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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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Happy birthday, Peri! And I want an iguana. But we have to live somewhere warm so it can live outside.

Again, and I can't stress this enough.

Fish make GREAT pets.

upside: we are extremely colorful.
downside: nobody drinks like us.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish a very warm Okla Homa Happy Birthday! to my favorite Canuckie - Miss PERI.

also, it's Two for Tuesday.

Good morning and Happy Birthday Peri!!!


Hope it's a great day for you.

Jackie used to make mac & cheese using velveeta (™); yum.

If you want a lizard, come to Florida. All I have to do is step outside the door and there they are, scurrying around.

*zips in*

Birthday, Peri!

Let's have cake!

They wanted to wish you a Happy B-Day too!

We saw a huge iguana at the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale. It must have been 5' long. It climbed a tree but took off when I tried to get closer.

There was also a fox living on the grounds, and it came out and looked around the yard for food while about 20 people were walking around.

I'd give just about anything to go to Florida now.

Peri! Happy birthday!

El, it is blushing bunny that I make with the cheese and tomato soup. I think, perhaps, I had the recipe on the the recipe den, the link to which I do not have handy.

But a quick search found this...


2 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 tablespoons flour
3 (10-ounce) cans concentrated tomato soup
1/3 pound cheese, cut in small squares
Salt and pepper
16 slices of toast
Melt butter or margarine slowly in kettle. Blend in flour. Mix until all the lumps are gone. Add soup, just as it comes in the can. Stir to combine. When thoroughly heated, add cheese. Stir gently until melted. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve on toast.

I've never added salt and pepper, I make it on the stove, not in a kettle over a fire...and it works on saltine crackers too...

I also tend to just use American cheese slices, usually 4 or 5 to a can of soup.

Or a nice chunk of velveeta...

Hmmm...grilled cheese and tomato soup would be good for supper...but I started a crock pot beef stew this morning.

I wish I had an aquarium so I could have a FishPet. ;)

Thanks Susan!

Also cye as soon as I write it. :)

Of course, looking at that recipe, I use one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of flour for ONE can of soup...and about 4 ounces of cheese. And far less than 16 slices of toast.

You can tell I looked over the recipe closely...

Of course, it was one of the first ones I found that didn't have dry mustard, tuna, or other odd ingredients.

We saw a huge iguana at the Bonnet House in Ft. Lauderdale. It must have been 5' long. It climbed a tree but took off when I tried to get closer.

Rita, if we saw that Jackie would still be running. She doesn't even like little lizards.

They say tropical fish are very soothing to look at, very calming. My father had a big aquarium when we were kids and we did enjoy them. In Vegas there is a big tank in the Forum Shops just outside the Cheesecake Factory where I stand and stare every time we go there.

They have rays and some really big fish.

*wonders why Fish is getting into those brightly colo(u)red latex pants*

I'm convinced that Velveeta exists so that those of us who can taste food can avoid those of you who lack that ability.

happy birthday peri! when insomniac, jr. had a snake i told him if it got loose, i was moving out until it was found...

Anything that is labeled a "food product" is not food IMO.

*joins Lab on his lawn*

Cake and Nickelback! HOORAY!!

Fish of the Mr variety I would keep elsewhere than the aquarium.

*is evidence of Lab's suspicion*

kibby has 3 tubs of Velveeta in his pantry. One just never knows when a re-supply wagon's going to come by again!

At the restaurant, the package of whipped topping we use on the desserts says that it's 'an edible oil product'. Yum.

Edible Oil Product WBAGNFA personal lubricant with dual purposes, no?


Kibby - these are my "workout" pants.

Peri- feel free, to keep me where you like, so long as it's wet.


Fish - figured you were getting 'dolled' up for the tank show!

Peri!? Watching?

We went to the Newport Aquarium the other day. While I was looking at the clown fish, I kept thinking about Mr. Fisher. Not sure why.

Anything that is labeled a "food product" is not food IMO.

Amen, DDi. I was also thinking about that "pasteurized cheese/food product" or whatever they call it in the ads.

Line of the day (from Joy Behar on The View via Jackie)- after talking about the James Cameron/Jesus's tomb thing: "Let Jesus...and Anna Nicole Smith rest in peace."

Ok, I ended up buying some mac and cheese at IGA...real mac and cheese. They do make some good stuff in the deli...and this is the real thing. No boxed, cheese product here.

I make my mac n cheese from scratch... I've bought the boxed stuff, but I can do it better, so I don't do that any more. Also the cream at my place is fresh not canned and the cheese is not plastic. Yes, I'm a food semi-snob (I will buy some processed stuff, but not much). Also, they don't sell Velveeta or Cheez-Whiz here. Shame about that, really. You can buy the fake whipped cream in cans, but I find it waay too sweet.

Peri - I'm glad you're having a great day! Enjoy it! Every year I think the same thing, which is "She has the same birthday as Gran!" but because of the time diffs, for me, yesterday was Gran's birthday and today is yours (Gran turned 87!)

Today is my due date. Yep. I should be 33 now. One whole month (although, at least it was the shortest month of the year!) before my actual birthday. My mother is still upset about it.

