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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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Kibby, put your fingers on the right keys...;)

psst! Di! He's speaking in code.

*breaks out of 'code talkers'*

kibby NOW has a DVR sitting in FL to send tv shows to his PC sitting in CZ! YAY ME! I can now record ALL those shows of which you speak for viewing at a more 'reasonable' Prague-hour.

So far, on the list:

Family Guy
American Dad
Simpsons maybe


*head palm*



*wishes someone would*

Susan, could you please play Garden Party, Rick(y) Nelson. I haven't heard it for ages. Thx.

(wolfie, dear, you do have to come up for air every now and then)

Posted by: Mr.Fisher | 09:53 AM on March 2, 2007


you told me you hate it when I break a good rhythm
*dons snorkel*

Thank you Susan. *smooch*

Damn. I just found out that Buffett tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. at Nissan in VA, and everything's sold out.

*sigh* Remembers coming up for air!

(heh heh, I said coming, up, and air)

DDi, done and done.

Brian, my thoughts and prayers are with your family!

*watches Wolfie and Fishy-moo* That's got to be worth bonus points. I've never seen that done cross-species before. Judges? What do you think?

Sounds like some good concerts are happening.

OOooooh.. Time Of My Life! Nice, Susan! *visualises younger, semi-nekkid Swayze* *melts*

Kibby: My Name Is Earl

No... I'm saying Kibby should DVR it. The show. My Name Is Earl. No, I'm NOT confused... I know my own name, dammit!


sounds like brians having a fish sandwich for lunch

Also, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Brian...my thoughts and prayers with your family.


The engine was designed to fall out at collision? Gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! With my luck if I had a car like that the engine would fall out with no warning.

*watches wolfie and Fish*


My daughter woke up this morning, with a blind spot in one eye, like she gets before she gets a migraine. I insisted that she go to school, at least for a while, anyway. She cannot miss her English class. She had an assignement due, today. That she did at the last minute last night. She also, A)couldn't do all of it, since she didn't know how to do it (despite my telling her repeatedly to get it done earlier, just in case that type of problem happens), and B)wanted to watch The Office and Scrubs, despite the work not being done. I am, of course, an idiot for not letting her watch the shows.

The point, and I did have one, somewhere, is that despite not feeling good when she got up today, she was awake, washed up, dressed and ready to go in record time. I had her to school and I was back home before the time we normally get out the door. No fussing or arguing either. And she had her shoes on. (Normally she puts them on in the car.)

I got a call later that she was home...but she made it through English and part of P.E. I guess I should be happy.

*flings pants*

It's ok. The Office was a repeat and Scrubs sucked.

I know that, Lab...she didn't watch them either.

Cause, of course, I'm an idiot.

I'm also an idiot when she doesn't have clean socks to wear...

Never mind that I can't wash what I can't find...and she's been told repeatedly to get all her dirty clothes together, and ends up with, among the clothing, 5 socks, only two of which match.

After the sock panic yesterday, which led to her wearing a pair of my socks, she discovered last night that she did in fact have clean ones.

Hidden in her dresser drawer.


Who would think to look there?

Waiting for me in the den are chocolate Fish. Apparently, if I lick the chocolate off, theres a white creamy center. If I believe the packaging.

Fish? Do you have a creamy center if I lick and/or suck long enough?

Kibby; Two and a Half Men. It's on at the same time as "24", but I tape it and watch it later. But that would mean you couldn't tape 24.


mmmmm Chocolate fish.. the best kinda Fish there is. Fishy-moo.. have you considered chocolate body paint?

I think I managed to say "This sucks" seven times during Scrubs last night. It's like they've given up on the show. It's becoming a mockery of itself.


My Name Is Earl
Two and a Half Men

How could I have forgotten that one? (Two and a Half Men) I roared when I saw it!

Last night wasn't a good Scrubs.

I did enjoy the musical though...


tsk, tsk, tsk...

Can I play too? *giggles*

I missed the musical. I don't remember what it was about last week's, but it seemed sort of self-mocking, too. The writers are just marking time at this point, polishing off the finale and looking for a new gig.

So it's jumped the shark now, Lab? We're in between seasons here, but thanks for the heads-up. I did really enjoy it at one point..

We're at 1700-odd comments (and some of them have been odd). We could move if someone would take out the spam. There's only 7 comments!

oops.. that should read move HERE, then I should have closed the link and you can continue reading the post..

I hate to move in the middle of a good Fish Fantasy. ;)

I wouldn't say it's jumped the shark. They haven't really pulled any stunts like that - other than the musical and the highlights shows. I just think they are on cruise control.

