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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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I forgot about the Request Hour today due to the holiday and was watching a TV program I taped last night, eating oatmean and drinking hot chocolate because it's cold, windy and pouring rain here, but I got bored - ooh look, something shiny - came in here, saw Susan's post, smacked forehead and turned on WCRE - just in time to hear Fire and Rain - yay. :)

What's happened to the backing tracks on WCRE? Is it me or did they just not sound quite right?

Clapton was "burbly" if that makes any sense.. James Taylor started out the same way, but .. um, never mind. It seems to have cleared up.


Kaf...I haven't heard from MiB...and I don't know why the audio would sound odd. Some of the music I play from an online source, which can be a bit off, but one of the ones you mentioned was from here in the studio.

Hmm. I hit post, got the bot, and mistyped it. I then went back a page, to where my post was waiting to be posted.

Let's see what happens now...

Leetie, how does "SOFERIOUS FOCCATA" sound for a boy?

He'd be called "Sofie".

Or "Focca".

DDi, great, especially if the rest of his name is N. Fugue.


*zips in with clean body and clean hair*

Susan, do you know WCRE is out?

WCRE is out?
With who?
For how long?
Doesn't she know its a school night!?

El, nope...didn't know.

There may have been an internet blip...I'll check it now.

Should be there now...at least it was a minute ago.

Yes, MoatMommy...WCRE won't be out late.

(Susan, the guardian of WCRE, won't be out late either. Handbell practice, and a practice of the choir anthem for Sunday, since she'll miss choir practice Wednesday night.)

I'll try again too.

Working fine now. :)

Taking advantage of quiet time on the Moat, The Cloaked One and The Little One sneak in and start slapping "Dave Barry For President" bumper stickers on various surfaces".

The Little One, whose real name is Soferious Foccata, accidentally sticks his cloak to the Moat Bar with a couple of the bumper stickers and needs help getting lose.

As they slip out of The Moat, The Cloaked One gives him a little smack on the back of the head, thinking "What a little focca."

*snaps pictures of The Little One and Cloaked One as they run through*

Stoopud cramcam! Never works when you need it to! :( Who were those masked maniacs!??! And why didnt they stay to play? We have blog butter and jello!

It wasn't me. I've been sleeping! I tried to read and lasted about 10 minutes beforzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Me neither El! I've been werkin, then I finally had a minute to czech back in and WHOA! There they went... WHOOOSHHHHHHHHHH!

I tried to post over and over two hours ago but f#8king pypetad just ignored me.

First, can we please move? This is too slow, especially on crappy dialup.

Second, {{{neo}}}.

Third, there is no third.

Fourth, I forget what I wrote two hours ago!

Weather is improving here, slowly. Jackie's sister is here until Friday. I had more car trouble (not mechanical this time, at least) today, which was a pain.

Oh yeah, Kaf, I have to robot EVERY SINGLE FRICKING TIME.

And lastly, I really hate pypetad.

/end mini-rant

Werk? What's that?

I've been at handbell practice. Which would have gone better if it had been more than three of us plus the choir director. I also had a couple run throughs of the anthem for Sunday with the choir director.

Poor man...having to listen to me sing allll by myself.


*Makes a note of something to play tomorrow*

As far as moving; will that solve the problems? We're only at 1020, which I THINK is on the low side for us. I've seen posting complaints on the Main Blog. I think it's just Pypetard being ignernt.

1. We've only been here two weeks.
2. There's a problem with TypeP*d, it's not the MOAT.
4. People on the MB are complaining about it too. And are having the same problem with other TypeP*d blogs.

So moving will NOT solve anything.

Oh sure, move when I just get here on a shiny new iMac....

Weasel, that makes you the Mac Daddy! Though, Mad already knew that, didnt she? (Of course, we did too)

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM! I don't wanna move! We just got here, and the natives finally got used to us stripping off our pants on Fridays! Do we hafta move? Do we?? Cant we just stay a little while longer? Like maybe another 1020 more comments? Maybe?/end whine

*grabs a piece of cheese and skips off*

WOW and Congrats Mike, on the new puter. Does that mean we'll be seeing a little more of you and Mad?
*hopeful look*

How goes it?

It goes well. I still dont have internet at work but at least I can stop by after work and school and weekends! (if Mad lets me..:)

Well , anything is better than nothing. Has it been raining sideways all freaking day up your way too?

It's starting to annoy me. :)

MIKE!!!!! Welcome back!

El, I LOVED Studio 60 tonight. We'll discuss after you've seen it.

I'll set the tape sly, so if I fall asleep I'll watch it before I come online in the morning. I can hardly wait.

MIKE!! Long time no drink and all that! Have a Moatarita!

