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February 21, 2005


Blogging may be light today, as this blog will be on the road -- but not, alas, on a frog safari.


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Is that supposed to be a selling point?

Take Two:

Frogging is physical, it's challenging. Unlike game viewing or birding you have to get in there and get dirty

Is that supposed to be a selling point?

Froggers have always had to try to spice up their hobby to impress people. Why, just last night I had this conversation:

"What's that on your wall?"
"A friger!"
"A friger?"
"Part frog, part tiger, all ferocious! They're terribly agile, and eat like a machine, making hundreds of kills every day."
"It looks like a frog stapled to faux tiger fur."
"Yeah. Well. They look like that."

bwahhaaaa, c'bol. ribbit. ribbit, ribbit. kerpow. mmm. delish. [just the legs, of course]

I think the great actor Ray Milland played a lead role in an epic movie about "Frog Spotting" or something. If I recall correctly, he did not come to a happy end. Just a cautionary tale for those of you contemplating engaging in this new and exciting hobby.

Dave, I think "Frog Safari" would made a good band name... ok, ok, maybe a better 80's band name, but still.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The tourists look for frogs
If you see red lights a-floating
They sure as hell ain't logs!

In the game park, the pretty game park
They're trying to make a 'rand'
If lions, rhinos, crocs don't thrill you
Hold toads in your hand!

Hush,my darling, don't fear my darling
Frogging's our new thing
In a few years, we'll try out 'bugging'
Should frogs all go extinct!

This is clearly an activity for people with too much money and too little common sense.

Rib: Think they’ll come back again tonight?
Bit: Sure, didn’t you see the size of that tour bus?
Rib: So why do we keep letting ourselves get caught?
Bit: I got a deal with the Crocodiles. If we keep the tourists coming, they’ll eat the tourists and not us.
Rib: Can’t we just move to Florida?
Bit: My cousin Bufo lives in Florida. He’s always getting licked by toxin-crazy dogs.
Rib: Doesn’t sound so bad.
Bit: Well, then there’s the people who either want to sew you into a purse or… well… two words - toad smoothie
Rib: Ok, fine, but if these tourists start trying to find my penis again I’m outta here.
Bit: Toad smoothie

Random Trivia - My first cousin Hal was the little boy, Jay Crockett, in the 1972 movie "Frogs". He died a tragic death when I was a kid, so its nice to be able to go back and watch the movie, no matter how awful it is, just to remember him. I think it provides a nice look at cheesy 1970's Americana if nothing else

Wait a red-hot minute here:

On the 17th, Dave alerted us to the latest "dogs-licking-Bufo-toads" sensation.

And now THIS?!

Coincidence? I think not.

Wait a red-hot minute here:

On the 17th, Dave alerted us to the latest "dogs-licking-Bufo-toads" sensation.

And now THIS?!

Coincidence? I think not.

Way to go, Tystan - double post for emphasis - I like it!

p.s.*whispers* - e-mail me, please

Ok, I'll move on...
Over and Out

*zips in*

*sets up KibEl Office*

*puts up a pot of coffee*

People, it's Starbucks French Roast!

*unpacks bowl of fruit loops*

Good morning! Nice digs!

crunch, crunch

Hi, all. I'm still giggling over Prostitot from our former residence.

Di, can you smell these?

For those who prefer something different.

For those who are super hungry and want somthing more substantial.

OK, I'm exhausted from all the cooking.
*goes to plop in hammock*

*realizes it hasn't been set up yet and lands on floor*

It's a good thing this new place is carpeted, or I could have hurt myself. :)

*waves hi to sly*

Pull up a plate! :)

I'll send e-mails.

*Czechs in*

*czechs out new digs*

Which reminds me: Sly, I just cached your czech yesterday. Sorry for the delay. You may now balance your czechbook.

*annoys self with repetitive use of the word czech*

*vows to never do it again*

czchecks out*

*wonders why her name appeared as Cookie but posted as Eleanor*

good morning. czeching in. *goes back to bed*

Czeching in for the afternoon.

Off to clean, or something...I will return later...


*eating cinnamon rolls*

Please come back tomorrow

Can we get a sp@m exterminator in here, please? Some of the links at the top are pretty sick. Nothing ruins the look of a new Moat like old sp@m.

