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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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I reread that.

I meant shoot! SHOOT!


are jeff and i the only ones who remember that the 1986 'the fly' was itself a remake? my sisters are i saw some sequel with i think, vincent price, and were terrified of thr 'disintegration machine' for months...

*throws an 'and' up there...*
it was probably this movie...

insomniac, when I read the story, I was surprised it mentioned the 1986 version and didn't say anything about the Vincent Price movie. That's similar to reviews of the Broadway version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels being based on the movie by the same name....but totally skipping the part that the movie version is a remake of The Bedroom Story starring David Niven and Marlon Brando. (which was a GREAT movie, btw)

*shakes head* These kids today seem to think no good movie was made before the '80's.

*wraps shawl tighter around shoulder, grabs walker and shuffles out of the Moat*

*runs after sly* (slowly)

Hey, you forgot your bonnet! :)

*debates watching Bringing Up Baby or The Philadelphia Story*

Good movies.

Of course, I did get to watch about 20 minutes of a true classic tonight.


Too bad I had choir practice and had to leave...

There were movies before 1980?

*ducks* Kidding! I'm kidding! Please don't kill me. I knew the Goldblum version of The Fly was a remake. Had heard (and promptly forgotten) that DRS was based on another movie.

*snork* at Chris Rock.. I can just hear his voice in my head.

*still laughing at Crash*

... I don't know, I might have sat next to O.J.

Really, how many chances does one have of that? I'd drink milk though.

OJ? Preferrably with vodka. Lots of it

If Chris Rock's voice is in your head, (1) don't listen to him, (2) seek professional help. Immediately.

If you hear OJ's voice in your head, EEEEK!

I awoke this morning to balmy weather, chirping birds....and a weather forecast that includes the word "tornado(es)".


OJ? Preferably with vodka. Lots of it.

Amen, Kaf. Ditto.

Sly, I saw that St. Louis was in the "severe weather" zone this morning. Remember to DUCK!

Florida weather: warm. Tomorrow: HOT! Like 88-89 degrees hot. Cold front Saturday night and cooler (70) on Sunday.

/end weather

Gas prices up 8 more cents this week: $2.37 is the cheapest price this week.

I woke up this morning and got myself a gun. Mama always said I'd be the Chosen One.

Seriously, Jeff - first the Ovary Channel, and now Oprah? Is there something you'd like to share with the group?

I just read this sentence on a web site I frequent, and fell in love with it:

"Then the aging air conditioning unit conditioned its last air and died."

*zips in*

That's a great sentence Lab. VF!

I paid $2.93 for gas, the middle one. From the NYTimes News Alert last night:
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Historian, Dies at 79

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., the historian whose more than 20
books shaped discussions for two generations about America's
past, and who himself was a provocative, unabashedly liberal
partisan, most notably in serving in the Kennedy White House,
died tonight. He was 79.


Oprah is queen of the ovary channel.

Sly, hunker and gird!

I think we'll be seeing severe weather here later today. Chance of showers and thunderstorms later on.

High of 70. Gas is, I think, about $2.23 a gallon...and my car is near empty.

Gas prices are rising, I think we're near $2.49 or maybe even more. It's time to buy a donkey and buggy.

The weather is INSANE. Snow yesterday during the day, pouring rain all night, thunder sleet this morning, more rain expected this evening turning into snow tonight.

I have a hair ache. Have any of you ever had one? I wore my hair in a pony tail yesterday, and today my hair hurts. /end complaint

On the upside, it's Thursday. Only one more day before I can strip off my pants. :)

kibby's weather - YEP! Got some!

Stay tuned for our four-caste at 11!

I just checked to see how much donkeys eat. Forget the buggy, I'll just ride the jackarse. ;)

Susan, can you please play "Bus Stop" by The Hollies, for National Umbrella Month? If you have it available.

Also, I'd like to be the FIRST! to wish everyone a very Happy Kidney Month!

I'd request Keller Williams' "Kidney in a Cooler", but I doubt seriously if Susan has it. She's not insane, folks.

Only two days later
On the way down to Deep Elem
We broke down in Oklahoma
Where a wind come behind the rain
We got towed to a town called Perry
Where a woman's car took priority
She had a kidney in a cooler
So two nights we had to stay
So she could deliver the kidney, oh yeah
Deliver the kidney
Deliver the kidney
Deliver the kidney
Deliver the kidney, oh yeah.

And, I guess Ovary Channels would be more accurate than Ovary channel. Ova channels? After all, Jeff We have several choices: Lifetime, WE, Oxygen, and Encore Love. The horror choices!

The MOAT calendar says that today is National BEER Day in Iceland.


*sighs happily*


Maybe that's just what I want you to think, Lab...

(I don't have that song though.)

kibby's been sure to have a 'hair ache', and he's sure Lab has too... toe nails hurt too, but that's because of something totally different.

