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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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For some strange reason, I only like bloody mary's (maries?) when flying. On a plane. Don't ask me why, I just do.

Well, I don't have that particular eccentricity (sp?), so if you're making them, boom boom, I'll have one. :)

Help yourselves. They're cheaper by the pitcher.

Hmmm looks suspiciously like V8...

How's Mad feeling, Mike? (or without the comma) ;)

oooh! I adore Bloody Marys! Why is there a carrot in the pitcher, though? Is the celery having a day off?

Babysitting went well.. kids were in bed from just before the time the programme I wanted to watch was going to start and I never heard a peep from them. Gosh, I love those kids ;)

My phone quite often calls random numbers (never yet a specific person) if I forget to lock the keypad before I throw it in my pocket/handbag. Usually they're not real phone numbers and I hear warning beeps to say "Number won't connect. Should I try again?" Oooops. Maybe not.

speaking of technical problems...i sent this in to the blog:
teacher texts trooper to set up drug buy

Key Quote - “Technology got her this time,” Meadows said. “She learned her lesson. Program your dealers into your phone.” HAHAHAHAHA!

Ugh! Looks like tornadic weather is heading Neo's way. We're having strong winds. Strong. As in my umbrella just didn't turn inside out, it was ripped out of my hands and hit the car next to me, in a non-Britney-going-ape-sh!t kind of way.

Oh. Thanks for the warning Sly. We've been having freezing rain all day today. So with freezing rain combined with ape-sh!t winds... maybe I'll cancel my dinner out tonight.

I was just e-mailing with someone who lives in Arkansas and he said a tornado ripped through a Fal-Wart there.

That happens to Arkansas Fal-Warts from time to time. I think tornadoes mistake them for very large trailers.

For some strange reason, I only like bloody mary's (maries?) when flying. On a plane. Don't ask me why, I just do.

Do you get the glass half full with BLoody Mary mix, then add tomato juice... or whatever it was Sally had on the plane when she met Harry again?

I never order a Bloody Mary as I just don't like tomato juice that much. I prefer a screwdriver.

Insomniac: I sent Dave that story too.

Sorry you Midwesterners are getting slammed as Florida weather is just gorgeous. Today was about 75 with some clouds and a strong (but nice) breeze. We were downtown (as "downtown" as Delray Beach has) and found a craft fair (they were a lot luckier with the weather than last week's Garlic Festival people were). Jackie bought three pairs of earrings.

We also walked by the water and looked at the girls in bikinis waves.

And we had dinner at Outback - the Florida branches have two-for-one drinks at happy hour. *hic*


Now The Travel Channel is showing Memphis barbecue places, including one opened by a former "six figure insurance salesman" who figured it would be "more fun" to open a restaurant.

Looks yummy.

They've moved on to Texas BBQ.

Call the paramedics!

Up next: Kansas City.

Kansas City is all about the sauce, it seems. Now they're doing: which is the best?

(We missed the North Carolina segment.)

Memphis was the runaway winner, as voted by a bunch of cowboys in California, followed by Texas, Kansas City & North Carolina, which nobody liked much.

Hi guys. I had a long week. Church church church and more church. (First week of Lent here.) And of course more church tonight. I left early since the incense was setting off my allergies. I had opened the window and somebody else had then closed it and I didn't want to hassle with the open-close-open routine all night, and I'm fond of breathing.

Tonight I'm going to hang out with some friends and pick up the plants I left at their house at the beginning of Christmas break. Yes, they've babysat my rosemary plants for 2 months! Isn't that nice of them?

It's good to have friends who will babysit your rosemary plants. :)

MiP, congrats on your new job! MiB, glad to hear about romantic prospects--can we hear more about them?


Mmmm...BBQ. The spring festival is coming up the end of March, and my church has a BBQ sale. Yummy.

I have just rolled, rubber banded and added a slip of paper to 100 newspapers.

On the plus side, only one paper cut.

So I will be avoiding lemon juice tonight...

sly, he said since there was a Fal-Wart on almost every corner in Arkansas losing one wasn't such a big deal.

Come to think of it, he didn't say if anyone was in it at the time.

I missed the Ash Wednesday service this year, I had to work since we had a basketball game. I missed being at the service.