Wolfie - two things...
1. Where are you?
2. The Eagle has landed... all in one piece and everything. Mucho Thankos.
*throws Wolfie a little treat from the toy chest*

*looks at ramparts in bemusement*

Dave Barr sident?? What's that supposed to mean?

Happy B-Day El!

Happy Birthday, Laynie!

Happy Birthday, Eleanor!!

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Happy Birthday Eleanor!!!

... even though the back of the head still smarts... ;-)

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Happy Birthday, Eleanor!!

Here's a little something to amuse you.

Here's a couple of things to help you stay warm.

Drat! Forgot to fix that grammatical error.

Oh well.

Happy Birthday El!

OK, it's me. Or it's pypetad. It's the same IP # thing, which they supposedly fixed a week ago.

Never mind.

Happy Birthday to you Eleanor!!!
And many, many, many, many more!

Eleanor!!! *smooch* Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!

Mike...you have an iMac? *drooooool* I haven't used one...but I've droooled over them. The paper staff here has one. (No, the staff is not paper. You know what I mean.)

Conference at my daughter's school shortly. Ewww. I don't want to go. However, they did send a form letter...so she isn't the first one this has happened to. (What's happened...she has been late many times. I can't get her moving in the morning.)


Was that a weasel I just reverse-heinzed by?

Winning entry for Dave's new slogan by Dad-O-Lot.

Yes, of the United States

We're only at 1020, which I THINK is on the low side for us...

*pulls up rocking chair*
*adjusts spectacles*

I remember when we thought that the 1000th, 2000th, etc. post was such a milestone. We'd plan on who gets it, and then Doug Brockmeier would swoop in and snatch it with something about hotdogs. Hotdogs were in style at the time, of course.

*scoots off on tennis ball-clad walker*

... poor blogchik, she never fully recovered either...

1048 and going strong!

I kind of liked Meanie's The Rest of the World is Laughing at Us Anyway and Beppie's If He Shoots a Lawyer in the Face, It Will Be on Purpose, both among the runners up, but the winning choice is very Dave, isn't it?

Blogchik never recovered from Leeties tennis ball clad walker??


Blogchik never recovered from Leeties tennis ball clad walker??


... well, yea. But we agreed NOT to discuss it.

blogchik was supposed to get the 1000th post but Doug Brockmeier stole her thunder! He was severly thrashed about it.

*wonders what exactly leetie did with a tennis ball clad walker*

*twitches and mind explodes at the possibilities*


*kicks typetard*

Eleanor, I'll be in the other room with your birthday gift.


*zips in*

Thank you everyone. :)
A-Rod and George first thing in the morning - how cool is that? Very. That is one sexy pic of George, and he's already lying down which of course makes it easier to jump his bones. ;)

private message to kibby - I said I was sorry, didn't I? :)

I'll wait til I've had more coffee to play the firecracker game, wouldn't want to scare myself. *giggles*

And when you're through with him, I will be ready for you.

Had I mentioned that George was/is in the Carolinas?

From Saturday's issue of The State newspaper.

I survived the conference. It seems things are a little bit better...but she has way too many tardies/absences in her first block class. (They don't have homeroom...or advisory, they just go to their first class.)

happy birthday, eleanor!

Susan, can you run in her room and bang on a an empty pot with a big metal spoon? Or mebbe you can buy a super soaker, kick open her door and spray her while yelling "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"?


marry me DDi!

well, i'm thinkin just about anything beats having a fishes egg sac (literally), placed in your open mouth while you are innocently passed out taking a quick nap on a truck tail gate after a day of catchin fish. I tell ya, I was UP and AT 'EM once I came to woke up. Only there were 4 of us, so I'm still not exactly sure who the culprit was. And if I was wrong, then I completely apologize for putting my cigarrete butt in his beer.


Da wolfie just asked for my claw in marriage... Me thinks me's in heaven.

*eyes bulge*

PACZKI HEAVEN! It's paczki day everybody! Get thee out to the store and get some! Fat grams and calories do not count on this holiest of days!

*runs back to kick PypeTard in the coconuts*

I brought in a dozen paczki for the office, made at a real polish bakery. I like the lemon ones.

Mmmm... lemony delicious :)

I like the plum or apricot ones the best, but as long as they are true paczki, you cant go wrong IMO. Even the blasted rose ones arent bad. They aren't good either, but whatevah.

*pulls out box of purple, gold and green bead necklaces and hands them out to the ladies of the moat*

Ok gals, whenever a male moat man shows you a little skin, you can dangle a necklace from wherever you so desire... let the festivities begin!

Eleanor, since its your birthday, you go first!!!

*goes into hiding*

Thanks Di. Mr. Fisher, please come (har!) over here. *giggles*
(After I have my way let Antonio wish me a happy b-day. :)

Di, I don't know what those are. Are they like Jewish hamentashen?