We can't leave out Lifetime Movie Channel, Lab. Oh the moronic heart-tugging movies they show.

I won't admit that I've gotten sucked into involved in theme-day movies.

I knew I was leaving one out! It shows up in my on-screen guide as LMN. I had no idea what it was. I took one look at the movies that were showing and shouted said, "Lifetime has a movie channel?"

I like to watch the first 5 minutes of a movie on Lifetime. All of the movies have one of three beginnings. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to imagine what they are.

missing child

dying child
spousal abuse

teen pregnancy


gotta go!

Lifetime movies are about beer?

I've missed those, apparently.

Last nights was almost unwatchable...other than for the unbelievable aspects of it...Fred Savage being a scary abusive high school student.

So, basically, we're saying the Ovary Channels are stupid because they deal with "female issues"?

Does this mean that the dysfunctional angry family over at OCC is OK because that's manly stuff?

Those are the themes of the movies. I'm talking about the opening scene. You either get: The Bad Guy® going about what looks like mundane tasks, but then you discover he's about to commit an Evil Deed®; a victim, going about some mundane act (often driving), and then becomes the target of an Evil Deed®; Sad people gathered around someone who is sick.

They're stupid because the scripts are crap.

I'm sure that if more beer was involvee 1. the scripts would be better, 2. the plot would be better, 3. (know where this one's going) and 4. after a few, who'd care?

Ah, movies following life. The way it was meant to be ...

Yeah, but the scripts cover the same material every time because people watch them.
My mother watches almost anything that declares itself "based in fact" (with some characters and events added for dramatic purpose). She says to me "Did you see/Do you want to see 'All the little children are dying'?" When I say no, thanks, she says "But it's a TRUE MOVIE!" I say "But that doesn't mean that I want to watch it. Fact or fiction, I have to be interested in the subject matter" "Well, it's on the DVR if you change your mind". We have this conversation every couple or three months. And now she's discovered the Documentary Channel. *headdesk*

Lab, there's also (what I consider to be) a fourth beginning scenario (which you may consider covered by #2) where a family/friends group is together celebrating a wedding/anniversary/birthday, then the focus narrows to the person who gets sick/killed/loses the plot/starts committing random violent crimes/descends into a world of drugs and alcohol, abandoning their family and friends

IMHO the bad scripts come from someone trying to take everyday, normal life, it's ups & downs, something tragic happening AND MAKING IT EXCITING!!!

Let's face it folks! Which of us would sit through 2 hours watching our life on TV!?

... well, besides the stalking part ...

*goes to compress 48 years of stalking into a 90 min. Lifetime Channel "special" (isn't it?) - beer WILL be involved*


Oh yeah, Kibby? My hair never hurts.

I'm in, Kibby! And I know a 7th grader who will write the script for us.

*sees that Lab "gets it"*


Posted by: kibby F5™ | 12:30 PM on March 1, 2007

In my experience, if you have to ask a guy if he's in, you might as well NOT get it.

lab gets hair joke

gads, women

Yeah, what neo said.

What if the MOAT women want to "be in" too?

*stands with hands on hips waiting for answer*

Afternoon MOATies!

I have not heinzed at all since returning from my travels, however, a brief skim of the last 10 posts or so has told me that I may have come in at an interesting point in the conversation.

Headline on a Dave MB post:

Cow Forces Beaver To Land on Interstate

*wonders if Mr. Fisher is somehow involved in this*

hee-hee ,eleanor said 'hips'...

Brian, two questions:

1) Do you have a tan?
2) Do you still have nose hairs?

*waves Hi & Bye*

Even though I have responded to Ddi via the tubes of the interwebs, I will clue everyone else in.

I am only mildly sunburned on one arm (the one hanging out the window) and ehile I was in some 3rd world areas of Jamaica, it was a lot of fun and we met some really cool Jamaicans, especially the construction site guy that carried a .45 in his waistband.

As I already told Ddi, but it needs be mentioned here, I ate goat! Let me tell you, curried goat is amazing. I'm not kidding! It was really good.

Not as good as the jerk pork or chicken, but pretty d@mn tasty!

The food this past week in Austin, was not as good as the food last week in Jamaica.

heh heh
yes I did

And what's up with this?
Di and Bri
sittin' in a tree...

Yes, we are, and yet, we are not. *giggles*

Whoops! Austin! You went to Austin!?!? (I think I said S.A. in the e, sorry!!) I *heart* Austin. But you're right, the food is nothing to write home about.

El, did you think you were the only one that I had surreptitious email contact with?

I'm sorry sweetie, I'm just not a one woman by email kind of guy!

Now, don't be jealous, there's plenty of Brian B wit to go around!

Brian B, does your wit move from East to West, or West to East? Or do you go in circle?