*scratches nose*

That is sooo weird Kaf. When I found this place there were 11 posts and no spam at all. Maybe it gets activated when someone posts on an old thread???
I'll write to judi.

And in other news, why, why, why are many, many people on the MB *zipping* around?
I was talking to Peri (she's great and fine) on the phone the other day and she alerted me to this turn of events.

Maybe boom boom can tell me if I have a cause of action for a lawsuit.

The spam was posted between Feb & May last year. When a thread opens, it defaults to the top of the comment section, so you may not have seen it.

Laynie.. not unless you trademarked your zip.. which you can't do retroactively.

Well, on the MB I just told them I had. *giggles*

So we'll see what happens...

I e-mailed judi.

It wasn't there Kaf. I scrolled all the way down.

*wonders why she can't get rid of Cookie in the name thingy*

Kat ~ cye as soon as i write it.

El ~ you too once ive written it.

El, you would have a better case if they were running around unzipped. If you catch my drift.

Drift or draft?

Btw, I hate stores. I hate when stores black label you.

*feels left out*
*reminds herself to Qtip*
*goes back to hating retail stores*

I freaked everyone out - at least temporarily. :) On the newest MB thread.

DDi, it's THEIR draft, it's MY drift.

Wolfie.. cyt(ext) when I write it... and *liiiick*

*loves DDi some love so she doesn't feel left out*

Thanks Kaf.
I'm afraid the only thing that will help right now is a Moatini.
Make that several Moatini's.


Will these do for a start?

*hugs DDi*

A quiet Saturday night...here, and for me as well.

Well, I'm at work. How thrilling can that be? There are a few programs I need to record into the computer system for Sunday morning...and it's quiet here.

I took my daughter and her friend for an exciting afternoon...Sam's Club (kitty litter and detergent, oh too much excitement)...the movies (Unaccompanied Minors, not too bad)...dinner at the Tryon House (where we fed the ducks after dinner, yes, they have ducks outside, lots and lots of them, and people feed them.)

There is just too much excitement in my life.

Sounds like a lovely night out.. until you came back to work, Susan..

I'm off to church.. I'll see you taters laters.

Big news in my life: Went dancing in the city Friday night. In my 3-inch FMB's. When I got back home around 3 am I could barely walk. All day I have been aching all over. I mean, not just my feet- my whole legs, and my back too. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear those boots again, no matter how hot I look in them! Well, maybe for an hour...

In other news, first one of my dormmates got pinkeye, and then another one caught it from her. Considering I tend to catch everything that comes round the pike, I'm a little nervous. Are my eyes watering because I got in late last night? Yeah, that must be it.

And in other other news, I'm rooting for Da Bears tomorrow, since I need to root for somebody and I might as well. Anyway, I was rooting for the Ravens (after my Redskins got eliminated) and the Ravens and the Colts are rivals, since the Colts used to be Bawlmer's team before they got stolen in the middle of the night by their weasel owner. But then the Ravens used to be the Cleveland Browns. Except there are Cleveland Browns again, aren't there? Am I wrong about this?

Oh what the heck: I'll be watching for the commercials and the company. But I always watch the Super Bowl. Even in Russia I watched it! It wasn't the same. The commercials were British. It felt wrong.

Oooh, I love FMBs.
I got me a pair, but because I love my feet, they're cowboy heels.
I am not (often) a masochist.

I have a pair of strappy sandals that make my legs look amazing.. why is it that no one's invented a shoe that makes your legs look great but don't kill your feet/legs/back?

I guess my ostrich Luccheses don't count as FMBs.

I thought they were a great idea while spending time in Houston. Not so much now.

It's -36 in Winnipeg.

*zips in*

Morning all.

I have many pair of FM high heels because I used to be a slut hot FCDA, but now I just wear sneakers, and although I've looked there are no FM sneakers. *sigh*

I see that judi deleted our spam.
I'll send her a thank you e-mail.

Dave's SB column today is excellent, as usual.

I can't even fathom that.
At least the high will go up to a balmy -17.

El, maybe you need to look harder. ;)

oooh, Leetie.

