys?!?!?!



Speaking of cold....Jenni and Tim were going to host a SuperBowl party in their new home; but had to move it to a friend's house. Their pipes are frozen and they haven't had water in 3 days.

They are not happy.

*tries to think of something funny or at least upbeat to say about frozen pipes*

*rubs Mad's back, instead*
*to make myself feel better more than anything*
*leers a little as she massages*

*orders alcoholic drink in LARGE container*

*passes out*

Oops...I sent the cabana boys on a beer run during the game last night. They really should have put their shirts on.

The boys should thaw out March-ish.

News just in from the frozen Northwest of Missouri....the pipes have thawed and they have water.

There was something about a broken water main, 3 geysers in the front yard and a flood, but (1) they have water (b) it was the water company's fault and they called an apologized.

Good news Sly!

*goes to find a cabana boy and help him defrost a little*

I was just allocated monies to take a trip to New York City, from the school!

Posted by: Crash | 03:20 PM on February 5, 2007

...AND we're back!

Posted by: Crash | 04:55 PM on February 5, 2007


*remembers having sex like that once*

The following ReMOAT poll is now closed. Here are the final results:

POLL QUESTION: How are you planning to use the 2007 MOAT Calendar?

Check ALL that apply.

- Printout and cut into Daily pages, 2 votes, 18.18%
- Printout "as is", 3 votes, 27.27%
- Use electronically in Excel, 3 votes, 27.27%
- Use electronicall in Adobe, 3 votes, 27.27%

THANKS! to everyone that voted (some more than once).

TNANKS! to everyone using the calendar.

(anyone miss getting it?)

Thank you for the hugs (and the chicken soup!)
I'm feeling much better today, but if there are any volunteers to give me a massage, I'm sure I could use it, I'll even bring the oil!

{Mad's back}

...volunteers to give me a massage, I'm sure I could use it, I'll even bring the oil!

....... tempting ........

Speaking of Moat Calendar; today is Lame Duck Day.

*exits to check on Federal Duck*

And Happy Birthday to BigD!!!

Weather update: still "cool" in Florida (right, Crash?) and still frigid in the Northeast.

/end weather

Kibby, can't remember if I voted but I'm using the Adobe reader for the calendar. Nice job.

Can't believe I missed BigD's Birthday!


*nudges Kibby*
It's not too late to wish him a happy one!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Burfday BigD! Sto lat!

*fingers freeze and crack off at the knuckle*

Speaking of Lame Duck Day, know how hard it is to find a photo of a Federal Duck?

*zips in*


*grabs box of Kleenex and *zips* back to bed*


would this do?

bless you El

Google shows lots of pages of the Federal Duck in a stamp form - nothing exciting - unless one collects stamps....

However, check out page 4 posted:by!

Scarey! Our post links are being googled?

Happy Birthday Fed!

Oh! I love joke time!

How hard is it KIBBY!?

*sits down and waits for the punch line*

{{Mad}} and {{MarieP}}

BigD! Happy birthday!

Ahh...my glamorous life...I've given the morning show a topic for tomorrow.

The doorknob on one of the bathroom doors here was not working right...two different people, at different times, got locked in and had to have someone get them out. (They locked the door, then the knob inside just turned freely, without unlocking itself. I wouldn't think they'd have a problem if there had been no one here; I, at least, never lock the door to the bathroom if I'm here alone.)

Anyway...I took the knob off to work on it.

Apparently no one else here knew how to do that.

I also will be able to put a new doorknob on, once we get one.


(Hmm, is that spelled right? You know what I mean...)

Darn! I missed the punch line!

*kicks a puppy*
*the puppy shatters because its frozen*

Hey, have we heard from Wolfie? Is she frozen too?

*gets down on knees to examine shattered bits of puppy*


Frozen! DDi. THAT HARD!

Happy Birfday BigD!!!


YAY! for birthdays!! and birthday cake!

Happy Birthday, BigD!!

*giggles at Trillian's link*

I'm telling!!! Mooooom! Di busted Wolfie!!!

*gets out rubber cement*

*hee hee "rub her"*

Getting out the "rub her" cement is something that's bound (har) to get her attention!


due to circumstances beyond our control, wolfie is currently unable to access the internets

during this time of crises, we ask that all really pervie comments, suggestions or innuendos be held in reserve until such time as the problem is corrected

thank you for your cooperation, and God bless America

we now return to your regulalrly scheduled program



*puts rubber cement back in toybox for use on a later date*

*leaves a little something in Wolfie's chair for when she returns*

Happy Birthday, Big D!!

*Tries to piece puppy back together.*

I can make it Better, Faster, Stronger.

happy birthday, big d.!!!

Happy birthday BigD

ooh.. the 6 million dollar puppy!