Wait. What were we talkin about? ;)

Normally my wit hangs a little to the right....no, I don't think that's what you were talking about....my wit is better used with my left hand...that'll work.

**is slightly delirious today**


My wit does the Hokey Pokey and it shakes itself around. That's what it's all about!

Bri, you could detect my jealousy in what I thought was a totally innocuous, non-confrontational post? *snork*

And I thought I was being sooo casual. :)

Brian, I e-mail with others too. Neener! ;)

I never email anybody.

My wit has a funny odor.

Kat ~ the eagle has landed and will be slipping into a sugar coma shortly. thank your mom muchly please :-)

I don't email that much.

I'm not Whitt-less today.

I don't know why, but "innocuous" always sounds a little dirty to me.

Jackie says she hates the "wife stalked by husband or wife beater/abused women/damsel in distress/women in jeopardy" - add your own choice phrase - Made for Lifetime tv movies.

She likes "the romantic ones" and (her phrase) "disease of the week" movies, factual or otherwise.

Unlike Lab, I've never watched one of them, even for 5 minutes.

But then, I don't wear dresses either...


I was just catching up on some of my shows on tv.com and they indicate that Rescue Me will air Tuesday, June 12th.


I'm also a week behind on Heroes and hope to catch up from this past Monday's tonight, so no spoilers anyone!

Jeff, you were talking about one of them last week. And comparing it to another one that you had seen.

*hands Jeff a napkin for the egg on his face*

*snickers off to the bus stop*

Brian - It says "coming soon" and then underneath June 12!!!! I suppose that's soon in the history of the universe, but not so much in my world.

BUT, the very cute guy who plays Carlos (?)(the one who lost his daughter) was in The Devil Wears Prada, so it was fun to spend a little time with him.

My friend Henry watches the Lifetime Movie Channel.
He says: "Don't be ashamed, some of us do it in the hope that maybe their will be nudity, others just love a simple story of a man who loves a woman and then tries to kill her."
And he named another friend of mine the "Honorary Holder of the ROD."

IMO, any man that watches the Ovary Channels by their own free will should just hand over their guy card RIGHT NOW.

And don't go comparing it to a chick watching football, because THAT is hawt. It would be more like a chick watching the fishing channel.

I once dated a guy who read Cosmo and "chick lit". Reason: he wanted to know what women like.

He sure knew! However, there was that temper that most women don't like that he couldn't seem to corral.

Pity, really.

As Gilda would say, It's always something. :)

*zips out*

I just visited the MB, something I rarely do anymore. The people there seem to be playing twister... with BACON butter. Is this a new flavor of Blog Butter for the PORK lovers among us? Or is this some bizarre twist of fate?

(Heh heh, I said PORK)

Twist of fate, I think, Neo. We've never (to my knowledge) offered blog butter on the open market.

Wolfie - Mum says anytime, you're welcome, you deserve it, would you like new adoptive parents?

Brian, that sounds like a wonderful time! I love me some jerk chicken! (Yes, I would go to Jamaica for no reason other than the food. And possibly the music.. and maybe the rum)

Hi everyone I haven't heinzed since whenever I last posted. It is crazy busy for me right now. I have over 1000 pages of essay questions to grade! Bleh! Also a grant due at the end of the month.

Just wanted to say two things:
1. Weasel and I will be road tripping the east coast the first week of April so possible blogmeets in NY, NJ, VA and any point in between. If you would like to possibly meet up email me.

2. Whomever is responsible for next year's calendar I have a request. I recently found out that April 3 is Happy Cheese Weasel Day. Can it please be added? I have no idea what it means, but Weasel loves cheese so it seems fitting.

Hope everyone is well. I'll check back when I can.

*requests grant from Mad*

Mad, if you're in Florida that week we could meet up, but that's my spring break so we're heading to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale again. It's such a bother that we both have daughters in my favorite state.


Hi'ya Mad! I've added your request to our list-o'schtuff-for-da-calendar. :) The road trip sounds like fun, and moatie meets to boot!? WOOT!

It's snowing here again btw. Not that THAT's news. Me thinks it'll continue snowing until June. *sigh*

Rita, have a great spring break in the Sunshine State!

Good morning. What a nightmare. Sorry I didn't get back to wipe the egg off, Lab - I remembered the Nora Roberts movie after going offline - but I was glued to the set (and yes, it hurt) for hours watching TWC, CNN & MSNBC about the tornado in Alabama. (Of course Fox News Channel couldn't break away from the more important stuff - Anna Nicole.) Then this morning I heard about the one that killed 8 in Georgia and the bus crash in Atlanta that killed the college baseball players...

*crawls back in bed & pulls covers over head*

Hot Hot Hot today.