But it's so much better when you move a little, El.

That's what you do when you're having a Fish Fantasy, Lab? ;)

Also I wish someone had told that to the misnamed Italian Stallion. We might still be together.
/end TMI!

Well, given that it's got so few comments (it's up to 8 now!), perhaps we can keep it in mind for when the Fish fantasies are finished for the foreseeable future?

I've gotta go get ready to go grocery shopping. Hasta la vista y'all!

What a coinky-dink. I think we're having hasta la vista for dinner tonight, too!

i agree on last night's 'scrubs' but a bad episode is still preferable to none at all...that show has been a 'mid-season' replacement most of the years it has been on... and what is the deal with john mcginley's hair or lack of it?

perhaps zach braff has run out of actresses (tara reid, heather graham, amy smart, etc...) who will be his girlfriend for a few episodes.

I told a guy he hadda coinky-dink once.
He cried.

Did you happen to tell him that after a game of parcheesi? Guys dont like to hear they have a coinky-dink after parcheesi...

I've gotten used to it by now, Di.

what about after a game of "sorry!"?

... or "Go Fish"



Psssst... Does anyone else have a DB desktop calendar??? Is anyone else falling outta their chair laughing at todays note??

*raises hand*

I do, I do, and yes, it's so funny because it's true.

Me too, DDi. I brought this month's pages with me.

Kibby, don't forget The Ovary Channel.

Can't believe Lab didn't remember it to you.

We saw The Departed. Not pleasant. Well done, mostly well acted and scripted, but how come nobody warned me about the idiot woman shrink character? To say the role was unplayable would be fair, but why did they hire Audrey's virtual sister (from 24)? Every time she started talking I started moaning... and not in a good way.

Was it the Best Movie of the Year? How can you compare it to the other nominated films, or Dreamgirls for that matter? I can't. It's just too subjective. I was glad Scorsese won, and Mark Wahlberg seemed to be having a great time with his role.

mad scientist weasel type person - although not close to the coast , if your path brought you close to the wv.-oh.-ky. area, you all could drop in...

I just realized it's Friday night!!

*strips off pants and swan dives into the MOAT*

*runs through sans pants*

Hey!!!!! I'm not working! I could have an adult beverage or possibly two!

I've had my adult beverage for the day. Technically, not a beverage, given that I ate it with a spoon, though.. it was daiquari slush. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmelt in your mouth goodness...

Today, I have shopped for food AND for a bit of bling. And had my hair coloured and styled. And had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. It's been a tough day, you understand.

But I did miss the Fishy antics. Also, can someone please tell me (seeing it's almost midnight) what the Dave calendar quote is/was?

(((((Brian, Pam, Jackie))))

Kibby- make sure you get The Office. I love, love, LOVE that show.

Mad and Weasel--would love to meet up with you in NYC when you are in town. (I am near NYC, but frankly why go here if you can go to Manhattan? I mean REALLY.)

Oh, and--OMG! Tonight I finally watched the Battlestar Galactica pilot miniseries with my friend Krystal and I am *HOOKED*. Good thing I've already got season 1, now she wants to watch that with me as well.

It's not just the special effects (which are AWESOME), it's the characterization, it's the plot. They really know how to make the story hit home. (And really, the basic premise is rather horrific--last survivors of the human race and all that.)

I *highly* recommend that all ya'll go out and watch it.

Mad and Mike; if your route takes you through St. Louis, let me know. It would be great to see you again. I can't remember when you said you'd be traveling, but Mid-April through June/July-ish, I'll be in trial in California.

In other news, I fell on my a$$ on the dance floor at the Ritz tonight. I won't say *hic*, because, basically, that's implied.


oops, that one slipped out.

ps, I was not driving.

*loves Sly some butt butter with a hope for great improvement.*

Today, I have shopped for food AND for a bit of bling. And had my hair coloured and styled. And had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. It's been a tough day, you understand.

Whoa, Kaf, sounds like a big day.

Any occasion or just pampering yourself?

Mad, already e-mailed but if you guys feel like a tour of Bay Ridge when you're in town we can show you the sights, such as they are.

Another hot one today, about 86 but humid, so may will probably go to another movie to keep cool rather than the original plan of a walk to the beach.

Big night on The Ovary Channel for Jackie tonight:
rerun of the last Nora Roberts movie (Carolina Moon; Jackie criteria #1, romance), followed by a possibly fact-based criteria #3 movie (disease of the week) starring Ken Howard as a guy who gets Alzheimers and Melissa Gilbert as his daughter.


