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February 16, 2005


...when I would have paid somebody to steal my child's hamster.


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Stolen Hamsters wbagnfarb

First in my time zone!!

The article failed to say that the culprits were apprehended when police followed the trail of hamster litter to their apartment...

Y'all, I'm sad to admit that I'm a Chicagoan right now... not only do we have burglars who've resolved to stealing Hamsters, but did you read a bit further into the article? They stole the pet turtle too!

BTW, during the same newscast, on the same channel, they talked about how the Cook County prison system is so over crowded with criminals that they have converted a cafeteria into a large sleeping area for prisoners who are sentenced in minimum security.

*accepts award for longest sentence written without taking a breath*

Oh, and also, another tidbit, not you really care, but Cook County Hospital (which I've had many confrontations with due to my dads illness a few years ago) has the largest capacity for patients in the entire US. Which is great! Considering if you go in for ER treatment like my dad did, it only takes 33 hours in the waiting room before they take your vitals.

*steps down from soap box*

And no, I dont have a dislike for our local government here AT ALL....
What?? I dont... Really....

A couple Thanksgivings ago, my husband called me to ask if I could get together some of our kids' Little Tikes playthings and anything else. A dispatcher at the police station had her home broken into. They stole everything except the beds and the sheets on them. They stole the towels, pots and pans, her 18-month-old's toys, clothes, diapers, their television, microwave. EVERYTHING.

I phoned the young mother. I had just put several things in the attic, but got them down when she said she could use them. When I told my then four-year-old about it, he immediately went into his room to pick out some things he was going to part with for this little boy who now had nothing.

We made the delivery a family affair. We loaded all the boxes into her trunk and prayed with her.

But I have to say: stealing the pets is double low down dirty of these folks.

If this were my home,the next burglars would come in and find a nice, big, snarling dog with a sign saying "No longer a small pet family" around its neck.

I want to know what the pawn shop said when the guys showed up with a hamster and a turtle....

The cash, fur, and jewelry are just a ruse. They really wanted the turtle and hamster to start an underground toilet paper factory.

Hey Di, in that newscast, which story ran the highest (first) in the show — the prison story or the stolen hamster story?

Last year, I came home after a week long trip (cut short by a hurricane) to find my house had been burglarized. The family cat got out when the creeps got in and its funny how that's the thing we were most concerned about at first. We found him a couple of hours later half starved and dehydrated, hiding under the house. I like to think he's more a part of the family than a hamster or a turtle but to the child that owns the pet it doesn't matter what they are. We were the victim of professionals - but these are just low-life punks that will take a childs pet. Glad they got caught... lets burn them at the stake.

HisBillness - the Over crowded prison system was the highlight of the newscast, but it was shown at the end of the program.

This might be Headline of the Day.

Burglars charged in theft of furs, jewelry......................oh, and a hamster.

I think it was an inside job.

Very shifty eyes them hamsters.

A couple of burglars walk into a southside Chicago bar with a hamster and turtle. The bartender notices that the hamster and turtle have duct tape over their little mouths. He asks the burglars, "What gives?"

"We just pulled a big job and had to seal these squealers."

"Oh, witnesses, eh?"

"Yeah. Can't be too careful."

*Thanks MOTW for using "Southside of Chicago" in his post, instead of "Northside"*

*retains a bit of dignity and goes about her day*

f.c.d.a. -

what's the difference between "burglary" and "theft"?

I've got a vague idea, but I'd like to hear a professional explain it ...

(I was gonna ask if anyone thot the perps were planning a picnic and wanted to take ham(ster) sandwiches ... but I decided that's too gross ..)

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