Last night I went with a few members of my Sunday school class to a big Christian music concert in Columbia (about an hour and a half from here.) We knew we were leaving late, so someone called the Colonial Center early in the day to make sure we could get in. (General admission, tickets sold only at the door that night.) Oh, certainly. It won't sell out.

So...for a 7pm show (that was to go on 3-4 hours), we got there a little after 7:30. Cars cars cars, church buses, vans...we had to park waaaaaaaaay far away. One of the group walks very fast anyway. That, plus the cold air, plus the fact that I've been really really slack about going to the gym...breathing hurt by the time we got inside. I developed a nice wheeze breathing out by the end of the night.

Of course, the loud loud loud bass music that was vibrating my innards all around probably didn't help.

It was standing room only...and we had to climb all the way to the very very very top. We did eventually find seats, several people stupidly left their seats and we took them.

Good show...but very very loud. In fact I didn't get much of the last artist's songs, I couldn't understand the words. Heard them, yes. But with the overpowering bass I couldn't understand them.

Our group got home around quarter to one...the youth, who stayed to the very end and probably had to fight traffic, got in at 1:30 in the am.

The excitement of my weekend...

And one last unrelated note before I head home to no computer (My daughter has piles of stuff to do...that should have been done long ago.)

Some time back I joined, for some reason, a match service. A free membership, so I can't really email anyone...but it's fun to see if anyone from around here is on there.

I get the occasional flirt thingie sent to me.

I've noticed a huge number of them are rather nice looking guys...from Oakland, CA.

Now, why they would want to know if I'm free this weekend I can't guess.

But what's even more fun is when I get the messages that compliment me on my smile.

Since I have no picture on the site...

Hey Susan, I was just wondering, what band(s) did you see?

Actually one of the guys in my school used to be in a Christian rock band. It started after I had already quit listening to Christian rock, so it was one I'd never heard of. Actually, I still couldn't tell you what it was called. I used to listen to Christian rock exclusively, but now I figure if you can't get regular radio play (cf: Lifehouse, Jars of Clay, P.O.D., Sixpence None the Richer) I'm not going to bother. But back in the day it was my thing.

Nowadays, well, one of my chief goals upon graduating/getting gainfully employed is to see REM in concert. And U2. And Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of my best friends went to the original tour of Lollapalooza. You know, with Nirvana et. al. I'm so retroactively jealous...(Sadly, at the time, I didn't care about going.)

This afternoon was the church youth group's annual jellyflop. Oh, my, gosh. Note from the trenches: The semi-official videographer gets splashed A LOT.

Leetie.. check your email for a couple of shoe update photos.. taken yesterday before I went shopping. The shoe had disappeared by the time I got home.. I'll be sending them from my mobile, so depending on your sp@m filters, you may have to retrieve them from your trash..

I have been on Amazon trying to finish stocking up on books for my classes now I've gotten my loan check. Lordamighty, it's ridiculous. It shouldn't cost 1000 dollars to stock up for the semester! It certainly didn't cost this much when I was in undergrad. 10 years ago. Oh, guess that's why...inflation. It's still hideous.

I know there are subjects where a single textbook will set you back 100, 150 dollars--but those classes, you tend to just need the one. (Am I underestimating the prices there? Godforbid I should turn into my dad on this.) In my classes, you'll need about 10. They range all the way from 14 to 70. Get enough of them and howl in pain at the price...

I haven't actually bought them yet, they are sitting in my inbox while I contemplate.

If I had a job, I'd have money for this; but if I had a job, I wouldn't be doing this. Curses, foiled again! :)

Kaf, were you the semi-official videographer? That sounds like such fun! :)

Oh yes, I was. I came home (car seats covered with towels just in case!), stripped off and headed straight for the showers to wash the jelly (Jello) out of my hair, eyebrows and other nooks and crannies. I also ran a wash containing only today's clothing. It was, however, great fun.. and was started off by our pastor, wearing full snorkeling gear (no O2 tanks!) and carrying a blow-up kickboard. Definitely worth the mess!

Ugh. Still can't sleep! I can't believe this. I've never had insomnia for this long. And it seems to be getting progressively worse, not better. I've never known it to last more than a week before.