And how are you this fine Saturday (or Sunday as the Kaf may be)?

That should have read "we will" go to the movies.

This was the first time in WEEKS that I didn't get the robot! What happened?

Paging Crash, paging Crash...

I just read your blog re your trip to NYC - sounds like it was terrific. Especially the part about getting to go to a private party AND get food there. :)

Is Debbie Harry as tiny as she looks in her music videos? And as pretty?
This inquiring mind wants to know.

Whoa.. quiet morning..

Jeff, all the primping is for the run-up to my father's 60th birthday next weekend. I'd get it done closer to the time, but it's hard (hehehe!) to find time during the week when I work all day and don't have personal transport so I can't just go out when it suits me on weeknights. That isn't really a whine, or it's not meant to be. It's just the way it is, and things got done yesterday, so I'm happy.. although I hope I can tone down some of the hair colour by Saturday. It's quite bright at the roots, more so than the rest of the hair, and not much like the colour the model was wearing.

Laynie.. according to IMDB, Debbie Harry is 5'3"

Jeff, a warning for Jackie, Carolina Moon is the one with the really bad southern accents. I didn't mind the movie, but the accents were killing me. We don't talk like that around here.


A thrilling Saturday here in the Carolinas...I did do a little yard work though, so I haven't been completely idle.

Sly, how did you make your chicken saltimbocca? The spaghet con asparag looks great, but I served spaghet last night. Do ya mind hookin' this goombah up with the recipe?

El, I saw Blondie several times during their heyday. Debbie was very petite and pretty then. Now, she's not so much of either, although I don't think she's gotten any taller.

I've seen some fairly recent music videos and yes, she's still small, but has aged, but then haven't we all?

IMHO, time has been less friendly to Debbie than to some of us (me for example).

apropos of nothing... i liked the geico caveman commercials but... a whole series?

(have the geico people ever acknowledged their debt to Phil Hartman's "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" character?)

anyway, will the wacky neighbor be the woolly mammoth from 'ice age'?

When I saw the commercial where the caveman is at his analyst's and his mother calls and he says "I'll put her on speakerphone," a movie crossed my mind. But I agree, a whole series?

Actually, the opposite of the caveman in modern times has been done as a TV show. Does anyone remember "It's About Time?" It's about two astronauts who travel faster than the speed of light and inadvertently go back in time to caveman times.

Theme song:

It's about time
it's about space
about two men from the human race....

and it goes on from there.

Admittedly, it was on a really long time ago. Like, the 60's, man. Imogene Coca was in it.

I found it on IMDB: It's About Time

also joe. e. ross, yes i remember it...at one point they brought the cavemen into the 'present', too...
i do remember we went around saying "ooh, ooh! gronk hurt finger!" for weeks...

ooh! ooh! I remember Joe E. Ross. Toody and Muldoon.

Car 54 Where Are You?

That's when tv theme songs were great.

There's a hold up in the Bronx,
Brooklyn's broken out in fights
There's a traffic jam in Harlem that's backed up to Jackson Heights
There's a scout troop short a child,
Khrushchev's due at Idlewild!
ar 54 where are you?

Fred Gwynn was Muldoon. Their sarge was....... Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster)

Of course we geezers remember "It's About Time" - a "classic" of bad 60s sitcom, from the same era as My Mother the Car.

IMDB says Jerry Van Dyke turned down the starring role in Gilligan's Island for the latter.

Susan, Jackie says first of all that you certainly don't sound "Carolina" at all (and she's jealous of the way you talk) and second, as someone who hates it when people do a terrible Brooklyn accent she can agree with your comment about Carolina Moon, which is about to start.

She found a new book today that really has to be a classic of some kind: Wet & Wild by Susan Hill. The blurb says:

"What do you get when you cross a Viking with a Navy SEAL?"

I couldn't even begin to answer that one, but maybe if the Geico Caveman series is a hit this will be next.

I just tuned in to Carolina Moon and I agree; those are some bada$$ accents. Jacqueline Bissett's is the worst of them.

.........and they're using the wooden dialogue generator.

You know how, if you've read a lot of Agatha Christies and other mysteries, you can generally see where mystery plots are going well before the detective gets to the answer?

No? Well, Jackie and I often are well ahead of where the plot is going, and this holds true on true crime as well. But then, most cops will tell you that most criminals aren't too smart.

Anyway, you probably heard about the two teenage girls who robbed a bank and smiled for the camera. They got away with a "substantial" but "undisclosed" amount of money, apparently just by asking for it.