Oh and also:

a very warm (it was 70 here yesterday) Happy F@#*'n BIRTHDAY Elaynieaor!!!

So, what ya get ( href="http://www.wtopnews.com/emedia/apimage/63b2b391-8bdb-44ef-bf39-9dbf3a6e189d.jpg">me, ) for your birthday?

or did ya just get the same 'ol lame ass gift?

*takes away the beads from Laynie and gives her a wet noodle to use on Fishy instead for improper HTML'thingy usage*

That would be the best gift of all, Fish.

oops, did I just say that out loud?

And at this moment, WCRE is playing Afternoon Delight - always a fave. ;)

El, I'd linky to them, but I cant, and dont want to screw up coughcoughlikeFishycoughcough, so I'll just tell ya. Mardi Gras beads silly! You've seen them, havent you? Purdy necklaces made of green, purple or yellow beads? Thrown to ladies who reveal their ramparts? I figured the moat ladies deserved a little R&R and could use some strippage by the males for once. ;)

*goes to drink pivo while in hiding*

Fisher, you're such a tease! Get thee into the closet with El and the wet noodle for your whipping!!!

Good Morning!!

Susan, do you have Antonio singing Happy Birthday by any chance?

*hopeful look*

kibby's going skiing in Austria this weekend!


/road trip announcement

*cranks up volume*

Thanks Susan. :)

El, if I had it I'd play it.

I can't even see the picture of him from earlier, or George either. Antonio was forbidden, George is just a blank page.


UPS is here!!!!

Kibby... I read that as Australia for a moment. Either way, have fun!!

Laynie - glad the day is going well for you!

*sucks down coffee*

After googling, I've decided that I wouldn't mind some paczki, either.. lemon sounds good... hey.. why shouldn't I celebrate, too?

Susan, George's pic isn't blank.. it's a 1x1 pixel photo.. so there's a dot on the page somewhere .. that's George..

wolfies goin back to daytona inna month and 3 days. not as exciting as austria, but *shrugs* best i've got.

like a fish outta water.....

whoops (dee dee dee)

you know, I'm most comfortable simply swimming HERE

*pictures El fishin on her Birthday*

Susan's going to get a haircut this afternoon...

And to a city council meeting later tonight.

I'd rather go to Daytona.

UPS delivers on Tuesdays! Wheeeeeeee!

Kibby & Wolfie, not fair. My next vaca is going to be in November. :( Thats still 3 seasons away!

I'm going to NY this weekend.

What am I thinking? I'm the only idiot going FROM somewhere warm TO somewhere cold.

Fish! How did you know that I always fish dressed like that??

*looks around for hidden videocam*

Crash, you're right. You're nutty!
Peanutty! But not the returnable because its poison and will kill you kind. The other kind. *smooch*

actually crash, its super warm out today. low 40's . was out without a jacket even. almost shorts weather in fact. gonna be in the mid 40's i think all weekend.
it's a heat wave.

Wolfie, where you think that waters gonna go when all the snow melts?

thats an interesting thought. i doubt the drainage systems are designed to handle 10+ feet of snow's worth of run off. there's going to be flooding.

Alright... I give up.
I've tried to bring funny back and to no avail. Beads to be strewn about on appendages hanging forthwith, and no grass skirt wearin moatettes have participated in the event.

It's official. We can all join AARP now. We're all geezers.

And, for the record, the robot got me 4 times on that post. 4 frikin times! That has to be some sort of a record.

DDi...it may be. I've been caught three times on some posts...

And I'm feeling geezerly lately.

No...not feeling geezers.

And from earlier...DDi...I can't run in her room...there's no room. Banging on a pan...too much noise for me. Spraying her with water wouldn't work...when she was much younger and still occasionally wetting her bed...if it was wet she'd just lie there even more resistant to moving. A wet bed isn't going to move her.

I'm not a morning person either, but I accept the fact that I do indeed have to get moving...and so I do.


ahhhhh, I feel much better. Thank you for bearing with me.

*dives back into fray*


*bares with Sly*

Oooops. You said bear.


And, for the record, the robot got me 4 times on that post. 4 frikin times! That has to be some sort of a record.

Which is why I HATE FCUKING PYPETAD!!!!!!!!!!

(Please ignore the above rant.)

Anyway...today was a Road Trip!

Jackie wanted to show Hollywood's beach (and teh Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale) to her sister so I drove down there. The beach has been upgraded a lot since we were there last year, though there were still a large number of French Canadian men wearing too small swimsuits over their too large bellies.

No one needs to see that.

They were having Mardi Gras events, however, including music and food and stuff for sale. Nice day.

Crash, have fun in the Big Apple. Looks warmer over the next few days but cooler by the weekend so take your woolies!

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