*stealthily replaces one puppy piece with a tinkertoy*

*leaves a little something in Wolfie's chair for when she returns*
Posted by: Kaffy (In Disguise.. With Glasses)

If that is a whoopie cushion you are in SO much trouble, young lady! (I want one, too!)

*zips in from sick bed to wish BigD a Happy Birthday*

My symptom are increasing by the moment. :(


Nope.. it was something Wolfie would enjoy a bit more than a whoopee cushion... but you can have one of those AND a whoopee cushion. Just don't confuse the two when your visitors arrive...

BANGI *hug!!*

Mitch is gonna get himself into so much trouble...

Bangi!!!! *hug*

Stick around a while!

*tries to think what we said about Mitch*

*can't remember*

(Yes...we just said it. I know. I don't remember everything.)

Even though the office is like a meat locker, my bread molded.

I am most displeased.

*zips in* (sluggishly)

I took a long nap, just woke up, and - wait for it - I'm still sick!!!

I've been sitting up for about 15 minutes now, and I'm fading fast.

Back to bed.


Soup! Lots of soup! And fresh produce! And nutella! And pasta! Lots! STAT! And maybe a moatarita!!

Anyone here?

*crawls in*


Fence report: The fence part is done. It seems whoever hung the gate (before my time) did a bad job, and it isn't even with the fence line (which I, of course, never noticed.) So the gate has been taken off, but the rest of the fence is fenced!! *Wheeee!*

Also, thanks to Susan, my fence is famous... well, in Cheraw, anyway.

(Sidenote.. spellcheck didn't like Cheraw.. it suggested Che raw and Cher aw... it recognises CHER, but not Cheraw? There's something wrong with that.)

*waves at sly*

El- Weasel was sick all weekend. Just sleep and eat soup as already posted. It doesn't seem to last too long.

Ooops, Susan, I meant Whitt. Or Mitch, or whomever was on with you this afternoon.. when you were talking about the astronaut lady.. *snicker*

Laynie, feel better soon & take care, okay?

I used to fence!

...both definitions.

*enters wearing surgical mask, gloves and spritzing a big can of Lysol*


Kaf has been fenced in?

Happy belated birthday, BigD.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive - and still pretty sick. Thanks for all your suggestions. I've had chicken noodle soup, beef barley soup, fresh fruit, and I'm still the same sick.
Mad, I hope I follow in Weasel's footsteps and wake up tomorrow somewhat better.
My nose hurts, as does my head, my eyes are still watering, and my stomach isn't doing so great either. :(

What I haven't had, because I don't have any in the house is chocolate. I feel that a candy bar might do the trick, but alas, don't have one.

This stinks.

No chocolate in the house? For the love of pete, woman, call CG, call your friend B, call your daughter! For heaven's sake, get someone to get chocolate there STAT!!!!

OK, I've been getting caught up on the news.

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AT NASA?!?!?!?! Sheeesh, Nutz in Space.

While NASA says her status with the space program hasn't been affected, I'm sure no one is going to want to go on a spacewalk while she's around. And now, thanks to her, whenever I think of astronauts, I now picture them in diapers. Of course, I don't often think of astronauts, so it's really no biggy.

Oh, wait. There is that one fantasy.


OK, that's now ruined.

Laynie.. I have some chocolate I'm not eating... do you want some of it?

birds do it, bees do it
people who work in zero-gees do it...

yeah, insom, but apparently they are wearing diapers while they do it.

No one will bring me chocolate because everyone knows I'm on a diet. When my daughter came here this morning with soup and scrambled eggs with onions (which made me sick, but I digress) she said, don't look for chocolate because I didn't bring any, just sticking to your plan....

I guess they don't know about the "sick" exemption.

I'm going to bed now. I've been sitting up for 20 minutes.

*slugs out*

Laynie, I'm dieting... they're only small bits of chocolate (less than 1oz..) I've got the ones in the red wrapper, it's dark choc. Blue is milk choc, and white is white choc (naturally!) Last time I had one, I got the shakes because I've been avoiding sugar and caffeine. It was really tasty, but I think I could have done with about half, rather than the whole thing


I'm not feeling so hot myself. I felt kind of ill at lunchtime...but it passed. Then this afternoon I started various, erm, gassy problems at both ends, which stress can do...no big deal, it will pass, but also felt ill. Very ill...which isn't normal for that.

It was bad enough to the point that when Whitt and I were finishing up in here, cleaning up our clutter, etc, he commented that I looked like I wasn't feeling too good. Hmmm...in an enclosed space, burping in a rather foul manner (and trying to subdue it) and trying to not get sick...I guess I didn't look too healthy.

So what did I do? Took a nap after supper (and felt better til I got up again) and watched Boston Legal...and now have to record the news.



*sprays more Lysol* Sly, I think you missed a couple of Moaties.

David Letterman on the Crazed Astronaut:

One small step man; one giant leap to the nut house.

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