Jackie immediately wondered if the teller was in it with them, and sure enough...

"What do you get when you cross a Viking with a Navy SEAL?"

Erik the Technically Proficient?

I'm picturing a guy in dress Navy uniform with one of those hats with the horns.

And a beard.

It looks like a Viking somehow ends up in the present...and a SEAL. I think.

Book 2 in the series has a Viking woman in the present, with a SEAL.

Update: I'm not watching but from what I can hear Susan is right, many of the accents are atrocious.

But Oliver Hudson is actually more natural an actor than his sister, IMHO. Of course, he never shaves.

A Viking time travelling and ending up in the future? Who would have thought of that? (with a nod to the fine freaks at DB4Prez) I bet Susan Hill didn't think of adding Dave Barry to the script, though. That's the sort of thing you need to make a really believable story.


*runs through Moat, catapults off the top of Huey, skims the greenhouse, slides off the roof and lands smack dab in the middle of the Jello Hot Tub O'Love*

Aaaaah! Boysenberry!

Quiet Saturday night on the MOAT. Or was everyone watching the Ovary Channel?

Jackie says the Hallmark movie - Sacrifices of the Heart - was poorly written. She also suggests it would never have been made (or the book published) had it not been written by Patti Davis.

Hmm... quiet Sunday on the Moat, too.

Maybe the whole stripping thing is scaring everybody away. I apologise. You can come back now.

Happy Army Day!! It's not? It's March Fourth.

*ducks and runs*

(I thought I posted this earlier but didn't see it. Maybe I inadvertently posted it on a thread on the MB)


We are really exhausted. We went for a walk on the beach today, literally. That is, we went down to Delray and walked through the woods and then across the dunes. We walked for about a mile along the sand, which was clearly very good exercise. The weather was much cooler and the wind was really blowing. A few guys were out parasailing.

I'm here...putting the news together.

And also recording some commercials.



I'm not making this up.

Beaver Chiropractic.

I may have a hard time recording.

Excellent. Maybe Fish can do a conference call-in recording.

Oh, gas prices are up another 8 cents, to $2.49.

Oohh...that's a good idea, Jeff!

Although I'd probably giggle even more.

In channel surfing, I note that one of the Ovary Channels is showing the gold standard in movies for them: My Baby Is Missing.

I'm SOOOOO not going to watch that.

That's the second-fastest heinz ever. The fastest would be this morning, when I had one comment to catch up on.

Stinking hot day, sick baby, and I have no idea what the price of petrol is.

Busy weekend. Drove to Vienna for a boat show. It was disappointing. BUT, I got a replacement GNOME for my sister's Christmas present. The original was DOA on my FL trip. Sunday was spent sanding boats parts for fresh varnish.

Tonight, varnish and check out the DVR's recordings (Family Guy, Simpsons & American Dad) from last night & begin sail repairs. Or should that be repair sleeping bag?

Ok, repair something!

*leads an exciting life*



... wrong. It came back...

Roboty test!

Happy birthday, Steven!

Good morning and Happy Burfday Steven! And many many more!!! May your day be filled with coconut clad ramparts and scatilly tiered grass skirts! *smooch*

I think I bruised my coccyx!

Aww, Labby... What did we tell you about partaking in extracurricular activities on the stairs!??!

Happy birthday, steven. Visit us sometime.

I thought the ultimate Ovary Channel movie was "My Baby is Missing and My Husband is Trying to Kill Me".

"My Parents Just Died, I have Cancer, My Baby Is Missing, My Husband Left Me, and My Neighbor Is Trying To Kill Me"

Dont forget to add "..and the dog ran away with the cat".

....And My Teenage Daughter is Having Her Stepdad's Baby...

^alcoholic teenage daughter

...And So is My Sister.

*doesn't know Jeff's sister*

*decides "camio" isn't in kibby's future*

Today on Lifetime Movie Network:
A pregnant actress (Joan Van Ark) takes on a second job as a cabdriver in order to pay off debts that were left to her when her husband (William Baldwin) left her for his secretary (Yasmine Bleeth). She lands a role in a film where a town's sheriff (Merdith Baxter) is stalked acquitted murder suspect (Brian Dennehy). But mystery surrounds her real-life after she takes in a boarder that she is convinced is her son who was just released from prison after accientally shooting a jewish shop owner (Burt Reynolds) during a botched robbery. He is actually a disturbed artist (Tracey Gold) that took over her son's identity after killing him.

Jeff! Don't talk about your sister that way!

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