I think I'm going to have to start severly limiting my caffeine intake. I'd say quit, rather than severely limit, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do that. But I'll try a strict no-caffeine-after-noon rule and see if it helps.

Blogchik - Try the Bach flower remedy for insomnia - I think it's called Sleep Remedy - it's the Rescue Remedy with a few other things thrown in to help you get to sleep.

Ooops.. shoulda Googled first.. Bach Rescue Sleep

Yay for Kaf doing the jello slip 'n' slide and the MOAT stripping off thing.

Other news from yesterday:

We saw our first ever 'Hawaii' license plate (on a pickup) yesterday - yes, we lead an exciting life - don't know how he got here or what he was doing so far from home.

It's not all that unusual to see Hawaiin and Alaskan license plates here. I've been told it's due to Scott Air Force Base.

A couple of years ago, a friend in KC said she was going to come to town to visit a friend who was stationed at the naval base located here.


We have a naval base?

Turns out we have a base-let; some offices at the airport.


A naval base in the heartland? WTFBBQ?

Alaskans seem to travel more, or maybe they're just more visible where we go. We've seen Alaskan plates here (in fact, we saw one yesterday), in Arizona, even a couple in Brooklyn.

I like to (nerdishly) keep track of the different plates we see when traveling. The only states we haven't seen on this trip are North & South Dakota (I know there aren't that many people there, but the ones there are don't seem to travel far), Kansas & Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and, surprisingly, Iowa and Arkansas.


Quiet morning.


*strips n runs to the Jello Slipe n Slide..*

misoverheard at basketball game...

"hayes is being charged with #2"

*thinks that certainly would count as a foul*

*also thinks a frozen jello slipe-n-slide would be painful*

Is anyone blogging the Oscars tonight?

Sly? Wurm?

My phone quite often calls random numbers (never yet a specific person) if I forget to lock the keypad before I throw it in my pocket/handbag.

Kaf, your phone dials random numbers ON ITS OWN?

WTFBBQ? How does that happen?

No Oscars for me.

Blogchik, it was Winter Jam 2007. (G00gle for more...) We did see Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp (The overpowering bass...). Also George W. Bush impersonator John Morgan. NewSong hosted, but we didn't hear them sing, getting there late. Also Sanctus Real, Andre, Tony Nolan, and Hawk Nelson.

Only had heard of Steven Curtis Chapman and NewSong.

Steven's son's band The Following was also there.

On a completely different note, *giggle* I had a message from Natureboy. Bwahaha. He still wants me. He has a funny way of showing it, but it did make me giggle. I don't want him, but it amuses me that he is still interested. (I haven't seen him since, hmmm, around May of 2006...and have talked with him only a few times since then...)

At least, with him, I'm just not that interested. He doesn't creep me out like the guy Friday did.

Make that May of 2005.

Nearly two years now.

Jeff et al,

Blogging the Oscars- I'm here!

Been busy IRL of late and so, so, not heinzed, but hi everyone!

Oscar topic over on the main blog, too...

Jeff - if I throw the phone in my bag/pocket without the keypad lock on, every time it gets bumped, the number registers.. when I bump it enough to hit the "call" button, I could be calling anyone/anywhere, but it's usually nonsense.. 21**3750#34 or something like that.

It's stinkin' hot here today.. someone said 33C at one point today (around 95F or a bit over..) and no real cooling breeze till this evening. I shouldn't complain, but it makes for grizzly small children and a loooong day.

33 C = 91.4 F so between 91 and 92...

Ah.. thanks, Insom! I just generously guesstimate, unless it's for something important (cooking temps etc)

Early morning phone call from someone who didn't realize his cellphone had called me. Have you ever accidentally called anyone?

Posted by: slyeyes | 08:58 AM on February 24, 2007

Apparently kibby's cell phone called sly's at 1310 Czech time (0610 local) and tried to arrange a night cap. But was told it didn't have a chance for a relationship ...

Quoting Blogchik "Foiled again"!

Speaking of Naval bases in the heartland. The Czechs were to recieve a submarine from the Russians as part of their debt repayment. We could invision a sub cruising the Vltava river.