I think those with fishnet stockings would do the trick, so to speak. ;)

Sometimes I just want to scream "get a blog!" at people. I think that would be a good expression to add to our lingo.

Good morning all! Its a frigid day in the land of Da Be@rs. Thank gawd they aren't playing here. They'd get creamed like corn. They probably will anyway, but thats too far from the pig.

In other news: I got nuthin.

Blogchik- Cleveland Browns owner Art "The Hated One" Modell signed a (cowardly/greedy/evil) deal to move the Browns to Baltimore after the 1995 season. There was all sorts of hullaballoo about this, and in the end the NFL basically traded Modell the Browns franchise for an expansion franchise in Baltimore, so on paper the Browns team remained in Cleveland and was re-activated in 1999, after a new stadium was built.

This is why, I, a Cleveland native, am legally required to hate the Ravens.

Of course, Modell never could have pulled his steal-the-team stunt if the Colts hadn't moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984.

So I'm rooting for the Bears.

Is there another word in our lingo for "rooting"?

I'm showered, clean hair, dressed and waiting for my groceries to be delivered at 10, so I can have something to eat.

In other news, no one on the MB has *zipped* since my tirade yesterday. :)


I haven't been awake long enough to have any news.

*Throws a football down the length of the MOAT*

But if no one's here to hear it, will it make a sound?

It says Eleanor here, and Cookie on the Kilt.

I'm going crazy. Not a long drive.

test to see what happens here

*runs to the end zone*





*gets up and does idiotic end zone dance*

News from the MB

There's a big smackdown on the Bulletin post.
Someone posting anonymously (of course) is telling us really horrible things about Punkin.
And she responded, which didn't help matters.

Leetie scored - YAY!

still trying to get rid of Cookie...

Carry on, nothing to see here.

Of course there's no one here to carry on, so...whatever.

I'm here.. I just pop in occasionally.

So do you not want to be Cookie any more? Was it all the time I was nibbling at your pecans and chocolate chips that bothered you? Cause I could stop doing that. Unless you really like it.

*sits down with tray of spicy salami, cheese and crackers*
*sets diet coke down beside her*
*claps hands*
*sits back*


*lines up with babaganoush and vegetables*


Fumbles left and right. Its pouring rain there. Its freezing here. Too much excitement!



Just because.

See you in a while!

Game over. Bears were creamed. Like corn. As this moatette figured.

Too bad. So sad.


nite nite

*sees he doesn't need to hit the web sites to know the game's results*

Kibby was "lucky" to stay up until 4 am watching this game and decided with 9 min. remaining to head home. Doesn't look like last min. miracles happened....

COFFEE and Sugar Rolls please!

*inserts I.V.*

*has only the vaguest idea of which teams were competing in the SuperBowl*

Nice new digs.

I have nothing interesting to report.

*settles down to drink her morning cuppa tea*

*waltzes in* *collapses*

I have to take down fencing wire tomorrow. I have pliers. Hopefully, someone I know who has a pair of tin snips can loan them to me... because that would be extremely helpful.

Also I have to shop.. I have ZERO dollars left, but I have to shop. Bleah.

"We don't know if it's a criminal offence or a prank. If it's a prank, please tell us."

Aren't they supposed to know if it's a prank already? They're the police, after all.

*didn't know that leaving knickers around was a criminal offense*

*wonders what impact that would have on the pant-on-labs-lawn-fridays*

Shouldn't the police know whether it was criminal or not?

it's gone up to 3 whole degress. i might go out and get a tan.
*gathers up all the pants from Labs lawn and puts them on*

Wolfie, I might have to fight you for those pants today... it feels like -26 out there right now.

BRrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hey, since all the nutso fans are leaving Miami, what say you we all pay Dave and Judi a visit and head out that way!?!

Why am I up?

Why have I only slept in 30 minute increments since 3a.m. PST?

Why did I not turn my puter off last night?

Why did I come in here just now and find a scary Symantec error message?

Why did the e-mail I wrote to my partner not get sent?

Why did the Bears lose?

Why isn't the coffee ready yet?

