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February 16, 2005


But in plenty of time for Christmas.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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I hate when my husband puts those in our freezer. Then I defrost for dinner, thinking it's a pork loin. Not fun.


What a no-brainer.

This site is useless. They don't have any good recipes.


That should have a gross warning or something... eeewwwhhhhh! YUCK!

*remembers that Steak Tar Tar is on the menu for tonights dinner seminar*

*starts turning green again...*

Name on cooler: Abby Normal

I wonder how you get on the recipient list? I want to trade mine in for a fresh one.

Good one Leetie, I dated a guy named Abby Normal once. It was fun.

this is sooooooo eeeeewwwww!!! and i used to be a lab tech!!

...be sure to include donor information...

Well, he sure ain't complainin'.


Who cuts the brain out for it to be sent in?

It's about time. My freezer is just about full again.

I wonder if instead of just the donor program they also have a loaner program.
Perhaps I should just include a return label and ask nicely.

Now this is not funny - the dead juror was funny!

Is this a do-it-yourelf project???

*laughs in spite of herself*

That would be do-it-yourself - although perhaps an elf would be better at it - tiny hands, ya know!

I'm so embarrased - according to this, I've been packing my brains incorrectly for YEARS.....

Mother: Kids in the spirit christmas of giving this year we are going to try something new....

ahhh...I'm so distrubed I can't even finish

let me clarify:
I meant in the spirit of christmas giving

Dave- UPS called your brain has arrived.

`Please provide information pertaining to the donor of the specimen and the time intervals between the steps of obtaining and packing the brain.'


How often can a donor donate?

"We use Sterling Courier Systems as they are familiar with our operations."

I wonder how long you have to work for SCS before you get to tote the brains?

Just what I've been looking for.

This can't be real.. ?

crawls under desk for afternoon nap

Trying to lighten the mood:


After checking out the price list, I realize I have not wasted nearly enough brain cells over the years. Since it costs so little to process a brain, why save it?

akgirl, yea, can I help you finish ?

moe you naughty bartender...

***akgirl blushes and runs off to play in her gnome garden***

I wonder if the have a brain of the month club!...


Saw the website.... oh YUCK!

My family defies every social norm known to man. Unfortunately (for them, at least), we're also paranoid about doctors prematurely cutting us open and don't donate any of our organs to science.

That doesn't seem to work...lemme try.

akgirl's link

I second the "YUCK"

*tries not to hurl spaghetti dinner on monitor*

Thank goodness I could read the file name in akgirl's post. So I knew NOT to go there. I try not to visit sites with the word "maggots" in the URL.

Good rule of thumb: Don't click on any link that has both the words "maggots" and "photos" in the URL.

Ha! Great minds think alike, Sandy.

Oh. What about this link? Or this one? Or this one?

Why Alex D Why?
I would have rather seen maggots on old dudes brain............

**akgirl wanders off to go tend to her seared retinas and asks herself again why she opens blog links***

I'm passing on all of them. I have to close my eyes when they do the autopsy on NCIS!

Hahaha...another good rule of thumb: don't click if the URL has "tinyurl" in it.

I see Hannibal Lecter is branching out into mail-order.

The sentence in this Snopes entry that I find most disturbing is in the last paragraph. [Paramedics] "found him in his car in the condition pictured." He was driving in this condition? (squeamish shouldn't read this next sentence) Aside from IIIICCCKKKKK, I have to think about how long he was behind the wheel of a ton of steel while his brain slowly dripped out of his head.

"If the donation of a fresh brain is expected in the near future, please inform us. We will provide you with shipping materials."

"I might have a brain for you at any minute if my spouse doesn't refill the toilet paper roll when he uses it up. Please send shipping materials.

"Oh, one more thing. The brain in the photos looks as if it is in good condition. Will a Louisville slugger cause too much damage?"

PS: bodazhang, I've got a Louisville slugger with your name on it if you waste bandwidth with URL gibberish like you did on the other thread.

Feature item at the next Tupperware Party.

I've been saying for years that I need a new brain.

*akgirl* et al,

Sorry for the gross out; the whole brain topic thing reminded me of that darned, haunting picture (once you've seen it, you'll remember it, and EW!). I wasn't really able to look straight at it the first time, either.
I loooooove Snopes, and have gotten to the point where I'll use her randomizer to find something different and new.

kim sits down to enjoy her lunch, goes to her favorite site, sees today's postings, clicks on link, decides lunch is not such a good idea, goes to ladies room, urps, goes back to work.

Maybe this would be a better Halloween gift...


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