Prague weather:
7 C
slightly overcast
Gas/Benzine/Petrol 28.5 Kc/litter

Oh, Gas/Benzine/Petrol in:
Austria - 1.06 euros/litter
Germany - 1.24 euros/litter

Over to someone else...

Liter only has one T, unless that's a European thing.. although the European way is usually to spell it "litre"

Thus endeth the English lesson.

I was talking about a group of puppies ....

*goes to fermenting tank*

*acknowledges spelling error*

Oh. I thought maybe the EU was starting to pay for petrol with puppies and kittens.

Sorry, Wurm (& others), that I didn't blog last night as planned. At one point the power went off in the whole condo (at least this section) and when it came back I just never got back online.

I did watch the Oscars, the whole endless thing. Kaf, do they show it live in New Zealand? And if so, did you see any of it?

Oscar review? Anyone? Bueller? I haven't checked the MB yet.

I know I'm a geezer and a snob, but when I watch the Oscars I want to see awards presented by Pacino, DeNiro & Hoffman, not Biel, Maguire & Dunst.


I mean, I could give you a list of 50 (or more) past Oscar winners who could have been sitting in the audience for all we know and who could have been featured but were never shown. So much for Hollywood honoring their past. But I've made that argument many times before, so I'll stop.

Didn't see any egregiously hideous dresses a la Bjork (anyone?) but Cameron Diaz's hair looked like it had just come through that Arkansas twister.

I thought they were smart at the beginning to "let Ellen be Ellen" after the Jon Stewart mess last year, but as time went on her shtick got a little tedious to me.

So. Fla. weather: a warm week (mid-80s) and also a rainy one (at least the next 2-3 days).

Over to you, sly.


... that would have happened Sat.

*hopes she got cake all over Mrs. Blog and The Dave*

Just caught up with the MB Oscar thing. Sly & annie did a particularly good job. The fashion trend of the night seemed to be long straight hair and shoulder bows.

And WTF was J.Lo supposed to be? Cleopatra?

Just caught up with the MB Oscar thing. Sly & annie did a particularly good job. The fashion trend of the night seemed to be long straight hair and shoulder bows.

And WTF was J.Lo supposed to be? Cleopatra?

Whoops, sorry about that.

Damn you, bot!

Jeff got Blogged! yay

Jeff.. except for the year Anna Paquin was nominated (1993, best supporting actress, The Piano), I don't think they've shown the Oscars here live.
Usually it gets shown on Monday night on whichever channel bought it. This year, I was a bit irked.. TVNZ got it, and they put it on TV1 starting at 10:15pm. Then, (I'm presuming) because it wasn't live, at 10:45.they took a break to put on their regular half-hour news bulletin. WTD? They could have played the news first, THEN played the Oscars in one block.. it's not like they were playing them in primetime, anyway. I watched the first half-hour, but I had to get up in the morning, so *shrug* I went to bed. They'll probably put the whole thing on again this weekend in the middle of the day, anyway. I may watch it then, if I get the chance.

*considers juiced puppies as a source of gasoline* Hmmm... maybe not. *smooches Kibby* Sorry to pick on you, hon.

*grabs a puppy and runs for the juicer*

Hey, with gas prices being what they are, I'll try any source of fuel!

*clears throat*


Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety nine bottles of beeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr...

Move to Iran, DDi - I was watching a travel guide to Iran last night, and apparently gas is only 14cents NZ per litre (56 cents a gallon). There's some great food, too!

Sure, access is restored to me and everyone takes the day off.

I know I'm not Jeff or Blogchik or MiK, but sheesh Sly.. I didn't know I was no one.... :(

Iran would be wonderful, except its not quite that safe over in that part of the world right now. I'll stay here thanks.

Blech. Fyi, the beef burritos from the frozen food section at TJ's are not yummy, at least IMO. They taste kind of, cardboardish.

*waves Hi*
*disapears back under her biohazard suit*

Before I posted, the last comment that showed up for me was Jeff's from 10:12 this morning.

This still isn't working right.

Sly, you're broken. I think you need some blinker fluid and two aspirins. ;)

I am doing everything in my power to avoid werk, and as such, have just read that Krispy Kreme has announced they are now going to make a whole wheat donut. WTFBBQ? Now they have to go and make even whole wheat stuff sinful??