Because you arent asleep?
Because you wanted to be sure you could be first for something?
There is no 3.
Because perhaps you were so grief stricken that you forgot?
Because it was meant to be?
Please see 4.
Please see 5.
Please see 3.

*smooches El*

Ddi wins.
*strips off pants and loves them to Ddi*

*layers up*

Thanks Wolfie. This is one time I wouldnt mind losing. Really.

*waddles off like a penguin*

*smooches back*

Good morning wolfie


My e-mail is not working, so for all you you who may or may not be sending me e-mails and expecting a response, I'm not getting them.

private message to my partner: got your e-mail, will do what I said I would do. :)

*waddles back*

A quick weather update before I get back to werk:

Weather moron says it now feels like -34 where I am. Now I know why I couldn't blow my nose this morning while standing outside...everything had frozen solid!

Also, my Symantec Auto Fix Tool has been stuck on #2 for about 10 minutes now.

Shall I just reboot?

OK. I have coffee, e-mail still not working, Symantec still not finished, I'm going to reboot.

*pets towel reassuringly*

well that explains it then.

*rubs buttcheeks* friction = warmth.
wonder if i shoulda told ddi i was goin commando under all those layers?

*whispers to el* clickme

*zips in from rebooting*

Everything is working properly.
1. Symantec says there are no problems.
2. E-mails are being sent and received.

My conclusion: Computer was p!ssed because I left in on all night and was acting out. I was p!ssed myself. I didn't turn off the puter, set the burglar alarm (I'm lucky to be alive), turn out the lights, I just fell asleep on top of the bed about 8:30pm, woke up at some point and got under the covers, but that was it.

Will do.

You love being clicked, don't you wolfie? And I'm happy that I'm the one you chose to do it.:)

uh huh
click faster
friction = warmwolfie

Fairfax: 14F this morning and windy.
Winnipeg: Minus 31F.

Peri!!! How do you do it?

*warm hugs to all chilly Moaties*

*adds 'Moaties' to dictionary*

It was fun blogging during the superbowl last night. [adds superbowl to dictionary] Much more fun than actually watching the game.

Good morning MOATies! It's a lovely 3 here with a wind chill of around -12 degrees. Great game last night except for all the turnovers, but it did make it exciting!

**czechs out new digs**

IMO, the FIRST quarter was very exciting, then it turned into your always boring Super Bowl, until the last part of the last quarter when (poor) Rex Grossman threw that horrible interception.
And then it was over.

kibby forgot to take his 'puter with when watching the superbowl. Around the 3rd quarter he realized (read:booooorrrrred) his mistake.


The Snickers commercial was the dumbest ever. One friend's son called and said, "I'm never buying another Snickers in my life."

I liked the Connectile Dysfunction ad.

Can't say I remember any others.

And Prince's silhouete on that sheet while playing his "symbol" guitar was just wrong. I'm sure CBS execs were saying, "oh crap."

Is this thing on?

Hi there, Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman, damn glad to meet you.

Well, no one seems to have let me know about a move (*sniff*) but I found you anyway.

We are here in mild but rainy (I'm sure you saw the Super Bowl) South Florida. There was trouble along the way with the car (we got stuck most of one whole day in North Carolina) but we made it here at last (Saturday night) and with the temperatures around 70 here (going up to near 80 later in the week) and in the TEENS in New York (below zero wind chills) we're glad to be here.

So, did I miss anything else?

Jeff... we moved! Sorry!

Sly, what about the commercial with the small Polish farm, and the feed?? That was a good one, no? Made me wonder what was in my salami...

For those of you who don't go to the MB, here's the NYTimes critique of the S.B. commercials.

Sly I thought the same thing.
I was thrilled.
I wanted him to sing "Party like it's 1999", heheheh.

I must say, when you have to go back to crappy dialup you really notice a huge difference. Talk about SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!

Super Bowl: I kept to my rule as to not watching the pregame or halftime festivities. There were no commercials that wowed me to the extent where I said, "that's really funny, I can't wait to see that one again."

I never get the "find a job online" ads - godaddy.com and the like. About half the ads were from Budweiser, or is that just my impression? Too bad they don't make beer I'd ever want to drink.

I didn't watch the Super Bowl. No surprise there.

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