I wouldn't be running from an iguana. I wouldn't be running to it, either, though. I think we could peacefully coexist, as long as he/she didn't show up in my bed (or anywhere else in my house).

*considers blushing bunnies* Hmmmm. Interesting. I wonder what they did that made them blush so..

Putting fake whipped cream, or even the real thing, on mac n cheese is just gross.

I rarely make my macaroni from scratch. And I've never made my cheese from scratch.

I tend to use fresh milk and starter cultures. You never know what's in your scratch. You could end up with green cheese.

oooh Susan, I love this song - Arthur -, you hardly ever hear it anywhere anymore.


*is completely confused*

Jeff, the food product that I am talking about is velveeta. Didnt you say that Jackie made a mac n'cheese from velveeta and it was "YUM"? How can you agree with me saying Eww, and then you say Yum and yet, we are on the same page?

I must have a disconnect somewhere.


*hits the deck*

I volunteer to plug you in.

Somehow, that sounded dirtier in my mind.

I think what Jeff is saying is that Velveeta is icky, unless he's eating it.


Labby, does that mean I'll be getting plugged, or will I be doing the plugging? Or maybe a little of both? *innocent look*

Thanks for clearing that up for me BTW. I knew there had to be a reasonable explanation.

Your pick, Di.

Velveeta: the yin and yang of Processed Cheese Food.

ok then, where do Cheat O's fall into play?

because I for one, absolutely hate to have to eat them on a daily basis.

Is this something new?

ooh.. interesting, rita! Obviously a Moat-like Message Board for the newer generation! I wonder if just anyone can join? Not that I need another message board in my life.. the ones I have are more than sufficient for timewasting!

I followed a link from last night's 24 thread; it doesn't appear to be more than a few days old. Isn't it interesting how others are coming together like we did?

I said "link". Dirty talk.

Velveeta (Come Out Tonight)

Spread out now Velvee, doctor come cut loose her mama's reins
You know playin' blind chef's bluff is a little baby's game
You pick up the macaroni, I'm gonna pick up salsa too
And together we're gonna go out tonight and make that cheesy goo
You don't have to call me master chef, Rosie and I don't want to be your man
The only food I'm ever gonna need's your soft sweet cheese spread, or some spray cheese in a can
Insomnia's in the belfry playin' with the bats
Fisher man's downstairs in front of the TV tryin' out his attitude on all the
Kibby's on the corner waitin' for the bus
Woflie - she's home in the window waitin' up for us
She'll be there in that chair when they wrestle her upstairs
'Cause you know we ain't gonna leave
I ain't here for business, I'm only here for the cheese
And Velvee you're the one

Velveeta, spread on a little cracker
Nacho salsa hits like a fire
I just want to be your love, ain't no lie
Velveeta you're my tum's desire

*sax solo!*

*sets basket of noseplugs on the Moat counter*

I'm no longer bathing.

*slinks out to go roll in velveeta*

Play it, Clarence!


did I just get to see Leetie have sax with herself?

*blink blink*

*sets the velveeta covered cat down*

*blink blink blink*

I really need to cut the coffee completely out of my tequila.

I was just listening to the radio, and then I realized that I'm actually going to be spending Cinco de Mayo in Memphis.

cool. i May be 2. or I mean 5.

Does spending Cinco de Mayo in Memphis somehow prohibit you from listening to the radio?

YES. to put it simply.

to put it more complicatedly, the radio will be in my beaver.

Why would I listen to the radio while I'm at the greatest outdoor concert on the Mississississississ


rita, that is new. A bunch of MB blogits were e-mailing around a couple of weeks ago. Somehow or other I was included, and after 2 days of e-mailing someone suggested setting up a forum and Clean Hands, I think, did. I'm pretty sure that anyone can play there. I joined up at first but then unforseen events occurred and I opted out.

DDi, sorry for this morning's lack of clarity. The velveeta "yum" was meant to be sarcastic.

I admit that I ate it as a kid, but then I also ate Chef Boyardee ravioli and Hamburger Helper.

I don't now.

Lab, of course Jimmy Buffett recorded Guy Clark's Cinco de Mayo in Memphis on his latest CD.

*snork* at lab's song...from 'the mild, the artifical, and the free cheese shuffle'

Did I miss Clarence?

Even I missed Clarence. Nice musical work, Lab!

Quiet afternoon... but it does make heinzing easier!

I bought a new pair of jeans today.. and the best thing about them? They're a smaller size than I've worn for YEARS! So I'm feeling quite smug about that. Yes, that would be the highlight of my day!

*moon walks across the MOAT's velveeta mess*

*dips finger where wolfie rolled*


*failed to mention he's dressed only with his propellor beenie and penguin thong*

Are the wolfie rolls for breakfast?

Happy belated birthday Peri!

Did I understand correctly? You have to choose between a fish, a snake, and Mr Fisher's snake?

*will keep her choice a secret*

wolfie rolls? breakfast of champions!