Slight MOAT update/corrections (besides my mea culpa before):

1. article was wrong; Arthur Schlesinger was 89, not 79.
2. "Franco" is the character on Rescue Me played by Daniel Sunjata, who was also in Prada.
3. no three

stop that!

*puts pants BACK on*

fine, ya 'ol sour puss.

on third thought..........

*takes off pants again and fashions a windmill out of them for lab*


Kat ~ if it gets me regular shipments of yummies you betcha

*flings pants on Labs lawn*
well.. I have to bail out the basement anyway so I don't really need them.


right arm!

Wolfie's gonna "bail" me out in the basement.

Good gravy, I sure do love Fridays.

(wolfie, dear, you do have to come up for air every now and then)

*looks at hashbrown*
*looks at Fish's gravy*
*looks back at hashbrown*

Morning MOAties! I hope that everyone is having a nice Friday.

Some unfortunate news out of Cincinnati that I hadn't shared yet. Skip if you like.

Early Tuesday morning, P's brother was involved in a pretty bad car accident. Thankfully, he was the only one involved. The car is totalled, and he is relatively OK. Stitches and staples from one eyebrow to the other, a hole in his face that they are as yet unable to close, and some stitches in his knee.

The car he was driving probably saved his life. He went through a fence and into a telephone pole, head on. The car was designed to drop the engine at collision and the motor was sitting in the middle of the road after the accident. The front end was absolutely destroyed. The airbag probably saved his life more than anything as all of his head injuries were from slamming into the windshield.

Anyway, like I said, he is recuperating and things could have turned out a LOT worse.

/end down-bringing Friday news

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Friday frivolity.

*zips in*

{{{Brian and Pam}}} But it sounds like he's going to be OK, thank goodness. :)

*throws pants on Lab's lawn and goes searching for wolfie and Fish*

{{{{Brian & P}}}}

You guys are in my thoughts... Keep us posted on your B-i-L's progress, k?

read as: "stiches and staples from one elbow to the other".

... gotta bring my glasses more often.

Make sure brother in-law knows we're pulling for him!

Wow, scary, Brian. Glad he made it OK. Airbags are definitely life savers.

Best to you all.

They have brought The Departed back to the theaters since it won the Best Picture, so we'll get our chance to catch it this afternoon - and get out of the worst of the heat.

A question, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions:

I got two e-mails in the last 3 days from LiveNation, who are putting on Steely Dan concerts. SD is performing at the Beacon Theatre in NYC on May 21 & 22. Tickets are going on sale on Monday but there is an internet pre-sale today, and they gave me the password (we must have bought tickets to a previous LiveNation event).

As it happens, Jackie is having minor surgery (definition: minor surgery is surgery someone else is having) on the Friday before the Monday/Tuesday concerts, and though she'd probably be able to go we both thought it better to not take a chance and let her rest a few days. The odds are there will be a summer concert tour.

Anyway, to make an endless story slightly shorter, I decided to check on the tickets just to see what was available, but 9 minutes after they went on sale there were NO tickets available!


Jackie suggested they only put a few seats on sale, but the regular tickets go on sale Monday. Will they be sold out too? Have scalpers already taken them all?

Brian, Jackie wanted to know: what kind of car was it?

And we've been here a month now. Any chance for a move?

*checks Steely Dan online ticket reciepts*

26, 27, 28

Jeff? You looking for a couple?

Mad, I love Happy Cheese Weasel Day - too funny!

I'll make sure Peri knows about it.
Oops, did Di already say that? Well, IMO, there's nothing worth saying that's not worth repeating. *giggles*

Jeff, you've been there a month already? You should probably stay a little longer, just until the weather warms a tad back home, dont you think?

You can say that again El! *smooch* Peri will get the info on Cheezy Weasely Day. :)

Speaking of the moat calendar...

You are numbly requested to please send me an email at the attached email addy (tis correct here). It is absoTOOTly pertinent that you do so at once, and only once.

Thank you.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

*strips off pants and rolls them into a ball*
*uses a slingshot to shoot them onto Labs lawn*



It was a 2006 or 2007 Mazda 3 series.

They showed it on the news early Tuesday morning. My buddy over at Channel 9 sent me the unedited footage of what they shot at the scene. If anyone wants to see it, drop me an email and I'll forward it over.

Is this in regards to what we talked about earlier this month for the calendar? If so, I still owe you what it is that we spoke of.

OK Brian, that's it for you!

And I think you know what I mean.

*wants to show she can talk in code too*

*winks at Brian*

Yes, and yes. I'll take payment in full at your earliest convenience, but no rush. We have some time. Matter of fact, we prefer that you not rush, its always best to do these types of things nice and slow, and make every move deliberate. *giggles*

Sounds like Brian is in trouuuu-ble!

akke;w, k wosve8 oithao j2wohtn!

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