Naw, it just means that the donuts won't taste good anymore.

DDi...at least you don't have someone just leaving the donuts at your desk. I left to run errands (after an oh so healthy lunch of...spaghettios...I should have left to RUN)...and just came back in.

A box of Girl Scout cookies appeared.

I swear I'm gonna explode. These are some eating people. We had that huge jar of white trash...hit pretty hard at first, but there are still some bits left in the jar.

Then last week a jar of peanut butter filled pretzels appeared. They are nearly gone.

"Jar of White Trash"? Whazzat??
Can it be eaten with a spoon? Does it get topped with hot fudge?

JAR of white trash?

I thought they only came in trailers.

Jar of white trash...this one was small pretzels, chex cereal, cashews, chopped up caramels, peanut butter chips...covered with white chocolate.

It was yummy.

Speaking of recipes: Are any of you also subjected to someone bringing that horrid abomination called Hanky Panky to every get-together that you attend?

I never considered Hanky Panky to be a horrid abomination...

Then again, my definition may be different from yours.

Back from NY, it was cold.

What is this Hanky Panky of which you speaketh?

Crash, I'm not talking about the activity. I'm talking about the snack.

DETAILS!!! What's in this snacketh!??!

everybody's gotta have their own Fish sandwich these days.......

geez, where's the dignity.....

*notices the windows been open for some time now*

A fish sandwich?

Sounds interesting...

Can you make mine a double? Fishy? Please? With extra sauce... on the side. ;)

Hiya. Did Trillian say I got posted? Gotta check in a minute.

Today was warm and VERY VERY HUMID with torrential (but brief) showers this evening, so it was movie day in south Florida. I saw The Last King of Scotland while Jackie opted for The Painted Veil.

COming UP!


I will not accept just ANYBODY's Hanky Pankying.

*zips in*

Did I hear there was hanky panky going on? I'm in. :)

My baby does the hanky panky.

DDI- My guess as to what Lab is referring is Hamburger, sausage, velveeta and tomato all cooked together

DDI- My guess as to what Lab is referring is Hamburger, sausage, velveeta and tomato all cooked together

Sounds good, Mad. Well, maybe not the velveeta (™).

Whoa. Deja vu again.

I have no idea about the price of gas round here. I haven't driven anywhere in a while. Which is sort of sad and horrifying if I think about it.

Currently my car is covered by a thickish layer of snow. I should have unshrouded it by daylight. But I didn't.

I think I'll go nuts and order myself a pizza. I could just drive there, but then I'd need to dig out my car in the dark. NAH.

In other news, this has been one of those nights where I call lots of people and nobody's home. Oh well!

Ohhh...velveeta. With hamburger and tomato? Yummy.

There are times when something like that is what I want.

I think I need to go buy some velveeta. With a fridge here at work, I can keep it here.

Of course, I just opened a big hunk of cheddar...but I've been in the mood for velveeta...

Melted...on something or other...

I was just thinking about that tonight Susan. I made a grilled cheese sammich and tomato soup for dinner and I was remembering that cheese/tomato soup dish you made. I never did get it right, so that's why I went for the soup and sandwich.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of my FAVOURITE meals!

Jeez louise I really want that now. Excellent comfort food and I need that. My babies the guinea pigs had to leave today =(. My allergies got so bad even the pills didn't control them anymore. I'm so sad and J is crying all over the place and blaming me.
I may have to buy her a leopard gecko to make up for this and I REALLY don't want a reptile in the house.

peri- better a gecko than a snake!

Amen, Insom.

Peri.. that's sad.. *hug* I hope you feel better soon, though.


*wonders what gecko with melted cheese is like*

oooh... Happy Birthday, Toots!

Gecko with melted cheese?


And Happy Birthday, Peri.

happy happy peri!

Thank-you very much!

There's not enough guilt in this world to put a snake in my house.

The last time we where at the pet shop J got the clerk to get a ball python out of it's tank so she could hold it. She said "Mom, it's so cool!" From the look on my face (from across the other side of the store) she figured out all on her own that a snake is no-go here.

What I really want is a globe fish tank, sort of like this, except with black fittings and on a black stand. And I want to put one of these and one of these in it.

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