Of course Buffett recorded an inferior version of the song. That's what he does. *snicker*

*hits Lab with sock o' nickels*

Careful with those nickels. You know how many cheeseburgers in paradise you can buy with those? You lose those nickels and you're liable to end up wasting away again in Margaritaville. Come Monday you'll have completely forgotten how I made fun of his songwriting. I have an idea - why don't we get drunk? That should bring about some changes in attitudes.

No, I couldn't work "Fins" in there. I tried.

Isn't "Fins" "The End" is some language or other?

*whips out a Sharpie and draws pencil thin mustache on Lab's upper lip*

Yes, it is. Swedish, I think.

No, wait. "The end" is "fins bork" in Swedish. Must be Norwegian.

We are the people our parents warned us about, Lab. I read it on the Coconut Telegraph.

Some of us are looking at 40...

And it's staring right back.

Wolfie rolls for breakfast?


I'm afraid that I've exhausted my Buffett knowledge already. You and Sly will have to continue playing without me.

Maybe Leetie and I can spend the day speaking in Grunge-Rock titles and lyrics instead.

I just had my gazillionth phone call from Meghan today. OK; maybe I exaggerated a little bit. She has mono, feels awful, doesn't want me to go down there to take care of her, doesn't want to come home, just wants me to tell her what to do to feel better, wants her throat to stop hurting but keeps talking and is too tired to go to the drugstore to get some lozenges and hates to gargle.


Is it too early to start drinking? It's 5:00 somewhere.

sorry sly, only 3:47 here! try Russia!

*sees wolfie will not be tempted from going to extremes for a free breckfast*


*looks at tranqulizer gun in his hands*

*looks at monkey in a man's suit on the MOAT floor*

Wasn't me!

*hops up from the floor long enough to say*

Please, if you get a chance, pop over to my blog and vote for the recipe that you'd like to see me prepare, and blog about.


*falls back asleep on the floor*

*looks at hard boiled egg she was about to eat*
*decides the circular file is calling its name instead*

Lab.. voted! Are you sending out samples, or having a testing panel when you cook these?

Sly - it's an hour after 5 o'clock here. Go right ahead. You didn't specify AM or PM, so I'm being generous. *Hugs* for Meghan - I hope she eels better soon.

I personally hope Meghan feels better.

I don't know how to eel.

*covers the sleepy Lab with a blanket*

I've rolled up 100 newspapers.

Ink isn't toxic, is it?


push it real good

I may have to smack someone if I get that song stuck in my head.

No velveeta for lunch today...feta! The Greecian pasta combo from downtown...pasta, with ham, mushrooms and feta. Mmmmmmm......

*goes back to folding papers*

Lunch today, courtesy of Cucina Slyeyes, is chicken saltimbocca and insalada tuscana. I went a little nutz on Sunday and cooked about 5 Italian dishes for this week...and the next.....and the next.

No velveeta, thankyouverymuch.

Sly, I'll be there in less than 5...hours... ;)

Me too! Ok, make it six hours.

Instead of a real ear-worm, I now have the haunting sounds of the Swedish Chef fro the uppet Show stuck in y head; thanks for entioning Fins Bork, Lab.

Neo - trouble with your M key?

I (heart) the Swedish Chef..

I have, today, rolled and banded 200 papers.

Lunch is not yet here. I was told it would be here around 1:30.

*taps toes*

Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn børk! børk! børk!

Susan, der Chef will serve you beency bouncy burger meat! Get your tennis racket ready! However, it will likely explode.

(Yes, Kaf, My M is Missing and if I'm not very deliberate, I miss it when I type.)

So, neo will not be typing "Many muddy monkeys make my mother mad..."

Lunch is here. And I was just being called into use as an assistant for stock photos. (Yes! My hand, holding a pair of scissors, could, theoretically, be used one day in an issue of the paper! Subscribe now! Don't miss this exiting possibility!!!!!!!!)

Er. *shakes head*

What just happened?

Susan, blame global warming, or low blood sugar, or Tom Cruise.

Amazing. I didn't know that tapping one's toes would make lunch appear. I gotta write that down!

Well, Lab, it did take nearly half an hour for it to work...

Not the speediest way to get lunch...but it was delivered. I didn't have to go get it. I had been planning on left over beef stew from last night. The pasta was much better.

Chris Rock is very funny. He's on Oprah - Jackie is watching, I'm listening while typing this - and has had several funny lines.

They showed a scene from his new movie where they were discussing Michael Jackson and his character said he didn't understand someone letting Michael watch their children. "I wouldn't let Michael watch my kids on television."

Oprah asked him about O.J. and the book and he said they should let him publish the book and make some money; "otherwise he might kill someone else."

She asked what he'd do if he saw O.J. and he said he did see him...at the knife store.

I saw OJ in a Japanese Steakhouse one time.

My dad said (and I swear I am not making this up):
"We don't want to sit with HIM."
The waitress looked a little confused, so he continued:
"Big Knives..."


*SNORK @ Crash*

None of Chris Rock's remarks strike me as even semi-amusing.

Crash's dad, OTOH, is hilarious. :)

It was the delivery.

Who says Hollywood has no originality?

Oh, everybody I guess.

I actually might be pesuaded to pay to see some hot girl BLOW OFF Nick Cage's head!

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